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27Apr 20:51 Sri. Pasi=Pine ====== {W1PV Skip PA FN20ll}
27Apr 20:51 ZS6OB. Pasi. Tnx init. B-22.  73 ====== {W1PV Skip PA FN20ll}
27Apr 20:10 Anatoly, thanks for qso, your best was -26, 73 cu ====== {DK7ME Carlos MN JN47tn}
27Apr 19:46 qrv in 144.141 ====== {EA4FG Fermin MN IM88ax}
26Apr 21:03 W6BBS.  Hi Frank.  b -25.  All still working great !. 73. ====== {W4RBO John FL EL99kf}
26Apr 21:00 W6BBS, Calling. ====== {W4RBO John FL EL99kf}
26Apr 20:28 Test ====== {WB9COY/2X12/100 Gene CA DM12iw}
26Apr 20:23 Franco, which frequency are you on? ====== {DK7ME/8EL/K Carlos MN JN47tn}
26Apr 19:56 195400  4  -20  2.0  -35  3 *      CQ OK1DIX JN79            1   0  ====== {DK3SE/2X8/500W Salvo xx JN37up}
26Apr 19:30 stop cq 133 ====== {DC9YC/2X12H/750 Dieter xx JO31qk}
26Apr 16:23 i2fak tks Franco -19 with my single 9el 73+gl ====== {DL6YBF/9EL/500W Helmut MN JO31ox}
26Apr 15:05 i2fak Franco you are -25 here ====== {E70W Jovan xx JN94im}
26Apr 14:35 Test ====== {SP4MPB/4X14HV Marek xx KO03ht}
26Apr 04:47 ~~~ ====== {UR5NOY/4X9H/800 Vlad AL KN48kv}
26Apr 04:28 ~ Clear ~ 260 ~ CQ stopped ====== {KD0UHN Scott IA EN41rn}
26Apr 04:18 ~ CQ 1st ~ 260 ~ ====== {KD0UHN Scott IA EN41rn}
26Apr 04:16 anybody still awake tonight ====== {KD0UHN Scott IA EN41rn}
26Apr 02:46 My wife thinks I'm nuts, but I eat this stuff up, LOL! ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:45 73 Mike, GN.  Thanks so much for spending the time! ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:39 now=know ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:38 I now we should be able to make it, just didnt  happen tonight.. 73 GN ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:38 Ok, that sounds good Paul. Thanks for the try tonight.   ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:35 Nothing here now, either. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:35 OK, you want to just meet on PJ anytime after 6am and if we're both there we'll come over here and try something. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:33 Getting nothing now at all... ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:33 Lets stop and maybe try in the morning sometime.. ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:30 Well, I am usually up by 6am,  ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:28 OK, how early is reasonable for you to try some 432 terrestrial? ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:27 10:27 here right now Paul ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:25 eastern,  with daylight saving time ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:23 I have some loss with 200ft of lmr400,,, no est/dst ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:21 You're on central time, right? ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:21 Im gonna have 2x 25ele @70ft., with new 7/8 helix feeding them soon. ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:18 FYI, I'm 170w @ 30'. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:18 So I know we should be able to get 50% farther with a digi mode. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:17 I've had three 432 cw skeds recently:  289 mi (100w, 24'); 295 mi. (50w, 55') and 317 mi. (50w, 25'). ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:16 ya morning would be the ticket,this is still fun,, lol ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:15 I've worked into EU on 6m with Iscat when I couldnt on cw. ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:15 Might have to try morning skeds when condx are better. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:14 I think we have the potential for a long-haul 432 QSO using a digi mode. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:14 Im running Paul ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:14 Sometimes it will carry the distance when JT won't. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:12 Ok, I like Iscat  ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:10 OK, that's encouraging.  Switch to ISCAT-B ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:10 how bout you Paul? ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 02:10 Anything there? ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 02:10 020500  0  -32   .7  -70  7 *   a maybe.. I keep getting something there but no decode ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}
26Apr 01:55 No Faraday to deal with, but QSB can be quite deep. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 01:54 OK, running, lets go until 0210 and see if we have any traces. ====== {K4MSG/2X9V/300 Paul VA FM19ee}
26Apr 01:53 running ====== {KF8MY/4X14/KW Mike MI EN84cb}

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