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26May 13:49 off page back to main page   ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:43 73 Phil ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:38 moonset here ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:38 enjoy breakfast Floyd think I will QRT & go mow 4 acres of weeds 73 & GL EME ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:37 off to breakfast--will be monitoring 140 ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:32 monitoring 144.140 ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:30 Of course the horse never runs out of gas  ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:29 Those Amish live a hard life ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:25 in 10 mile radius there may be 500 homes that actually use electricity ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:23 I live amongst Amish farms Floyd so IP providers don't spend much keeping systems up ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:18 individual house gets 100 mbps download and upload  --Wow! ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:17 They are using 28 Gig microwave to transmit to a hub house then divides up to max of 10 ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:16 Wow!  we have a new internet provider in El Paso ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:16 also many other sites having problems - strange IP CDX ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:15 my IP provider could not get this page to respond for over an hour ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:15 moon coming up too late at night then setting too early in the morning ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:14 GM Floyd guess everyone has QRT for today short moon left nw ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:13 GM Phil ====== {K5LA/4X9H Floyd TX DM61tv}
26May 13:12 ANYONE CQing ???? ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:10 not seeing ANY traces ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 13:09 N0KE Phil R U still CQing on .111??? ====== {K3IB/1X12H/QRO Phil PA FM19uu}
26May 12:48 Anyone else out there? If not I QRT 111 ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:47 Sorry that is ====== {KE7NR/4X15/KW Don AZ DM33wm}
26May 12:47 Dorry Phil, nada for me. ====== {KE7NR/4X15/KW Don AZ DM33wm}
26May 12:45        CQ 144.111 1st     ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:41 RR Don CQ 111 ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:39 N0KE, looking ====== {KE7NR/4X15/KW Don AZ DM33wm}
26May 12:29      CQ 1st 144.111  ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:27 RR CU tomorrow ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:27 Phil, tomorrow.  out of shack and QRT. ====== {N1NK Jim RI FN41kn}
26May 12:24 I am TXing   on 122 Possible trace?2nd ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:23 Phil - nothing seen.  gotta go.  I will be here earlier tomorrow. ====== {N1NK/2X9EL/400W Jim RI FN41kn}
26May 12:21 I am TX first, listening second ====== {N1NK/2X9EL/400W Jim RI FN41kn}
26May 12:20 JUST tx MY 1ST SEQUENCE ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:15 I have a guy coming to work soon.  may need to run out of shack ====== {N1NK/2X9EL/400W Jim RI FN41kn}
26May 12:14 N0KE 2nd on 122 ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:13 I will start on 122.  moon is getting low here. ====== {N1NK/2X9EL/400W Jim RI FN41kn}
26May 12:12 RR U got a freq clear ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:10 Phil, I call you first.  OK? ====== {N1NK/2X9EL/400W Jim RI FN41kn}
26May 12:10 freq? ====== {N1NK/2X9EL/400W Jim RI FN41kn}
26May 12:09 OK Jim, AMP warming  ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 12:06 N0KE - I am out of shack but can be there in a minute. ====== {N1NK Jim RI FN41kn}
26May 12:06 Any one awake for 2m EME? ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 11:52 Any0one QRV for 2m? ====== {N0KE/2X17KW Phil CO DM69em}
26May 10:41 stopping CQ ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
26May 10:33 ===== CQ CQ 120 first for a few ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
26May 10:09 cu on the logger ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
26May 10:07 no one txing at moment roger, i'llswing it your way ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XPOL/K Dave xx RF80km}
26May 10:04 ZL2MQ Still watching here Dave ====== {ZL3RC Roger xx RE66fl}
26May 10:04 ZL2MQ Still watching here Dave ====== {ZL3RC Roger xx RE66fl}

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