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VHF Equipment modifications information.


Ping Jockeys do it 'til they HEAR the burn!

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Realtime Two Metre Band Propagation logger

WilliamHepburn's VHF/UHF TroposphericPropogation Predictor

Following this link will take you to a brief description of my station.Included are maps showing the grid squares worked from this station. The maps are colour coded; blue blocks indicate those squares simply worked, whilst red blocks signify QSL card acknowledgement.
The maps are regenerated each night.

Calculate distance and bearing between two Maidenhead Grid Locators


Here you can find a number of VHF,UHF, and SHF contest log entries. Currently, they are all for N0UK and/or the Eleventh Hour Contest Group, but anyone may sent me their logs and they will be included.

Here's some photographs of the N0UK at WB0GGM Multi-Op site,

and here's one taken during the second leg of the ARRL 10GHz and Up Cumulative in September 2000.

I've been hit too many times since the 5th of May 1998

VHF, UHF, & Microwave topics.

Sources of equipment for VHF DX equipment.

  • Down East Microwave manufacture and sell a wide range of prebuilt and kit form equipment and accessories. Their quality of design and support is super.
  • KB2AH's 1.3GHz Equipmentweb page.

    General information.

  • G3SEK's amateur radio technical notebook.
  • N.E.W.S. (North East Weak Signal Society) home page.

    Central States

    In 1996, the Central States VHF Convention was hosted by the Northern Lights Radio Society , in Bloomington, Minnesota. It returns again this year (2006) to the very same venue. Details about the event can be found on the preceding web page.

    VHF Stuff

    This is a useful online Maidenhead Grid Locator Calculator

    Grid Square


    (Degrees) (Minutes) (Seconds) N S


    (Degrees) (Minutes) (Seconds) E W

    Enter decimal degrees or degrees/minutes/seconds.

    Decimal Deg/Min/Sec

    Current lower atmosphere temperature gradient

    This is a SKEW-T graph depicting the temperature/dewpoint gradient of the lower atmosphere, as sounded by the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities. It may be of use to those interested in predicting the existence of tropospheric enhancement to VHF and UHF radio signals. Attendees at the 1997 Aurora conference of the Northern Lights Radio Society will recall the excellent presentation that discussed the usefulness of these graphs in predicting band enhancements.

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