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27Sep 18:51 Still calling, but I dont think it will happen.... damn trees ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:48 OK Les next time best -27 ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
27Sep 18:48 I will check clock, yes, see u but no decode now ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:47 Dave, I lost you. Tnx for try ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:46 W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les, just check your clock Les, are you seeing me? ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
27Sep 18:40 stop cq.123 ====== {JH0BBE/4XHV/500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
27Sep 18:39 Dave, I will go back ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:38 W2DBL,tnx! ====== {JH0BBE/4XHV/500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
27Sep 18:37 183300  0  -28  3.2  -97 21 *      ZL2MQ W2DBL FN20          0   6, please continue ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
27Sep 18:37 Yuu looking, but we need to wait until winter and the leaves here fall from the trees ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:37 -23 on 73 rpt ====== {W9JN/4X9H/800 John WI EN54dn}
27Sep 18:37 W9JN: I had to split TX/RX pol due to Non-Reciprocity becaseu of the geo mag storm TX pol= 0 deg, RX pol = 65 deg  ====== {KK6FAH/3X13TARP Jimmy CA DM04jg}
27Sep 18:36 Yes Jimmy best -20 calls -22 rrr tu73 ====== {W9JN/4X9H/800 John WI EN54dn}
27Sep 18:36 W9JN: tnx QSO, very nice signal: 183100  5  -19  2.7 -256  3 *      KK6FAH W9JN EN54  ====== {KK6FAH/3X13TARP Jimmy CA DM04jg}
27Sep 18:33 W2DBL,Les ga! ====== {JH0BBE/4XHV/500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
27Sep 18:31 ====CQ 144.123 tx 2nd===V pol ====== {JH0BBE/4XHV/500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
27Sep 18:30 ====CQ 144.123 tx 2nd=== ====== {JH0BBE/4XHV/500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
27Sep 18:28 how did that happen?   Jimmy yes running now me second now  gl ====== {W9JN/4X9H/800 John WI EN54dn}
27Sep 18:28 Happy time  best -21 on calls  tu 73 ====== {W9JN/4X9H/800 John WI EN54dn}
27Sep 18:27 ZL2MQ,Dave gm! -27H ====== {JH0BBE/4XHV/500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
27Sep 18:26 Happy time  best -21 on calls  tu 73 ====== {W9JN/4X9H/800 John WI EN54dn}
27Sep 18:25 W9JN: can we try on .135 after your QSO? I would be 1st .135 ====== {KK6FAH/3X13TARP Jimmy CA DM04jg}
27Sep 18:25 W9JN/4X9H/800 John, tnx FB QSO, easy.. b=   182100  2  -24  2.5  -70  3 *      ZL2MQ W9JN EN54           0  24 ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
27Sep 18:21 116  329  44 182000  2.1 -26  CQ ZL2MQ RF80          0   32   26 H ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:20 Hi all,waiting for MR. ====== {JH0BBE/4XHV/500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
27Sep 18:20 Anybody calling, anywhere? ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:19 OK CQ 116 first for 10 min ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
27Sep 18:17 No Les, just sitting here doing emails ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
27Sep 18:17 QRG ====== {W9JN/4X9H/800 John WI EN54dn}
27Sep 18:17 ZL2MQ sure could use your grid please QRGH? ====== {W9JN/4X9H/800 John WI EN54dn}
27Sep 18:15 Hi Dave, are u cqing? ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:13 GD All ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
27Sep 18:12 Serge , thank  you  very  much !  73 ! ====== {W4YTB/4X9H/1KW Roman FL EL98pa}
27Sep 18:12 :-)  for sure..on to other things..73 guys ====== {AA4FF/4X7H/800 Doug AL EM50vn}
27Sep 18:11 Having mutilated SU's, I believe its time to make do with what ya got :) ====== {KB7IJ/4X9H/550 Rich TX EM12mr}
27Sep 18:10 Rich, do U honestly think the XYL will go for a bigger antenna right now?? already killed her prize maple tree HIHI ====== {AA4FF/4X7H/800 Doug AL EM50vn}
27Sep 18:09 Daily conditions are a crap shoot with Mr Faraday, so will need several days to evaluate any antenna changes ====== {KB7IJ/4X9H/550 Rich TX EM12mr}
27Sep 18:09 roman WITH ALL DUE RESPECT YOU ARE THE man ====== {VE1KG Serge xx FN84cm}
27Sep 18:08 Do NOT give up on any antenna change for at least a full month, plan to be on for perigees and maint at apogees. ====== {KB7IJ/4X9H/550 Rich TX EM12mr}
27Sep 18:08 looks like  Remi  QRT . ====== {W4YTB/4X9H/1KW Roman FL EL98pa}
27Sep 18:08 117 -115  89 180700  2.2 -24  FK8CP xxxx FN34       1    0   80 V ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:07 maybe need more antenna! ====== {AA4FF/4X7H/800 Doug AL EM50vn}
27Sep 18:06 looks like ants are correct az /elev ====== {AA4FF/4X7H/800 Doug AL EM50vn}
27Sep 18:05 RR Roman..beieve heavy tree canopy west is problem, contrary to wat I'm told HI ====== {AA4FF/4X7H/800 Doug AL EM50vn}
27Sep 18:05 lost him 1728  ====== {KB7IJ/4X9H/550 Rich TX EM12mr}
27Sep 18:04 Lost him also ====== {W2DBL/4X9XP/K Les NJ FN20sk}
27Sep 18:03 AA4FF, Doug  ,thank  you  for  your  response,  will  wait !  Good  Luck ! ====== {W4YTB/4X9H/1KW Roman FL EL98pa}
27Sep 18:02 i LOsT HIM ====== {VE1KG Serge xx FN84cm}
27Sep 17:58 W4YTB..sri Roman..working on ants..not seeing any traces today ====== {AA4FF/4X7H/800 Doug AL EM50vn}

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