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12Feb 18:47 ZS4TX I see you are back !!! ====== {DM5TI Harry xx JN68ff}
12Feb 16:03 Dobyr we4er Ceco,kak si? ====== {LZ1DX8X15/1K Ned MN KN22tk}
12Feb 11:47 5Z4CP I lsn 133 ====== {DK3WG/6X14/KW Jurg xx JO72gi}
12Feb 11:05 Hi BA4SI  ====== {BD4SY Zhu MN PM01jp}
11Feb 19:39 Hi Roman U going Orlando Fest tomorrow ====== {K9SLQ/XP28X2/KW Wayne IN EN70ll}
11Feb 15:44 decoding NW0W on 50.200  -08 in FM19  ====== {WA3SEE Carl PA FM19is}
11Feb 15:23 ++++                HELLO  ALL                  ++++ ====== {W4YTB/4X9H/1KW Roman FL EL98pa}
11Feb 09:08 Gm all ====== {EA5JK/2X5WL/1KW Richi MN IM99qi}
11Feb 06:32 de ZL1BHD CQ JT65B 144.115 ====== {ZL1BHD Steve xx RF82ja}
10Feb 20:30 Test ====== {DL9NBD/2X11/300 Lothar xx JO50le}
10Feb 16:28 SA7AKE QRT for dinner ====== {SA7AKE Jonas MN JO87eb}
10Feb 16:04 SA7AKE CQ CQ .112 ====== {SA7AKE Jonas MN JO87eb}
10Feb 12:22 SM2A Cool Stefan, -22dB with 2x 12el.  73 take care ====== {DM5TI Harry xx JN68ff}
10Feb 05:59 hi all 73 ====== {FW5JJ Jeanj xx AH16vs}
10Feb 05:45 cq 144.122 qf21nx ====== {VK3CR Colin xx QF21nx}
09Feb 08:42 test ====== {DS1MFC John xx PM37lm}
09Feb 07:35 STOP CQ ====== {EA5JK/2X5WL/1KW Richi MN IM99qi}
09Feb 07:29 CQ EA5JK 144125 1ST ====== {EA5JK/2X5WL/1KW Richi MN IM99qi}
09Feb 07:22 Gm  all ====== {EA5JK/2X5WL/1KW Richi MN IM99qi}
08Feb 11:02 Tnx report Norbert ! ====== {SM5CFS/4X15H/KW Bjorn xx JO99hp}
06Feb 23:16 Hi Wayne and Gene ====== {DK9ZY/4X10/QRO Wolf xx JO40be}
06Feb 08:21 CQ .123 first ====== {SA7AKE Jonas MN JO87eb}
06Feb 05:30 5.357 cq 1st@ 1550af for a bit ====== {N6SPP Eric CA CM87ux}
05Feb 22:27 test stop ====== {JH7OPT/2X11V500 Masa xx QM07di}
05Feb 22:22 test 144.123  2nd ====== {JH7OPT/2X11V500 Masa xx QM07di}
05Feb 20:38 Hello in the last years i have a program that updates the call3.txt, can anyone help me to find the program i forgot the name  ====== {DH9NFM Chris MN JO50qf}
03Feb 12:17 test ====== {JH7OPT/2X11V500 Masa xx QM07di}
02Feb 08:30 GM all we keep you in memory fare well Harry ====== {DL8MAI/4X9H/650 Luis xx JN57fv}
01Feb 23:06 test ====== {S53K Simon xx JN75rx}
01Feb 23:05 12312 ====== {S53K Simon xx JN75rx}
01Feb 18:08 ===1st== ====== {N6SPP Eric CA CM87ux}
01Feb 18:07  cq 2nd 28.076 @1550hz af==== ====== {N6SPP Eric CA CM87ux}
31Jan 23:43 K9MRI Joe, try JT65 on 144 ? ====== {VA3ELE/XP11/400 Peter ON FN03dm}
31Jan 23:31 ND0B...about 1400W out of new Communication Amplifiers 222 solid state amp...222.085 me second ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
31Jan 20:33 Stop CQ NE meteors ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
31Jan 20:18 CQ CQ NE meteors 222.085MHz 2nd ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
31Jan 20:15 Anyone northeasst up for meteor scatter? 2nd ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
31Jan 14:21 K5QE de N1JEZ - Listening on 144.142 Moon still a bit high ====== {N1JEZ Mike VT FN44ar}
31Jan 13:42 K5QE-Marshall-Are u going back to 2M EME? MS coming up in Northeast USA. ====== {N2AMC Gary NY FN30iv}
31Jan 13:09 CQ 50.276 ne EVEN K5QE EM31 ====== {K5QE/6M/QRO Marshall TX EM31cj}
31Jan 09:20 IK1UWL  Gio looking ====== {WA7XX/4X13/700 Doug AZ DM42mj}
31Jan 08:05 STOP CQ  ====== {SA7AKE Jonas MN JO87eb}
31Jan 08:00 CQ   CQ   CQ  de K2TXB, 144.118 - second ====== {K2TXB/2X16/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
31Jan 07:35 CQ 129 first ====== {SA7AKE Jonas MN JO87eb}
31Jan 07:25 wa3qpx tnx qso es gl  ====== {SA7AKE Jonas MN JO87eb}
31Jan 07:22 testing, see if I can get any decodes before I run, bad powerline noise until I get higher too ====== {W0AAT Mary MN EN24gp}
31Jan 06:16 sri wrong brd ====== {WB2RVX/4XP20/K Mike NJ FM29mt}
31Jan 06:14 *** CQ .133  2nd *** ====== {WB2RVX/4XP20/K Mike NJ FM29mt}
31Jan 05:55 cq .125  2nd ====== {N4QWZ/18H/500 Todd TN EM66ok}
31Jan 04:00 GM to all ====== {F5AQX/4X11H/600 Andre xx JN27sd}

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio TERRESTRIAL JT4/JT65 communications.

Any non-terrestrial JT4/JT65 use is strictly prohibited.

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