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09Oct 14:58 .............	(WC4N Mike TN EM86uk
07Oct 05:29 Gm	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
06Oct 16:53 Hi David AUU, not note everyone has gone digital.. looking forward to work you again in CW :-)	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
06Oct 05:24 HI all Bjr a tous!	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
06Oct 04:52 Look like everyone has gone digital	(VK3AUU/30EL/400 David xx QF21wu
06Oct 04:51 test	(VK3AUU/30EL/400 David xx QF21wu
05Oct 05:38 HI All	(S52LM/4X28XP/KW Milos xx JN65tx
04Oct 17:13 ...	(IK1FJI2X12/GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
30Sep 00:06 529 RX1AS Serge tnx !	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
29Sep 23:36 calling CW for a while on 050	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
29Sep 23:35 GM all anybody free for CW test ?	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
23Sep 20:07 stop cq	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
23Sep 20:02 CALLING cq CW 144050 	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
23Sep 18:46 Hi all, anybody for CW EME test ?	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
10Sep 16:51 Hello i receive CW 144.051.00Mhz 	(SQ3GJS Darek xx JO82cj
09Sep 14:58 Inefficiency, Ciao	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 14:46 Last try, CQing next 15 min 144.055,5	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 14:45 anyone around ?	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 13:18 I am qrv but I am a little gun	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 12:59 anyone around for cw?	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 11:47 the problem is that everyone does digital only	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 11:42 It seems that I'm alone on the Moon; long QRX (lunch)	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 11:29 9A9B trying to listen u	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 11:28 CQing 144.055,5 nice ECHO	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 10:54 G4CDN TNX Richard. Although the noise is abt 4 db higher due to sun being near the moon it went through. 73!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
09Sep 09:16 CQing 144.055,5 next 15 min	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 08:43 called you few times	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:43 I heard you Doru but I am just to little to be heard by you	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:42 Some minutes ago I heard my own echoes very strong!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:26 I go on 054 for CQ ! 73!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:25 Here, 4 x 17 el M2, and 3 kW !	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:24 Really Paul? Did you hear my sigs?	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:24 bjr paul	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:23 F5VKV Fabio Bjr 73!	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
09Sep 08:23 Fabio,I will cq-ing on 054 , if you want we can try!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:22 YO2AMU Doru RRR TNX try 529 Peaks 73!	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
09Sep 08:22 Paul, sorry ni sigs from you! Moon is in Sun direction, maybe anoter time!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:17 I hear you Doru but very low	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:17 I see f4djk traces	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:03 YO2AMU Doru RRR GL!	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
09Sep 08:02 YO2AMU even!(east)	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:02 F4DJK,we can try on 060 1 minute seq, yo2amu first at 08.10 UTC, OK?	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 07:54 DK3NG , I am on 060 waiting for you!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 07:53 YO2AMU Doru Hello try?	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
09Sep 07:48 CQing 144.055,5	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 07:36 Good apetite Jo! Can we try after your breakfast again? On 060 ?	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 07:33 GM everyone	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 07:26 yo2amu nil heard fm you must go for breakfast	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:25 Jh0bbe tnx for your patience will try agn next month will send email with sked proposal tks again	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:24 Jo,73!	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg

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