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04Sep 03:43 QSY nxt TX + 200.00000 Hz ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 03:42 Phil, i birdie, pse up 200 Hz ! ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
04Sep 03:42 K3IB Phil I watch the track there ====== {YL2GC Vlad xx KO26aw}
04Sep 03:41 Not seeing any traces Andre ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 03:39 Phil , one caller for u ! ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
04Sep 03:38 K3IB, Hi Phil, can we try today ? ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
04Sep 03:38 TNX RPT Andre ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 03:38 GM all!  .... 033300  3  -26  3.5  159  1 *      CQ K3IB FM19 ====== {YO9HP/4X11H/K Alex xx KN35ba}
04Sep 03:37 033500  1  -27  3.8 -100 13 *      CQ K3IB FM19    ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
04Sep 03:37 ************  CQ  CQ  CQ  CQ  144.121  2nd ============= ====== {K3GNC/2X8H/300 Jerome PA FN20ja}
04Sep 03:37 GM to ALL ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
04Sep 03:31 Looks like only the three of us on the page now ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 03:30 Have visible moon nw so might as well make some noise ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 03:29 CQ 144.138 2nd for a few ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 03:28 K3IB Phil HI only 3 ====== {YL2GC Vlad xx KO26aw}
04Sep 03:13 Moon should clear local hills in abt 15 minutes here ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 03:12 GM Paul & Vlad -- ALL appears to be 3 of us ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 03:10 gm all ====== {UN9L/4X13HV/750 Paul xx MO13tf}
04Sep 03:10 HI ALL ! ====== {YL2GC Vlad xx KO26aw}
04Sep 03:04 QRV - anyone else around?? ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
04Sep 00:06 no problem george.thanks for that,but it was expected,lol Niiiiight! ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:59 DJ2TX Olli GN !!and I am very sorry for the problem in your PA ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:55 SV6KRW ok,time for sandwhich,tea+enterprise on TV here.GN George,see you next 73s,Olli ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:53 Ian 73!! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:52 VK3AXH tnx try Ian,take care :-) ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:51 I stop calling,as sigs ar -20.not enough to make the huge pwr difference up.need real peak ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:51 ok...73 all ====== {VK3AXH/4X18H Ian VA QF12wi}
03Sep 23:51 almost moonset for trace Olli...will be back tomorrow ====== {VK3AXH/4X18H Ian VA QF12wi}
03Sep 23:50 VK3AXH oh well,beko transistor amp.will switch to trusty GS35 next days.somewhat expected that,sooner or later ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:48 ok Olli sorry to hear about amp...hope it's fixable ====== {VK3AXH/4X18H Ian VA QF12wi}
03Sep 23:47 VK3AXH -18 nw Ian,i call with my kitchen lamp power now,lol ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:47 Hello Ian !! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:46 Hi George tnx report ====== {VK3AXH/4X18H Ian VA QF12wi}
03Sep 23:45 234400  4  -21  2.3   94  3 *      CQ VK3AXH QF12            1  10 V ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:44 SV6KRW tnx for patience,george!hear you only when tx V tonight,but mostly headphone copy :-) ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:44 i look 131 also ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:43 DJ2TX Olli better stop tnx for nice test,and tnx for good report  ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:43 ok looking ====== {VK3AXH/4X18H Ian VA QF12wi}
03Sep 23:42 DJ2TX Olli now lost your traces ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:42 234100  2  -19  1.9  218  3 *      CQ SV6KRW KM09            1  10  ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:41 VK3AXH hello ian!can you pse run on,will call u 100W(amp caboom) ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:40 SV6KRW one more run,hihi..yeah youre down to normal no chance for my qrp ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:39 DJ2TX Olli no last i tx one H :-) ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:38 DJ2TX Olli yes,i have traces -30 -31 but not decode, better stop??  ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:38 SV6KRW i think pol rolled agn.see my own echo ping weak,but you are gone.pse switch H ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:37 ====CQ 144.131 1st for few cycles ====== {VK3AXH/4X18H Ian VA QF12wi}
03Sep 23:33 we a need a good peak now.yes,signals a re a bit distorted tonight  ====== {DJ2TX/4H12/750 Olli xx JO33sa}
03Sep 23:31 ahh not decode  ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:29 ok ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
03Sep 23:29 DJ2TX Olli was better with V ?? ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}

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