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24Mar 16:25 listening 117 and 120 ====== {TI2SW Arnie xx EJ79vw}
24Mar 16:19 listening 120 ====== {TI2SW Arnie xx EJ79vw}
24Mar 14:21 test ====== {W9IIX/2X9H500 Doug IL EN61dr}
24Mar 02:39 CQ CQ 144117 KU 2nd ====== {LZ1KU/12H/800W Stamen xx KN32ah}
23Mar 11:09 1108 -18  2.7 1444 #* CQ I2FAK JN45 ====== {WA4PGM/1X13/500 Kyle VA FM07ti}
23Mar 11:00 GM from hot Florida ====== {AF4K Bry FL EL98is}
22Mar 07:59 try few cq 110 first  H pol ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Philip xx IO91lv}
22Mar 07:59 GM ALL from rainy UK ====== {G6PHH/4X11/RPOL Philip xx IO91lv}
21Mar 06:56 gm all what mode are you jt65b? here moniter no tx atm test 1st time this antenna ====== {9H1TX/16JXX2 David xx JM75fu}
19Mar 07:45 ... ====== {HA8CE/48H/36V/K Pista xx KN06en}
19Mar 07:43 ... ====== {HA8CE/4X12H/9V Pista xx KN06en}
18Mar 16:45 TEST ====== {XV4F Keith xx OJ39ew}
16Mar 09:27 . ====== {RV3IG/9EL/400 Andrey xx LO17fj}
16Mar 03:54 hi ====== {TI2SW Arnie xx EJ79vw}
15Mar 01:20 test ====== {ZL2LN/4X8H/KW Barry xx RG68mv}
15Mar 01:12 test ====== {ZL2LN Barry xx RE68mv}
14Mar 19:52 LZ2FO Zdr! Chuh te na -15 tropo :-) ====== {LZ1NY Victor MN KN12pq}
13Mar 18:51 +++++CQ OE3XMA EME looking for sked+++++ 50090 CW+++++ ====== {OE3XMA Ivan MN JN78hl}
13Mar 14:01 test ====== {SV6KRV/2X11/H Apostolos xx KM09ko}
12Mar 17:34 ===== stop CQ 144.140 1st ===== ====== {IW8RRF/4X8/500W Salvatore xx JM88gq}
12Mar 17:25 ===== CQ 144.140 1st ===== ====== {IW8RRF Salvatore xx JM88gq}
12Mar 02:13 KJ7OG no decodes, and with no elevation, I'm done. Did see a couple bits ====== {KF2T George NV DM25kx}
11Mar 17:30 ======= CQ CQ 144.113 2nd Period ====== {G4SFY Ray xx JO02rv}
11Mar 14:10 GM all ====== {AF4K Bry FL EL98ll}
11Mar 14:08 GM all ====== {AF4K Bry FL EL98ll}
11Mar 14:08 GM all ====== {AF4K Bry FL EL98ll}
11Mar 11:52 The Cushcraft A14820T is sold on Dx Engineering. I want to start eme with a small budget ====== {N4BAF Brian SC EM84st}
11Mar 11:47 Hi all can the Cushcraft 2M Hi-Lo Cross Yagi Beam Antennas A14820T be used for EME ====== {N4BAF Brian SC EM84st}
11Mar 04:27 Stan KG7P you still here? ====== {KD7UO Dale WA CN87xj}
10Mar 02:26 N5TM Dan been calling you also, should be GG soon ====== {OH6UW Jukka xx KP22wi}
10Mar 00:44 hi all ====== {W7/LY3UM Alex NV DM25qa}
09Mar 20:51 Gn all ====== {EA5JK/2X5WL/1K Richi MN IM99qi}
09Mar 18:18 Anyone around today? ====== {VE7DXK Doug BC CN88fp}
08Mar 22:30 LZ1BB/SWL Harry ok tnx info ====== {RX1AS/4X15XP/1K Serge xx KO59xw}
08Mar 22:29 RX1AS I am SWL only now. Sorry! ====== {LZ1BB/SWL Harry xx KN32up}
08Mar 22:23 LZ1BB Harry GE pse try 144118 ====== {RX1AS/4X15XP/1K Serge xx KO59xw}
08Mar 20:19 KF8MY Mike Tx pse on .085 ====== {RX3A/8X9/600 Nikolay xx KO95di}
08Mar 20:04 KF8MY ge, monitoring 085, also logged in  HB9Q-logger ====== {DL8FBD Gerald xx JO40ka}
08Mar 19:42 opps wrong board ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
08Mar 19:40 ***CQ 432.085 2nd***   ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
08Mar 01:07 LZ1KU keep your ANT at 290 degrees as for a moon. I receive u reflected from a Bolcan mountain peak. ====== {LZ1BB Harry xx KN32up}
08Mar 01:06 Stamen right after moonset I will call you tropo on 144.117 OK? ====== {LZ1BB Harry xx KN32up}
08Mar 00:59 144.117 005800  5  -15 -0.7   -8  3 *      CQ LZ1KU KN32             1  0  ====== {LZ1BB Harry xx KN32up}
08Mar 00:56 Stamen LZ1KU is right on freq. I am listening him tropo. ====== {LZ1BB Harry xx KN32up}
07Mar 21:50 2 ====== {KC2HFQ/4X9H Dave NY FN02ou}
07Mar 19:57 Pa3CMC we will do it again N1DNN right on you RO line sorry ====== {AA4SC Ric SC EM94mx}
07Mar 19:55 PA3CMC tnx qso best -24 ====== {AA4SC Ric SC EM94mx}
07Mar 19:53 N1DNN I lost you  sorry ====== {AA4SC Ric SC EM94mx}
07Mar 19:47 PA3CMC I will call you next ====== {AA4SC Ric SC EM94mx}
07Mar 19:41 QRZ   113?? ====== {AA4SC Ric SC EM94mx}

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Any non-terrestrial JT4/JT65 use is strictly prohibited.

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