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06Jul 03:00 ====== CQ 144.123 first ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
06Jul 02:59 Ricardo, ok for try 123 ? ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
06Jul 02:59 OE/DD0VF/2X7/03 Steffen, hi, you QRV tomorrow on your MR?? ====== {VK5APN/WORK Wayne xx PF95hc}
06Jul 02:53 stop 137 tnx 73 ====== {UA1ZFG/1 Vadim xx KO46ua}
06Jul 02:53 GM someone with a bit more antennas like to try ? ====== {OE/DD0VF/2X7/03 Steffen MN JN47vn}
06Jul 02:50 rr Phil.... don't see Bernie often, but hear him locally on an AM net  :)    73 ====== {VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu}
06Jul 02:48 F5AQX Andre ,gm pse qrg LU?? ====== {LZ2FO/4WL/QRO Tseko xx KN13kx}
06Jul 02:46 HI ANDRE  OK   73 ====== {LU7FA Ricardo MN FF96bw}
06Jul 02:44 VE1SKY Sky - GL same ant here & say hello to Bernie VE1UT for me if he's still aroud ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
06Jul 02:44 Hi Ricardo, 73 ! ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
06Jul 02:44 024300  2  -22  2.3   67  4 *      CQ LU7FA FF96    ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
06Jul 02:43 GM to ALL ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}
06Jul 02:42 moon at horizon.... 6m .... anyone? ====== {VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu}
06Jul 02:42 Test CQ 137 1st few mins ====== {UA1ZFG/1 Vadim xx KO46ua}
06Jul 02:41 rr Phil.... I have 1x12H K1FO with ele but will not be qrv until September..... also may have 432 LFA ====== {VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu}
06Jul 02:40 if we get some decent weather so I can work outside ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
06Jul 02:40 VE1SKY Sky - Only have 2M operational now working on 6M thru 10GHz ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
06Jul 02:38 CQ 144120 2do ====== {LU7FA Ricardo MN FF96bw}
06Jul 02:37 Hello Phil..... had some traces on this single antenna abt a week ago.... might stick around if anyone on 6m ====== {VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu}
06Jul 02:36 GE - Moonrise here 40 min anyone going to be around?? ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
06Jul 02:32 GE.... small LFA 6m.... looking for traces... at horizon now ====== {VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu}
06Jul 02:23 Hi. Test CQ 137 1st few mins ====== {UA1ZFG/1 Vadim xx KO46ua}
06Jul 02:10 GM all ====== {LZ2FO/4WL/QRO Tseko xx KN13kx}
05Jul 23:43 GN ALL....QRT ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:40 STOP CQ .140   ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:34 SV6KRW George 73! ====== {UN6PD Nikolai xx MN69jm}
05Jul 23:34 SV6KRW George  Here 4x9  750w ====== {UN6PD Nikolai xx MN69jm}
05Jul 23:34 UN6PD Nikolai many tnx for info.73!! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:33 SV6KRW George Hert 4x9 750w ====== {UN6PD Nikolai xx MN69jm}
05Jul 23:27 PA5Y GN Conrad 73!! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:26 GN all QRT now ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
05Jul 23:25 UN6PD also tnx for report Nikolai GL!! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:25 UN6PD Nikolai pse your setup there?? ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:24 SV6KRW George TNX GL73! ====== {UN6PD Nikolai xx MN69jm}
05Jul 23:24 231700  5  -21  1.5   -3  3 #      UN6PD SV6KRW KM09   OOO   1   0  ====== {UN6PD Nikolai xx MN69jm}
05Jul 23:23 UN6PD Hi Nikolai tnx for qso b-25 tonight 73 GL! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:22 231600  1  -25  1.9  183  3 *      SV6KRW UN6PD MN69         0  10 ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:21 last few CQs 123 1st ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
05Jul 23:21 JP3EXR OK Taka I will be on at my MR tomorrow ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
05Jul 23:19 PA5Y Conrad, sorry nothing seen so far, meal time from now, see you next chance, 73 and good luck. ====== {JP3EXR/4X15H500 Taka xx PM74ss}
05Jul 23:13 SV6KRW George, thanks for information, Hmm good pol for me. ====== {JP3EXR/4X15H500 Taka xx PM74ss}
05Jul 23:11 JP3EXR Taka in qso with you was all Hpol. here ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:08 PA5Y Conrad, rr, looking for 144.123, GL. ====== {JP3EXR/4X15H500 Taka xx PM74ss}
05Jul 23:08 _________CQ CQ 144.140  2nd_________ ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
05Jul 23:08 Stop CQ GN all ====== {I6BQI Angelo xx JN72ak}
05Jul 23:07 jp3exr you were -18 when working George please lsn 123 for me ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
05Jul 23:07 SV6KRW George, sorry are you using V or H now? ====== {JP3EXR/4X15H500 Taka xx PM74ss}
05Jul 23:05 CQ 1st 123 ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
05Jul 23:05 SV6KRW George, thankss for qso and lot of noise today but good see you, 230100  1  -21  1.7 -231  3 #   JP3EXR SV6KRW KM09  OOO, 73 and GN. ====== {JP3EXR/4X15H500 Taka xx PM74ss}
05Jul 23:05 JP3EXR Taka many tnx for FB qso b-21 here tonight !! 73 GL!! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}

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