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24May 16:17 cq116	(IV3RYX Andy MN JN65vp
23May 12:38 Ciao Peter...If you are on see you tomorrow, have nice week end  73 !	(IK1FJI/2X12GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
23May 10:26 Ciao Valter	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
23May 10:06 GM  Peter still on ??	(IK1FJI/2X12GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
23May 08:28 CQ on 051 even minutes, good echoes just now	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
14May 00:26 .	(VK2XN Wayne xx QF59ar
02May 23:33 cq cw 144059 please listen	(SP6MQO Marek xx JO90pp
02May 23:16 cq cq 14459 please listen	(SP6MQO Marek xx JO90pp
02May 23:15 cq cq 14459 please listen	(SP6MQO Marek xx JO90pp
02May 22:58 cq 144059	(SP6MQO Marek xx JO90pp
01May 16:11 Tnx Valter and Max for UFB CW qso. Both stations with very strong signals. Congrats	(IK2DDR/4X19LLY Francesco xx JN55gn
01May 16:10 Nice CW qso with IK4WLv  and IK2DDR  fb signals !!  TNX...	(IK1FJI2X12/GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
25Apr 18:08 73 all..stay safe	(IK1FJI/2X12GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
25Apr 18:06 73 Valter, cul	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 18:05 same to you John, 73 cul	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 18:05 strong eches now, final CQ before QRT	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 18:03 CUL and have fun and stay healty	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 18:03 73 Fabio, tks for trying	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 18:02 will qrt soon, tks all have a fine evening	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 18:02 only hearing my own echoes now	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 18:01 nil, lost you now, have to go qrt for dinner now, 73 and see you next time for the ATP	(F5VKV/2X10H/KW Fabio xx JN33rr
25Apr 17:59 built it in 1992 or so :-)	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:58 interesting John, I have a HB MGF1801 also but with small tapped coil input	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:57 SM2CEW Home made MGF1801 cavity pre-amp	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:56 fb	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:54 calling  you	(F5VKV/2X10H/KW Fabio xx JN33rr
25Apr 17:54 sri 051	(IK1FJI2X12/GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
25Apr 17:54 Peter try call you 052 odd min  ok ??	(IK1FJI2X12/GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
25Apr 17:52 tks info Fabio	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:52 great, what sort of preamp is it?	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:50 Holiday next week so time to climb the tower.. 	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:50 SM2CEW have a HP8970 nf meter and source so checking is easy..	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:48 peter, some nice echoes	(F5VKV/2X10H/KW Fabio xx JN33rr
25Apr 17:46 ok John, hope all is ok and that it is just local noise masking signals	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:44 SM2CEW have to take my pre-amp down and check it\	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:43 Ge Max, tks info	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:43 ok John, tx working well for you	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:41 SM2CEW  ge Peter nice to .051 Hpol	(IK4WLV/4X12HV/K Max xx JN54xk
25Apr 17:41 or too much noise arround	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:40 Peter TNX for report, think my RX is lacking	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:40 fine sigs John	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:38 4x11el 2.5KW	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:38 I make some noise	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:36 ok John :-) pse call on 051 odd minute, let's see if I can hear you	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:35 SM2CEW look for you now\	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:33 my own echoes pretty good just now, CQ on 051 even minute	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:33 SM2CEW have no echo's but enough output... 	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq
25Apr 17:31 rrr	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Apr 17:31 CQ 050  even min...	(IK1FJI2X12/GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
25Apr 17:30 sm2cew I stopped, was looking for you but no copy	(PA5MS/4X11H John xx JO21rq

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