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01Jul 17:07 back looking .134  seeing traces  ====== {N4QWZ/2X13H/800 Todd TN EM66ok}
01Jul 16:58 TX stopped ====== {N4QWZ/2X13H/800 Todd TN EM66ok}
01Jul 16:55                CQ  CQ   .139  .139  CQ CQ   QWZ 2nd  ====== {N4QWZ/2X13H/800 Todd TN EM66ok}
01Jul 16:54                CQ  CQ   .136  .136  CQ CQ   QWZ 2nd ====== {N4QWZ/2X13H/800 Todd TN EM66ok}
01Jul 16:47 6Y5AZ ru still calling .134 ??????? ====== {N4QWZ/2X13H/800 Todd TN EM66ok}
01Jul 16:36 Looking .134 for  6Y5 ====== {N4QWZ/2X13H/800 Todd TN EM66ok}
01Jul 14:15 LA8KV Ken GE. I'm calling you. ====== {EB8AYA/2X17/700 Javier MN IL18od}
01Jul 14:04 test ====== {G4EZP Ian xx JO01gn}
01Jul 14:01 6Y5AZ Pirates sorry lost you, waiting for better pol. ====== {S57M/4X17H/KW Bojan xx JN76sn}
01Jul 13:10  6Y5AZ Pirates TNX for new one Best -22 GL!!! ====== {UT5DL/36H/36V/K Slava xx KN18ep}
01Jul 11:41 I'll be home from work in about one hour even I 'll try to shoot 6Y5 new DXCC ====== {IW4ARD/QRL Gianni MN JN64fd}
01Jul 10:19 well,no answer! Thank you EME group! I found  .134 ====== {S59A Drago xx JN76xq}
01Jul 10:14 Pirates ====== {S59A Drago xx JN76xq}
01Jul 10:14 moon still high for me,what freq are Oirates txing on and what is QSX,PSE? ====== {S59A Drago xx JN76xq}
01Jul 07:56         Hello all , bjr la france !..........        ====== {F1AFJ John MN JN06ht}
30Jun 10:48 cq cq 120 1st ====== {EA3CFC/4X6/500W Ramon xx JN01xj}
30Jun 10:09 W0AAT tnx nice QSO, best-20, earlier -16, slow and deep QSB ====== {OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm}
30Jun 10:04 6Y5AZ good signal but NO decode. Also some QSB ====== {SV8CS Spiros xx KM07js}
30Jun 08:33 gm all  bjr  a  tous  andre  marius gerard   bravo  pour  6Y5  ====== {F6HVK/4X17/800 Andre xx JN27lh}
29Jun 16:41 ~ QRV ~ 50280 ~ jt9h ====== {WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw}
29Jun 12:04 *** CQ .136 2nd *** ====== {KK6FAH/2X13RP/K Jimmy CA DM04jg}
29Jun 11:41 OOOPS  6Y5AZ Pirate Team TU for QSO  Lot of QSB  Operating Remote thru Pete's b -24 ====== {NZ5N/4XXP20/KW Bill FL EL96ua}
29Jun 11:39 6Y5AZ Pirate Team TU for QSO vy 73 and GL  b -24 ====== {KE4PT/4X20/K Bill FL EL96ua}
29Jun 11:34 6Y5AZ Pirates  Tks for QSO and DXCC vy 73   b -23 ====== {KE4PT/4X20/K Kai FL EL96ua}
29Jun 10:27 6y5A....-20  ====== {I8KPV/2X20/1500 Enzo xx JN70ko}
29Jun 07:19 071600  2  -25  3.6  431  0 #      XXX 6Y5AZ FK18    OOO   1   0  ====== {DD0NM Fred xx JN59ni}
29Jun 06:27 YL2GZ gm es mni tnx ufb report vlad ====== {DJ2TX Olli xx JO33sa}
28Jun 22:12 anyone for a 2m jt65 test for JM89CJ ====== {IK8XFR Giuseppe xx JM89cj}
28Jun 22:11 anyone fot a 2m jt645 test for JM89CJ ? ====== {IK8XFR Giuseppe xx JM89cj}
28Jun 04:31 Hello Pirates hope have good signal from you GL! ====== {UT5DL/36H/36V/K Slava xx KN18ep}
28Jun 02:16 6Y5AZ will be QRV at moonrise tonight. 144134 1st. Good luck ====== {6Y5AZ Pirates xx FK18cm}
27Jun 09:19 PA3FYC Hi, Jos tnx qso B-18 H today 73! ====== {UT5ZN/P/4X11H Alex xx KN57wb}
27Jun 07:47  ==== CQ 144.117, First ==== ====== {UA1MC/16X6XP/K Slava xx KP40qj}
27Jun 06:57 GM all     ==== CQ 144.130 First ===== ====== {UA1MC/16X6XP/K Slava xx KP40qj}
26Jun 22:16 == CQ  1st 144.121 == ====== {JA1PFP/16X4/500 Taka xx PM95pn}
26Jun 22:16 HI ====== {I8KPV Enzo xx JN70ll}
26Jun 07:11 Qrv en27 2m12 300w ====== {N0KK Kirk MN EN27ll}
26Jun 06:19 ES3RF GM Gennadij! ====== {YL2GD/4X16/800 Gunar xx KO37ml}
26Jun 06:18 ==== CQ .132 1st === ====== {YL2GD/4X16/800 Gunar xx KO37ml}
25Jun 16:49 GE guys ====== {AE5VB Hugh LA EM31pg}
24Jun 12:34 * ====== {DK3WG/6X14/HOME Jurg xx JO72gi}
24Jun 05:23 stopped 110 ====== {K3GNC/2X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
24Jun 04:40 ********** CQ  CQ  CQ  144.110 2nd  +++++++++ ====== {K3GNC/2X8H/300W Jerome PA FN20ja}
24Jun 03:22 QRV MR 6/24-/6/25 from EN27 2M12 and 300 ====== {N0KK Kirk MN EN35ha}
22Jun 03:38 I will move over to EME-1Page ====== {KJ7OG/13H/300 Stevecat AZ DM42mh}
22Jun 03:37 QRV 2M in about 30 min. ====== {KJ7OG/13H/300 Stevecat AZ DM42mh}
22Jun 03:34 KK4X, Ed, you might also look at the HB9Q site for 432 logger skeds.   ====== {KJ7OG/13H/300 Stevecat AZ DM42mh}
21Jun 13:33 Testing.. I see you got to log in AI4AK  ====== {AI4AK Warren GA EM74rb}
20Jun 22:51 KK4X Ed - your setup please ? ====== {YO4FNG/4X17/1K Liviu xx KN44hd}
18Jun 20:57 cq  144.123  1st ====== {EA5JK/2X5WL/1K Richi MN IM99qi}

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