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29Jul 00:33 I hate 45 deg - My IQ+ is collecting dust on the desk ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:33 K5DOG you'd think but I hear him. Well did do for 10 periods and the super GG peak is coming up ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:32 I have a St. Christopher's metal in my hnads - the St. for finding things ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:31 W2HRO Paul, with -10 degradation and your -55 degres Dpol to Conrad, I would be surprised if you see/hear anything. ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
29Jul 00:31 That's ok - I want Conrad to see me.  :) ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:30 W2HRO Paul sorry but I do not see you tonight ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
29Jul 00:29 Tnx ====== {WB8RJY Jeff MN EN72ll}
29Jul 00:29 Everyone can watch me see nothing..... ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:29 .135 ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:28 What frequency is everyone on? ====== {WB8RJY Jeff MN EN72ll}
29Jul 00:26 I wish you good luck on your new system Conrad !! ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
29Jul 00:26 You have now vanished ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:25 It's faraday ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:24 Why do I not feel good about that? ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:24 I have started extreme measure - house is powered down - except the shack ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:24 8.98 deg but I've copied you for last 10 periods ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:23 6 is the magic # ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:23 9 degrees Paul ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
29Jul 00:22 Welding of base plate starts tomorrow, George I am going X format, brave as I am ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:22 Conrad - ur El? ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:21 Conrad I say not to make 4x8el. you are very good with 1x8 :-) ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
29Jul 00:18 Just don't forget  :-) ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
29Jul 00:17 K5DOG Hi Stevedog yes good :-) ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
29Jul 00:17 GM George ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:16 There's plenty of that :-) ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:16 However...... ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:15 Oh - earth GG - farmland? ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:15 Hello Conrad and Paul ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
29Jul 00:15 001400  0  -26  2.4  172  2 #      XXXXX PA5Y JO21    George, nice trick  :) ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
29Jul 00:15 There's no saltwater within 100km of here ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:12 Let's see that saltwater enhance booming signal ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:09 tnx George ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:08 HI ALL 000600  0  -27  1.8 -108  3 *      W2HRO PA5Y JO21           0  10 ====== {SV6KRW/4X8H4X7V George xx KM09kp}
29Jul 00:03 I'll go do another visual check :-) Can't wait to get new system up with an accurate AZ read-out ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:02 I'm looking for bright dots ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
29Jul 00:01 Yes ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
29Jul 00:00 Ok - ur close to GG? ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
28Jul 23:58 OK Paul ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
28Jul 23:55 back to h-pol tx ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
28Jul 23:49 ok - i'll listen ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
28Jul 23:48 I'll call you as well Paul, so far only whisper thin traces, probably you but cannot be certain ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
28Jul 23:42 listening on v-pol ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
28Jul 23:41 I'm tx h now / next seg v-pol ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
28Jul 23:41 rr ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
28Jul 23:40 Try Vert next period ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
28Jul 23:36 Tnx ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
28Jul 23:34 CQ CQ CQ - 2nd - 144.135 H-pol ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
28Jul 23:33 W2HRO Paul please try a few CQs ====== {PA5Y/1X8/3CX800 Conrad xx JO21vo}
28Jul 23:32 Larry - are you 2nd? ====== {W2HRO/2XP20/KW Paul NJ FN20nh}
28Jul 23:32 just got the dinner bell,,73 for now ====== {W5LDA Larry OK EM15xu}

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