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06Nov 23:32 test	(WC4N/17ELKW Mike TN EM86uk
03Nov 20:02 QRV list at w w	(OK1TEH/1X10/950 Matej xx JO70fd
18Oct 10:44 testing	(G4SWX John xx JO02rf
14Oct 11:33 ..	(N4QWZ/2X8XP/1K Todd TN EM66ok
10Oct 13:20 OK1VVP GM Vaclav did you go to CN2R???	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
07Oct 20:05 hello everyone	(F5VKV/2X10H/1K Fabio xx JN33rr
07Oct 17:54 QRV JH0BBE	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
06Oct 22:45 is anyone QRV	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
25Sep 22:24 Test	(N4QWZ/IPHONE Todd TN EM66ok
20Sep 21:55 TEST	(N4QWZ/2X8XP/1K Todd TN EM66ok
17Sep 10:32 IK7EZN ?	(YO2AMU Doru xx KN06pe
17Sep 05:50 YO2AMU QRV on 144.054	(YO2AMU Doru xx KN06pe
17Sep 03:27 Kony,ga!	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
17Sep 02:06 Yuu san GM!	(JM1GSH4X11V500 Kony xx QM06is
17Sep 01:55 QRV	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Sep 14:57 VE6TA Grant yes DO33 new grid FB 	(I2FAK/16X19LLY Franco xx JN45ob
16Sep 14:53 actually RO	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:52 Yes good copy was sending OOOO	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:52 Wow only 19.5 years Franco.  New initial for you though as I am in a new grid.	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:52 Grant did you hear anything from me?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 14:51 Lots of rotation today due to solar flares I think.	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:49 VE6TA I heard you at you first call, but nil then.	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 14:49 Okay Ladislav.  Got your report.  Close and tnx for the try.	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:47 VE6TA SRI Grant I lost you. It's almost moonset here and I'm picking up ground noise. Let's try tomorrow at higher elevation.	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 14:44 VE6TA Grant 04/04 /1998	(I2FAK/16X19LLY Franco xx JN45ob
16Sep 14:42 Thanks Franco.  Probably 20 years since our last CW QSO!!!	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:38 VE6TA Grant tnx for FB qso 	(I2FAK/16X19LLY Franco xx JN45ob
16Sep 14:37 VE6TA running even period	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 14:37 Okay Ladislav	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:35 VE7TA Hi Grant I can hear you in QSO with I2FAK. Pse check 057 when you're done. TNX	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 14:28 Grant ok 	(I2FAK/16X19LLY Franco xx JN45ob
16Sep 14:27 RRR I will tx odd	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:26 VE6TA  ON 050 EVEN 	(I2FAK/16X19LLY Franco xx JN45ob
16Sep 14:25 Where are you calling?	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:24 We can try Franco	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 14:10 VE6TA Grant do you like to try ?	(I2FAK/16X19LLY Franco xx JN45ob
16Sep 14:02 VE6TA Hi Grant. Let's try CW 144.057 DIX 1st OK? 	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 13:51 Any big guns calling?	(VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs
16Sep 11:48 RX1AS TNX Serge Excelent signal. 73 & GL!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 11:41 OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav  qrg?	(RX1AS/4X15XP/1K Serge xx KO59xw
16Sep 11:34 RX1AS Hi Serge. Pse CW sked for ARI EME Contest	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 11:27 ON4LX Luc GD	(RX1AS/4X15XP/1K Serge xx KO59xw
16Sep 10:32 OK1DIX tnx for both qso, CW and JT	(IK2DDR/4X19LLY Francesco xx JN55go
16Sep 10:23  calling odd periods on 055 cw 	(IK2DDR/4X19LLY Francesco xx JN55go
16Sep 06:46 ON4TX I hear my own echos pretty strong. Let me know when you're ready	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 06:43 ON4LX there must be something wrong. I don't see even any trace from u. Did you hear/see anything from me?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
16Sep 06:40 STILL CALLING	(ON4LX Luc xx JO10sx
16Sep 06:38 CQ CQ 144010 DE ON4LX FOR OK1DIX	(ON4LX Luc xx JO10sx

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