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13May 14:18 For now, going qrt. thanks again for trying.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 14:17 Sure thing. Always happy to give cw a go.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 14:17 No sweat, Andy, anytime you are up to it we can give it another go. 73 es tks vy much	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 14:15 OK Jo. Thanks so much for your patience. Unfortunately, not a thing seen or heard here from you.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 14:11 vk4anx andy, i think we shzould call it a day at 15 moins past hour	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 14:01 yes	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 14:01 OK. Are you still txing odd minutes?	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 14:00 txing	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:59 BTW, I have nil echoes	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:58 Can't help you with that onem mate	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:56 Ordinarily, I can never hear my own echoes. I am too small a station.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:54 andy you can hear ur sigs but not mine due most likely to spatial polarization offset	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:51 ok	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:51 And the really puzzling thing is that I can STILL hear my echoes	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:51 No, you were correct, wait 15 then try again.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:50 did i misunderstand - do you want to continue for 15 and then quit?	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:48 ok 15 mins fm now , i.e.  1600 utc	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:47 Lets give it 15mins and try again, is that ok?	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:44 Andy, fully understan. It is your call entirely. If not convenient today can try some other day...	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:43 I can wait a while Jo, but I have an early start for work tomorrow.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:40 060 it is	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:40 .060, right?	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:39 I only have 4x9H, and qrp!	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:38 shall we pause for a while and try agn later time of your choosing	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:38 indeed, my antenna 4x5wl and PLENTY of power	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:35 Very strange. I see nothing from you, but can hear my echo...	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:27 but not a peep so far	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:27 and i am listenin, Andy	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 13:25 Am calling even minutes.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 13:03 ok	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:59 OK Jo. Listening now.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 12:55 Moon now at 7 deg , echo testing continuosly but so far nil. Will start calling you when moon at 10, odd minutes, one min sequence	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:54 Moon now at 7 deg , echo testing continuosly but so far nil. Will start calling you when moon at 10, odd minutesm	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:45 My echoes still ok.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 12:45 No problem Jo. All good fun :-)	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 12:42 Andy, VK3ANC, even if we should not be successful today, I  wish to express my gratitude for your taking time out for this sked, moon is now at 5 degrees but my echo testing nil so far	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:25 Graves beacon was also vy low, normally can receive it with  at least 8-10 dbm abvove noise, but this weekend barely hrard it at all	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:22 I struggled with hearing anything. I thought it was my RX. Not so sure now.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 12:22 have checked for birdies this end and think 060 should work well for me	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:20 All through weekend had only a few secs of echoes, otherwise nil, and I was not the only one experiencing thi, vy strange	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:18 No worries. I got good echoes here, for a change!	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 12:18 moon is hiding behind farm houses	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:17 ga Andy I currently have only 2 deg of moon, have to wait a wee bit longer	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
13May 12:15 GA Jo.	(VK3ANX Andy xx QF22ll
13May 09:46 .	(DK3NG/4X5WL Jo xx JO43vc
13May 09:45 .	(DK3NG Jo MN JO43vc
13May 09:43 b	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
12May 16:12 DK3NG-I heard my echoes only once in this afternoon! very strange!	(YO2AMU Doru xx KN06pe
12May 15:59 ok doru don't understand what's going on. I will be qrv tomorrow to try sked with Andy	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
12May 15:58 Also,es tut mi leit!	(YO2AMU Doru xx KN06pe

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