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01Sep 18:25 hi all ====== {UN9LEI Larry xx MO22bj}
01Sep 06:04 GM EMErs ====== {S59P Club MN JN86ao}
01Sep 04:45 73 K4EME ====== {K4EME Cowles VA FM08kf}
01Sep 04:29 CQ 1296.080 K4EME 2ND ====== {K4EME Cowles VA FM08kf}
01Sep 04:24 CQ 1296.080 K4EME ====== {K4EME Cowles VA FM08kf}
01Sep 03:16 HV0A, my best tnx fb QSO, Pekka ====== {OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm}
01Sep 01:40 what is the best freq and mode for six meter eme ====== {K0OWG Rich MO EM47ll}
31Aug 23:27 TEST ====== {WB8RJY/1X30RHCP Jeff MI EN72ll}
31Aug 23:25 TEST ====== {WB8RJY30CIRRX Jeff MI EN72ll}
31Aug 11:43 ~ Clear ~ 1.838 ~ ====== {K7WLF/10/6/2/70 Billf AZ DM22tp}
31Aug 10:48 ~ QRV ~ 1.838 ~ JT65A ====== {K7WLF/10/6/2/70 Billf AZ DM22tp}
31Aug 10:25 K4MSG Paul can I send you a cq tropo just to see if my signal can be decoded?  ====== {KC4AUF/2X12/130 Tony VA FM17au}
31Aug 10:19 I2FAK, Franco would you like me to try transmitting now that my antenns are at 20deg ?  ====== {KC4AUF/2X12/130 Tony VA FM17au}
31Aug 04:06 ***  CQ 144.127 2nd  *** ====== {K4MSG Paul VA FM19ee}
31Aug 03:16 CQ Stopped ====== {WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw}
31Aug 03:11 CQ 7.080 JT9E Fast 15 Sec 2nd ====== {WB2YDS Tom NY FN30nw}
31Aug 01:27 k8tl testing on .114 ====== {K8TL Tom OH EM89ll}
30Aug 21:32 212800  1  -24  1.7    3  4 *      CQ JP3EXR PM74            0  10  ====== {EI4DQ/4X11 Tom xx IO51wu}
30Aug 20:47 test ====== {IK2MMB Sergio xx JN45pq}
30Aug 19:43 194100  4  -21  3.2  175  3 #      I3MEK PA5Y JO21     OOO  ====== {UT5ZN/P/4X11H Alex xx KN57wb}
30Aug 06:09 . ====== {JA6AHB/7MD/500 Toshio xx PM53cp}
30Aug 02:34 e ====== {K6MYC/4X2MXP22/ Mike CA DM07db}
30Aug 02:32 MR in about 10 min. will call CQ on 125 2nd ====== {K6MYC/4X2MXP22/ Mike CA DM07db}
30Aug 00:51 HV0A Team tnx 4 new DXCC! Previous message is wrong 73' ====== {S57M/4X17H/KW Bojan xx JN76sn}
30Aug 00:20 I2FAK thanks Franco, Ur best -20 ====== {N1EYE Ernie RI FN41fu}
29Aug 23:21 TF3CY ok see you agn :-) ====== {ZS4TX Bernie xx KG30bv}
29Aug 22:28 .. ====== {JA6AHB/7MD/QRO Toshio xx PM53cp}
29Aug 22:16 test ====== {JA6AHB Toshio xx PM53cp}
29Aug 20:53 strange but I do not copy HV0A at all !!!  ====== {YO4FNG/4X17/1K Liviu xx KN44hd}
29Aug 20:38 TF3CY GE pse ur qrg? ====== {UT5ZN/P/4X11H Alex MN KN57wb}
29Aug 20:36 TF3CY GE pse ur qrg? ====== {UT5ZN/P/4X11H Alex MN KN57wb}
29Aug 20:30 ZS5LEE, Lee, ge what is yr setuo pls? Haven't seen any trace from you. ====== {DK9ZY/4X10/QRO Wolf xx JO40be}
29Aug 20:30 HV0A Team TNX QSO B-19 73! ====== {UT5ZN/P/4X11H Alex MN KN57wb}
29Aug 20:26 HV0A test ====== {YO4FNG/4X17/1K Liviu xx KN44hd}
29Aug 20:24 HV0A Team TNX QSO B-19 73! ====== {UT5ZN Alex MN KN57wb}
29Aug 20:23 test ====== {YO4FNG Liviu xx KN44hd}
29Aug 19:21 . ====== {ES6RQ/8XP32/QRO Ants xx KO28wa}
29Aug 19:18 KC4AUF/2X12/130 Tony,hello,I  m interested in qso after you moonrise ====== {ES6RQ/8XP32/QRO Ants xx KO28wa}
29Aug 17:51 Hi All ====== {R2AGQ Alex MN KO85ni}
29Aug 17:04 Hello All! ====== {UT3MD Vlad MN KN99da}
29Aug 14:58 VK5APN Wayne  Tks for the qsl! ====== {WA7XX Doug AZ DM42mj}
29Aug 02:03 any for try eme test? ====== {IW9CTJ Concetto xx JM77mm}
29Aug 01:47 Team strong here now ====== {KD3UY/2X4WL/1K5 Bob MD FM19lg}
29Aug 01:31 9h3lf. wijmh on 133. qrz ====== {W1JMH Marty FL EL87tb}
29Aug 00:29 Hi all ====== {CX2SC Ric xx GF25mq}
28Aug 23:07 KC4AUF Tony GA I'm on 140 clg you ok ?  ====== {I2FAK/16X19LLY Franco xx JN45ob}
28Aug 23:05 I2FAK GM Franco ====== {KC4AUF/2X12/130 Tony VA FM17au}
28Aug 22:11 TF3CY -21 Hpole ====== {UR7DWW/8X16HV/K Club xx KN18eo}
28Aug 22:08 TF3CY GE! Calling you +300  tnx ====== {UR7DWW/8X16HV/K Club xx KN18eo}
28Aug 20:43 Is anyone available for a 6m SWL test (new lNA here)?	 ====== {KJ7OG/13H/300 Steveb AZ DM42mh}

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