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29May 06:27 stop CQ 432.080 ====== {BX4AP/4X9H Jesse xx PL04if}
29May 06:16 CQ 432.080 1st ====== {BX4AP/4X9H Jesse xx PL04if}
28May 10:10 Hi ALL ====== {RA9CHL Victor xx LO97wv}
27May 19:34 rx 432.080 ====== {IK0IXO Enrico xx JN52wa}
25May 16:46 QRT ====== {R1NW Fedor xx KP71hu}
25May 16:44 CQ R1NW 432.110  r1nw 1st ====== {R1NW Fedor xx KP71hu}
25May 16:34 CQ R1NW 432.080  r1nw 1st ====== {R1NW Fedor xx KP71hu}
25May 16:33 CQ R1NW 432.110  r1nw 1st ====== {R1NW Fedor xx KP71hu}
24May 03:39 listening 432.080 ====== {OK1UFC Mira xx JN78fx}
23May 18:49 listening 130 ====== {TI2SW Arnie xx EJ79vw}
23May 18:49 hi ====== {TI2SW Arnie xx EJ79vw}
20May 10:18           PA2V CQ 432070 first           ====== {PA2V Peter xx JO22im}
20May 10:06 pse sked  ====== {IK0IXO Enrico xx JN52wa}
20May 09:46 cq cq 432.110 ====== {IK0IXO Enrico xx JN52wa}
20May 09:44 qrv 432.110 ====== {IK0IXO Enrico xx JN52wa}
20May 09:20 test ====== {IK0IXO Enrico xx JN52wa}
07May 23:56 UT6UG, RRR ====== {BV3CE Tom xx PL04ms}
07May 16:49 ....When QRV pse send info     TNX ====== {UT6UG Val  KO50ei}
07May 16:49 BV3CE RRRR ====== {UT6UG Val  KO50ei}
07May 13:27 new house sorry, ====== {BV3CE Tom xx PL04ms}
07May 13:26 UT6UG, soory, I am moving to a new housing, and have limited time to be on air ====== {BV3CE Tom xx PL04ms}
06May 15:22 BV3CE Pse in HB9Q logger ====== {UT6UG Val  KO50ei}
06May 14:18 BV3CE Tom Here? ====== {UT6UG Val  KO50ei}
06May 11:16 QRT ====== {BV3CE Tom xx PL04ms}
06May 08:32 QRV 432.110 ====== {BV3CE Tom xx PL04ms}
04May 20:48 cq.. 144.130 cqdx  ====== {CT2FZY Antonio MN IM67ed}
04May 17:13 BV3CE  RRR..Wait.. ====== {UT6UG Val  KO50ei}
04May 05:12 only at weekend could EME ====== {BV3CE Tom xx PL04ll}
03May 21:17 test ====== {N4QWZ/2X8XP/850 Todd TN EM66ok}
03May 14:09 PA0JMV Joop,-22db ! ====== {JA7UES/2X13V500 Taka xx QM09nr}
02May 16:24 BV3CE When QRV 432?? ====== {UT6UG Val  KO50ei}
02May 15:36 BV3CE Here?? ====== {UT6UG Val  KO50ei}
02May 00:45 CQ 144.130 JT65 2nd ====== {AC7FL/4X12H300W Stuart AZ DM33ll}
01May 11:33 oooopps wrong chat  ====== {G1KAW Kevin xx IO91rf}
01May 11:33 G1KAW Kevin, RR ====== {BX4AP/4X9H Jesse xx PL04if}
01May 11:32 bx4ab sorry no only 144 ====== {G1KAW Kevin xx IO91rf}
01May 11:31 G1KAW Hi Kevin, are you at 70cm QRV? ====== {BX4AP/4X9H Jesse xx PL04if}
01May 11:27 =======cq 124 2nd ======= ====== {G1KAW Kevin xx IO91rf}
01May 11:19 LY2IJ Arunas, Try 70cm EME OK. ====== {BX4AP/4X9H Jesse xx PL04if}
01May 11:18 LY2IJ Hi Arunas ====== {BX4AP/4X9H Jesse xx PL04if}
01May 10:06 UZ5DU GM, see just now on MAP - will try latter - ok? ====== {LY2IJ/4X10H/700 Arunas xx KO25tf}
01May 10:05 HL5OC Chung good sigs -22- calling ====== {LY2IJ/4X10H/700 Arunas xx KO25tf}
01May 09:52 BX4AP Hi Jesse, can we try? ====== {LY2IJ/4X10H/700 Arunas xx KO25tf}
30Apr 21:25 ######## cq 144.152 1st ######## ====== {DL6SH/8MDISHQRO Slawek xx JN48sw}
30Apr 21:16 OK1TEH po asi 6 hodin to ted fungavalo... ====== {DL6SH/8MDISHQRO Slawek xx JN48sw}
30Apr 21:04 OK1TEH asi 2 kilaky na parabole nestaci na D44 abych je udelal ====== {DL6SH/8MDISHQRO Slawek xx JN48sw}
30Apr 14:01 BX4AP sorry Jesse was outside, you still there ? ====== {DL7APV/432 Bernd xx JO62jr}
30Apr 13:01 DL7APV Hi Bernd, I only 20W QRP   can try? ====== {BX4AP/4X9H Jesse xx PL04if}
30Apr 13:01 73 Tom ok ====== {DL7APV/432 Bernd xx JO62jr}
30Apr 13:01 DL7APV Hi Bernd, I only 20W QRP   can try? ====== {BX4AP/4X9H Jesse xx PL04if}

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