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25Feb 12:09 test en81	(N8IUP Michael OH EN81ll
22Feb 21:20 TEST	(G4FUF Keith xx JO01gn
11Feb 23:05 Worked OK1DIX last night but there didn't seem to be anyone else on	(WD0E/2H15/800 Jim CO DM79qm
11Feb 23:05 GE.  I will be on CW at my MR about 0140UTC	(WD0E/2H15/800 Jim CO DM79qm
11Feb 22:28 YO2AMU on 144.054	(YO2MOZ Lavinia xx KN06pd
11Feb 21:45 good evening everyone	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
11Feb 14:44 for info w w	(OK1TEH/1X10/950 Matej xx JO70fd
11Feb 06:46 No way to work, huge frost detuned my antennas. Gracy winter-temperature is swingingup-down all the time,Pekka 	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
11Feb 04:04 N9XG 144.050 second	(N9XG Ian IN EN60vl
11Feb 00:04 I'm about to try CW EME for first time.  Is the sequence 2 minutes each way or 1 minute?	(WD0E/2H15/800 Jim CO DM79qm
10Feb 23:53 Will be CQing CW for the Contest on 144.094. Got QRM below 085	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
10Feb 19:59 Ok, I   ll be with you!	(YO2MOZ Lavinia xx KN06pd
10Feb 19:58 I try to be on 056 this morning for CW contacts!	(YO2AMU Doru xx KN06pe
10Feb 19:54 Yes, I am here!	(YO2MOZ Lavinia xx KN06pd
10Feb 19:44 Moz,are u here?	(YO2AMU Doru MN KN06pe
10Feb 18:35 Anybody for a cw test?	(YO2AMU Doru MN KN06pe
10Feb 14:50 K9MRI Joe. Great if i succeded toheard you i will also cll	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
10Feb 11:56 I am not qrv PA problem here.. :-( good luck !!	(IK1FJI4X12GU78B Valter xx JN44ll
10Feb 00:51 May try to get on CW this weekend if WX is ok	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
09Feb 21:40 Hello anybody there, calling on 144.050 CW even mins	(OK1DIG/4X17/1 Dan xx JO60xj
09Feb 21:05 for info w w	(OK1TEH/1X10/950 Matej xx JO70fd
08Feb 22:36 Anybody here for a 2m CW try now before I QRT?	(PA5Y Conrad xx JO21vo
30Jan 16:25 1623 -15  3.0 1373 #* CQ W7JW EN82	(DK5LA/256XP/QRO Reinhard xx JO44tr
14Jan 20:56 Strong wind now here sorry..	(IK1FJI4X12GU78B Valter xx JN44ll
14Jan 19:41 Hi all, Please try ATP OK1MS QRV on 047 for test,	(OK1MS/8X15/KW Stan xx JO70sl
05Jan 22:39 grazie FABIO 73 HNY	(IV3RKD4X19LLY/K Federico xx JN66gb
05Jan 12:23 Any news about the atp 2017 ?	(F5VKV/2X10H/KW Fabio xx JN33rr
05Jan 12:23 Buon anno a tutti	(F5VKV/2X10H/KW Fabio xx JN33rr
01Jan 15:58 Ciao Valter. Grazie per gli auguri. Spero tutto ok. Si sono ancora qrv, ma meno di un tempo	(IK2DDR/4X19LLY Francesco xx JN55gn
31Dec 11:52 piu'	(IK1FJI4X12GU78B Valter xx JN44ll
31Dec 11:51 Auguri a te e famiglia Franco, non sei oiu' qrv ??	(IK1FJI4X12GU78B Valter xx JN44ll
31Dec 11:44 HNY 2017 to all	(IK2DDR Francesco xx JN55gn
31Dec 11:43 Ciao Valter: Tanti auguri	(IK2DDR Francesco xx JN55gn
30Dec 13:31 HNY 73, Valter	(IK1FJI Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 23:03 GE everyone	(F5VKV/2X10H/KW Fabio xx JN33rr
17Dec 22:20 ARTHUR   TNX CIAO !!	(IK1FJI4X12GU78B Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 22:20 UR3EE  Atuur tnx CW qso fb signal  many thanks 73  !!	(IK1FJI4X12GU78B Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 22:19 IK1FJI Valter, tnx qso 529-539 fb, 73! CIAO	(UR3EE Arthur MN KN88dc
17Dec 22:12 ok 051	(UR3EE Arthur MN KN88dc
17Dec 22:10 yes 051	(IK1FJI4X12GU78B Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 22:07 IK1FJI Valter you here?	(UR3EE Arthur MN KN88dc
17Dec 20:37 Stan ok sorry  73  !!	(IK1FJI Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 20:02 Valter icing on my antenne, SWR is above 2.5 sorry no QRV during ATP, best 73 to all	(OK1MS/8X15/KW Stan xx JO70sl
17Dec 19:47 STAN  ok like SV1BTR...hope all ok for them...	(IK1FJI Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 19:40 Walter no info Jorgen, long time no QRV	(OK1MS/8X15/KW Stan xx JO70sl
17Dec 19:36 STAN  have you info for OH1HNE  ??	(IK1FJI Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 19:35 Ok  Stan, this morning i worked only  OK1VVP... !!!	(IK1FJI Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 19:29 QRV during ATP on 047 Valter	(OK1MS/8X15/KW Stan xx JO70sl
17Dec 19:25 About 22:00  utc.....are you qrv ??	(IK1FJI Valter xx JN44ll
17Dec 19:24 STAN  ciao i will be qrv later, i see the moon at 20 degress at monnrise,,	(IK1FJI Valter xx JN44ll

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