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19Dec 06:05 VK4NWH Wayne  Hi! Can we try EME ? ====== {RK3FG/4X15/VH/K Anatoly xx KO86hp}
19Dec 03:56 listening 144.116 ====== {VK4NWH Wayne xx QG62ni}
18Dec 16:08 cq 2nd .276 jt65a ====== {KC2RDC Chris NY FN14xb}
17Dec 11:35 G4URT Peter copy you off moon -24 but have you stopped CQ ?? ====== {G4IDR Dave xx IO93bp}
17Dec 11:29 SV6KRV Apostolos ur sign -22 tnks for fb QSO ur 2 yagi to my 1x11el yagi and 400w ====== {G4IDR Dave xx IO93bp}
17Dec 11:20 SV6KRV ga Apostolos cpy you and now calling you ====== {G4IDR Dave xx IO93bp}
16Dec 17:31 cq cq 144.120 ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 12:00 STOP CQ AND LOOK ====== {F6APE Jean xx IN97qi}
16Dec 11:57 NOBODY fr try !!!  ====== {F6APE Jean xx IN97qi}
16Dec 11:50 ***  CQ CQ on 149  1st   ****** some periods ====== {F6APE Jean xx IN97qi}
16Dec 11:01 OK1VRY 73 PSE continue ====== {F6APE Jean xx IN97qi}
16Dec 10:48 KO4FR Oh sry u are qrv on 6m...  ====== {F6APE Jean xx IN97qi}
16Dec 10:46 KO4FR hello 73 can u look if u copy me ? LOOK FR YR LOCATOR ====== {F6APE Jean xx IN97qi}
16Dec 10:42 ****** GM All 73   CQ CQ ON 149  1st **** ====== {F6APE Jean xx IN97qi}
16Dec 02:51 Done ====== {KO4FR Stro VA FM06vw}
16Dec 02:35 Calling CQ 50.276 1810Hz TX odd ====== {KO4FR Stro VA FM06vw}
16Dec 01:11 okay, I had several decodes and got calls and was sending report, tnx for the fun 73! ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 01:09 K3GNC  nothing heard. stopping tnx for try ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:43 ok qrv ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:42 50.275 ok? me 1st ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:42 fsk441 ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:41 fsk441 or jt65b or ? ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:40 K3GNC never know. want to try?   5 el at 100w here ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:39 Barely. I have moxon and 100 watts into 200 feet of lmr 400 :( ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:37 K3GNC  You have 6m? ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:37 Interesting, your best was -19, extreme qsb in between strong signals, tnx! for qso 73, GL on the moon ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:36 K3GNC best was -19 ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:33 meteor ping every now and then ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:26 K3GNC stay put ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:26 If not, yes let's move ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:26 I got a R0, if it was for real lets just finish ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:24 K3GNC want to change freq? ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:23 I have birdie real close, may be hiding you now ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:22 K3GNC copying you every cycle now ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:21 Elevated about 10 deg as I am trying to refract off a blocking building ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:19 K3GNC are you pointed at the horizon or elevated? ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:19 65 feet ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:14 K3GNC how high off ground is your antenna? ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:14 If its qsb, it will rise again ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:13 K3GNC keep going ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:12 k3gnc its taken a fade ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:11 I don't see you anymore, are you still Horiz? ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
16Dec 00:02 K3GNC I see a trace. ====== {KB3X/4X10HV/KW Drax NC EM95ll}
16Dec 00:01 000000  6  -19 -0.3  170  1 *      K3GNC KB3X EM95           1   0  ====== {K3GNC/1X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
15Dec 00:05 test ====== {DK9ZY/4X10/QRO Wolf xx JO40be}
14Dec 23:21 ==========cq 50.276 1ST ====== {LU1HKO/4X11/300 Fernando xx FF78vn}
14Dec 21:19 Hello Dany ====== {KC2RDC Chris NY FN14xb}
14Dec 19:44 CQ stopped ====== {W5LE Gene OK EM15xt}
14Dec 19:38 CQ 50.276 odd @ 900 ====== {W5LE Gene OK EM15xt}
14Dec 18:53 ~ Clear ~ 50 276 ~ CQ stopped ====== {VE2DSB Dany QC FN35hs}

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