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06May 13:02 125700  1  -26  1.8  296  2 *      DK3WG AI1K DM34 ....tnx fer QSO Jack, we had a QSO with my ex DL3BWW , you was in other qth ====== {DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg xx JO72gi}
06May 13:00 See trace pls call agn ====== {LA8KV/4X15/KW Ken xx JP52qq}
06May 13:00 S53K - I am in shack and qrv.  Jim ====== {N1NK/2X9EL/400W Jim RI FN41kn}
06May 13:00 ok Agustin many tks nice qso b-23 73s & GL  ====== {F5LNU/4X9LFA Jeanlouis xx JN04jv}
06May 13:00 K9SLQ. Radio at my cottage. To muck snow and to cold during winter. Radiao Season just started. HI ====== {LA8KV/4X15/KW Ken xx JP52qq}
06May 12:59 279  15 125700 -23  XXXX AI1K DM34   ====== {I3MEK/4X19LLY/K Mario xx JN55sj}
06May 12:58 ok Agustin many tks nice qso b-23 73s & GL  ====== {F5LNU/4X9LFA Jeanlouis xx JN04jv}
06May 12:57 f5LNU tnx qso, best -18 ====== {EA1YV/4X17/KW Agustin xx IN52oc}
06May 12:56 K9SLQ Not strong today 124500  1  -26  2.3   19  7 *      LA8KV K9SLQ EN70          1  10 ====== {LA8KV/4X15/KW Ken xx JP52qq}
06May 12:56 still seeing faint trace, averaging.... ====== {G4DML/4X9H/PA Graham xx JO02oj}
06May 12:55 SM5CUI Rune yes thanks all ok winter is getting close but days are still nice and warm here ====== {ZS6OB/XP20X4/1K Pine xx KG44de}
06May 12:55 9K2YM Yaser please your QRG, gl ====== {DD0NM/2X10H/450 Fred xx JN59ni}
06May 12:54 Pine, All OK here and early summer warm up here +20 degC and clear sky. I hope all is OK down there too. ====== {SM5CUI/60H/40V Rune xx JO89ww}
06May 12:54 LA8KV sig ====== {K9SLQ/XP28X2/KW Wayne IN EN70jr}
06May 12:53 A8KV sig really came up to -14 on ur RRR good to see you this year ====== {K9SLQ/XP28X2/KW Wayne IN EN70jr}
06May 12:53 9K2YM -25 most periods, worst -27 ... not ander stand???? ====== {9K2YM/2X2M5WL/K Yaser xx LL48eq}
06May 12:51 9K2YM -25 most periods, worst -27 ====== {GM6VXB Martin xx IO97aq}
06May 12:50 G4DML  tnx qso, best -18 ! ====== {EA1YV/4X17/KW Agustin xx IN52oc}
06May 12:50 Stop CQ ====== {DL1KDA/2X9H/KW Alex xx JO30ep}
06May 12:49 EA1YV ga Agustin, tnx QSO today. Variable but best -18. 73 & GL! ====== {G4DML/4X9H/PA Graham xx JO02oj}
06May 12:49 SM5CUI GA Rune MNY tks how are you?  ====== {ZS6OB/XP20X4/1K Pine xx KG44de}
06May 12:48 ZS6OB GA Pine.  From KST Chat__" message from Chris ea6/pa2chr building up station soon qrv via ms" ====== {SM5CUI/60H/40V Rune xx JO89ww}
06May 12:46 DK3WG RR Running next sequence ====== {AI1K/1X18/170W Jack AZ DM34rs}
06May 12:46 Stop CQ ====== {RX3A Nikolay xx KO95di}
06May 12:45 AI1K I start 12:52...then your moonrise ====== {DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg xx JO72gi}
06May 12:44 W2HRO. Paul. "Pop" is never good. GL ====== {W1PV Skip PA FN20ip}
06May 12:44 EA1YV Hello Agustin, tnx for initial QSO. Your Signal was -22dB. 73s ! ====== {DL1KDA/2X9H/KW Alex xx JO30ep}
06May 12:43 DL1KDA/2X9H/KW Alex tnx qso best -22 ====== {EA1YV/4X17/KW Agustin xx IN52oc}
06May 12:43 Nikolay  tnx  B -19   ====== {K9SLQ/XP28X2/KW Wayne IN EN70jr}
06May 12:42 K9SLQ Wayne tnx QSO ur B-23 today, Moon & Sun same azimut here. 73! GL ====== {RX3A Nikolay xx KO95di}
06May 12:42 EA1VY Sure no problem- GL in EME Agustin ====== {LA8KV/4X15/KW Ken xx JP52qq}
06May 12:40 Weak trace but no decode.... ====== {G4DML/4X9H/PA Graham xx JO02oj}
06May 12:40 stop cq .136 ====== {DK9WI/4X12H/750 Rolf xx JO30je}
06May 12:39 AI1K rrr, I tx first ====== {DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg xx JO72gi}
06May 12:39 Tnx for good wishes - I heard a "pop" and no output.  I will go thru my check list ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
06May 12:39 AI1K rrr, standby   144.132..... ====== {DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg xx JO72gi}
06May 12:39 DK3WG you !st ====== {AI1K/1X18/170W Jack AZ DM34rs}
06May 12:38 Ken no problem try later ====== {EA1YV/4X17/KW Agustin xx IN52oc}
06May 12:38 DK3WG  RR Moonrise 6 minutes ====== {AI1K/1X18/170W Jack AZ DM34rs}
06May 12:38 LA8KV/4X15/KW Ken yes, sry mistake, stoped now ====== {EA1YV/4X17/KW Agustin xx IN52oc}
06May 12:38 GA ALL any news from CHRIS  EA6/PA2CHR ====== {ZS6OB/XP20X4/1K Pine xx KG44de}
06May 12:38 EA1VY NC on my side newer RX: RO og R - only 73 ====== {LA8KV/4X15/KW Ken xx JP52qq}
06May 12:38 W2HRO Paul sorry for that, wish u all the best, 73 ====== {DK9WI/4X12H/750 Rolf xx JO30je}
06May 12:38 EA1VY Check uRt TX msg ====== {LA8KV/4X15/KW Ken xx JP52qq}
06May 12:37 GM ALL ====== {F8DO Marius xx JN26if}
06May 12:37 AI1k gm try , 132  ? ====== {DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg xx JO72gi}
06May 12:36 W2HRO Paul: Bad News Paul, i am crossing finges you can repair it quickly ====== {DL1KDA/2X9H/KW Alex xx JO30ep}
06May 12:36 Hello all ====== {AI1K/1X18/170W Jack AZ DM34rs}
06May 12:36 EA1VY Check uRt TX msg ====== {LA8KV/4X15/KW Ken xx JP52qq}
06May 12:36 la8kv best -15 tnx! ====== {EA1YV/4X17/KW Agustin xx IN52oc}

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