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26Jun 05:18 ============CQ 144117 FIRST H ====== {RX1AS/4X15XP/1K Serge xx KO59xw}
26Jun 05:17 ALL HI ====== {RX1AS/4X15XP/1K Serge xx KO59xw}
26Jun 05:13 LY2BJ/2X9/400 Osvaldas GM ====== {RX1AS/4X15XP/1K Serge xx KO59xw}
26Jun 05:11 ZL4JW/2X8H/700 Russ HI pse try ====== {RX1AS/4X15XP/1K Serge xx KO59xw}
26Jun 03:28 tx stopped no trace ====== {AI1K/1X18/170 Jack AZ DM34rs}
26Jun 03:12 UN9L Pavel I call 1st  144127 ====== {AI1K/1X18/170 Jack AZ DM34rs}
26Jun 03:05 GM GE all ====== {AI1K/1X18/170 Jack AZ DM34rs}
26Jun 02:54 ok spasibo ! ====== {UN9L Pavel xx MO13tf}
26Jun 02:53 UN9L Pavel stop tx. budu segodna antenu remontirowatx. ====== {RA9YDL/4X4WL/K Oleg xx MO93ha}
26Jun 02:53 any to try ? ====== {UN9L Pavel xx MO13tf}
26Jun 02:50 ok. net, ne wivu tebja. ====== {RA9YDL/4X4WL/K Oleg xx MO93ha}
26Jun 02:49 u menya  nil / ja  H/V menyau ====== {UN9L Pavel xx MO13tf}
26Jun 02:47 UN9L Pavel poka still ====== {RA9YDL/4X4WL/K Oleg xx MO93ha}
26Jun 02:47 menya vidish na 127 2nd ? ====== {UN9L Pavel xx MO13tf}
26Jun 02:46 Oleg u menya toze samoe hi hi na rx ====== {UN9L Pavel xx MO13tf}
26Jun 02:45 4to to s antennoy slu4ilosx. rx tupoy stal. nado delatx profilaktiku steku ====== {RA9YDL/4X4WL/K Oleg xx MO93ha}
26Jun 02:41 ok  ====== {UN9L Pavel xx MO13tf}
26Jun 02:40 UN9L Pavel priwet! 127 ydl first ====== {RA9YDL/4X4WL/K Oleg xx MO93ha}
26Jun 02:39 Oleg  privet !   try test ? ====== {UN9L Pavel xx MO13tf}
26Jun 02:35 Hello all! ====== {RA9YDL/4X4WL/K Oleg xx MO93ha}
26Jun 02:31 gm all  ====== {UN9L Pavel xx MO13tf}
26Jun 01:39 Will VC2EME QSOs be posted somewhere? ====== {W2HRO Paul NJ FN20ll}
26Jun 01:28 VC2EME Team, Thank you for the QSO....:-) ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
26Jun 01:21 0116 -17  4.3  922 ## NT0V VC2EME FO10 OOO ====== {NT0V/4X4WL/K Dennis ND EN08oc}
26Jun 01:21 VC2EME If you're on here, thanks for new zone!  B-15.  73 ====== {NT0V/4X4WL/K Dennis ND EN08oc}
26Jun 01:20 Hi Lance, thanks. ====== {NT0V/4X4WL/K Dennis ND EN08oc}
26Jun 01:19 NT0V Congrats! ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:15 011400 10  -20      -376  1   RRR   ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:14 That's better - going to go tie down 2m array now. ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:11 011000  6  -16  3.8 -374  1 *      CQ VC2EME FO10  ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:10 W7GJ Lance, Yes I heard to Kay, We thanks nice information... ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
26Jun 01:10 I don't know what is going on with VC2EME...why did he send me reports if he can't copy me? ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:08 Hi Taka!   I think it will be a MUCH BETTER QTH for you than noisy Koror ;-) ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:07 W7GJ Hi Lance, I'm co-oparator with Kay, JH3AZC, Thank you for lot info with T8. ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
26Jun 01:07 JR3REX-Hi Seiichi, Are you still QRV? ====== {N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv}
26Jun 01:04 73 all GL off to dinner ====== {N7NW/4XP20/1K5 Hal WA CN87qf}
26Jun 01:03 Back to CQ - Got to go be Grandpa 73 all ====== {W8PAT John OH EN81vg}
26Jun 01:03 W8PAt I see you john, but all three within 150hz ====== {N7NW/4XP20/1K5 Hal WA CN87qf}
26Jun 01:03 I think I did, but I am calling the same sequence. ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:03 010200  4  -22  3.7 -371  2 *      CQ VC2EME FO10  ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:02 Lance do you see me? ====== {W8PAT John OH EN81vg}
26Jun 01:02 W7GJ you are between Taka and John ====== {N7NW/4XP20/1K5 Hal WA CN87qf}
26Jun 01:01 N7NW Hal, Thank you for info, I still rxing on H-pol only. ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
26Jun 01:00 RR CU then Gary ====== {N7NW/4XP20/1K5 Hal WA CN87qf}
26Jun 01:00 N7NW-Hal, Thanks!  CU tomorrow at 0140 UTC.  73.. ====== {N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv}
26Jun 01:00 Yes, I see that John!  GL! ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
26Jun 01:00 I see three stations pretty close, 60 hz or so.  I TX -300 when I worked him. ====== {N7NW/4XP20/1K5 Hal WA CN87qf}
26Jun 00:59 Well he's staying with me. ====== {W8PAT John OH EN81vg}
26Jun 00:59 RR Gary. ====== {N7NW/4XP20/1K5 Hal WA CN87qf}
26Jun 00:58 N7NW-Hal, Moon would be at a good angle around 0140 UTC.  No el control here. ====== {N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv}

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