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12Aug 16:12 cq 060	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
12Aug 14:19 OK1VVP  qrv	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
12Aug 10:33 qrv anyone?	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
12Aug 10:23 strong echoes	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
12Aug 10:23 qrv 060	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
12Aug 08:00 73!	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
12Aug 07:11 QRV	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 15:37 What a wrong date for ATP !	(YO2AMU Doru xx
11Aug 15:36 When the Moon is too close in direction of the Sun is very hard to make a QSO!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
11Aug 14:38 fabio I have no echoes and just one stn in jt65	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 14:25 nothing unfortunately. I have on4aoi speaker copy in jt65 only at the moment	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
11Aug 14:04 cq 060	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 13:57 fabio i will call u on 060	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 13:52 qrv for anyone	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
11Aug 09:03 see you all this afternoon	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
11Aug 06:52 ok , guys see you all this afternoon	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 06:47 thanks for trying Juu perhaps we can sked some other day when sun not close to moon?	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 06:44 Nil hr .054 and .060,nw QRT 73 to all	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 06:24 Lsn.054nw	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 06:17 YO2AMU on 144.054	(YO2AMU Doru xx
11Aug 06:16 OK	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 06:15 ok juu i will be around for another 50 mins calling cq i am still transmitting through a lot of trees	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 06:12 Jo,sri nil here,,,	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 06:02 Rgr	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 06:01 ok juu i will continue cq on 060	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 06:00 Waiting on this freq.	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 05:59 Jo,nil so far,,,	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 05:58 yuu i am still going through a lot of trees will have to wait a little longer	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 05:53 Lsn.060	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 05:49 Rgr	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 05:49 yuu wil call odd minutes 1 minute	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 05:46 DK3NGJo gm! Lsn ur freq nw	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 05:46 RRR Jo, booming echoes is proof enough that the system is working well :-)	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
11Aug 05:46 can hear Graves weak	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 05:45 Yuu i would like to work you so bad for initial ja contact i can taste  it	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 05:44 yes, Peter, I was having doubts about my system and swapped out changeover relays, cables etc and yesterday confirmed	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 05:43 Peter,gm! Many thanks!	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 05:43 Yuu, QSL is on it's way to you, sri for delay. Tks for your ufb QSL-card	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
11Aug 05:42 sounds like your system is working well Jo, look forward to another contact 	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
11Aug 05:40 here sun and moon at same az/el now	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
11Aug 05:40 Gm Gents, well unfortunately I did not check sun/new moon position when I proposed the times for ATP.. sorry	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
11Aug 05:39 i will be on 060	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 05:35 Pekka,gm! OK	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 05:35 Hi, Yuu are you sending soon ?? 	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
11Aug 05:31 meant to say "blowing" gm, Peter	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 05:30 Hi all	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
11Aug 05:30 GM Peter firat day here wiyjout +31C and thunderstorms	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
11Aug 05:29 hmmm, yesterday was super good had echoes bloeing me out of my chair	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
11Aug 05:21 Gm, not a good day for EME today, too much noise from the sun	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
10Aug 14:34 cqing  144.060	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc

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