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27Apr 23:39 also qrt and to bed here 73 all ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Phil xx IO91lv}
27Apr 23:38 73 Mike and George ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Phil xx IO91lv}
27Apr 23:35 Also GN ALL from me and GL!! ...... QRT ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
27Apr 23:34 73 guys have to go out and work on race car. gn,73 out.. ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:33 :-) ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:33 GN SAll ====== {G4EZP Ian IN JO01gn}
27Apr 23:33 Stop CQ, time for other things.  73 & GN all! ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:33 I do both Paul, I have to stay neutral..... ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:32 73 Ian..yes faraday was shifting a lot today... ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Phil xx IO91lv}
27Apr 23:31 I also do LOTW if you do that.. 73 ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:31 Mike, hope you're a Spartans fan, LOL! ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:31 Ok, Ian I will look for you after my mr. had u the last 15 seq. 73 gn ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:30 Mike Thats life.. tomorrows another day.. ====== {G4EZP Ian IN JO01gn}
27Apr 23:30 231100  0  -29  2.3   48  6 *      CQ K4MSG FM19         ?   0   3 ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
27Apr 23:30 K4MSG Paul now moon only 13dgr to west up noise here,many tnx for try 73 GL! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
27Apr 23:29 Mike, during your QSO with Phil -26... CU2MROW. 73's ====== {G4EZP Ian IN JO01gn}
27Apr 23:28 Mike, Great I think you maybe only active station in Michigan State. ====== {G4EZP Ian IN JO01gn}
27Apr 23:28 SV6KRW - Tnx for try, George, nice to see you again.  73!  ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:28 faraday was getting us GN 73 ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:27 K4MSG  Paul sorry lost you, better i stop ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
27Apr 23:27 232200  3  -23  2.7   54  1 *      KF8MY G4EZP JO01  ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:27 ok Ian, yes I will be around, just one of those nights.. ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:26 Hi Jim tnx ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
27Apr 23:24 KF8MY Mike, I stop now need to sleep. Are around tomorrow? ====== {G4EZP Ian IN JO01gn}
27Apr 23:24 George I got you at -22 ====== {K1SCE/4X9H/KW Jim VT FN34qc}
27Apr 23:21 RRR ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:20 Paul i continue  ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
27Apr 23:19 Paul yes maybe faraday not decode now here ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
27Apr 23:18 This what you were:  231200  2  -25  1.8 -266  3 *      K4MSG SV6KRW KM09         0  10 ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:17 Now Faraday's got us, I think.....   :-( ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:16 SV6KRW, you are -25 here. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:15 Hi George, can you move down 50 Hz? ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:14 K4MSG Hi Paul -29 here  ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
27Apr 23:12 sri that should be WSW ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Phil xx IO91lv}
27Apr 23:12 K4MSG Ha.just checked wind SWS feels like 1 deg C... ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Phil xx IO91lv}
27Apr 23:11 VP8DQE  ====== {WA3QPX4MXP28KW Paul DE FM29di}
27Apr 23:09 Yes, saw G4SWX's post earlier about winds off the North Sea. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:08 VP8NO GREAT JOB ====== {WA3QPX4MXP28KW Paul DE FM29di}
27Apr 23:07 ok, keep going faraday going away.. ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:07 VP9DQE  card arrived today, vry nice qsl, tnx team, K5QE,VP9AWU,VP8LP AND  ====== {WA3QPX4MXP28KW Paul DE FM29di}
27Apr 23:07 K4MSG all fb Paul..wx rubbish with cold North wind.spoiling things.. ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Phil xx IO91lv}
27Apr 23:06 KF8MY Mike, I'll keep going another 10 mins then need to sleep... ;-)  ====== {G4EZP Ian IN JO01gn}
27Apr 23:03 Hi Phil, how're things? ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 23:03 GE Paul looking 127 ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Phil xx IO91lv}
27Apr 23:02 I have to make sure she gets off to work,lol ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:01 This week hopefully, wife gets up for work at 6am so,,, ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 23:00 He is a smart one, all grampa's probably say that. ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 22:59 Hi Mike.  When we gonna meet some AM on 432? ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
27Apr 22:59 Hi Paul ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
27Apr 22:59 KF8MY Smashing pic of you n ur grandson ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Phil xx IO91lv}

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