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17Jun 10:16 I am qrv in anyone is in	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
17Jun 08:39 Good echos now, anyone interested to try?	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
16Jun 16:17 rrr	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
16Jun 16:14 HI Fabio, listening but now weak echos	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
16Jun 16:09 hello, anyone qrv ?	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
16Jun 11:10 I will qrv at 16gmt	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
16Jun 09:43 SM2CEW   TNX for QSO OK1VVP	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
16Jun 09:05 I will be back for 2nd pass 1600-1800 gmt today, cul	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
16Jun 08:36 I'm clg CQ on 051, even minutes	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
16Jun 08:34 JH0BBE Hello Yuu, try on 051?	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
16Jun 08:08 Pekka,rgr.mni tnx,73!	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Jun 08:06 Dear Yuu, i got calls only partially, your trace OK, we will do it next time, tnx trying	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
16Jun 08:04 Pekka I sent OOO,but oneway,,,tnx for the try,cu next time 73!	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Jun 08:03 Pekka,stopped nw	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Jun 07:52 Yuu OK lets try	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
16Jun 07:52 Pekka,M copy,calling u next seq	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Jun 07:46 Rgr	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Jun 07:45 Yuu sending 1m odd periods	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
16Jun 07:42 Rgr,lsn ur freq nw	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Jun 07:39 Yuu sending on .055 some periods	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
16Jun 07:33 Hi Yuu, send please, i try to heard you	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
16Jun 07:16 Pekka,gm!	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Jun 07:16 Hi all	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
16Jun 07:04 GM everybody, listening and harvesting cw signals	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
10Jun 22:35 Listening some	(WL7AU Chip AK BP51ll
10Jun 22:35 Trying	(WL7AU Chip AK BP51ll
24May 16:41 hi all , anyone on 432?	(F4GPJ Stephane MN JN08st
23May 13:31 QRV	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
22May 11:59 Hi all,pse sked.	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
21May 18:20 ok Fabio, tnx fr test!! next time.. hi!!!	(DK5LA/256XP/QRO Reinhard xx JO44tr
21May 18:17 today maybe wasn't best conditions for me	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
21May 18:17 we worked once in cw and heard you once on ssb	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
21May 18:17 about 16-17 dBi	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
21May 18:16 I have just 2x10 2.6wl each by yu7ef	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
21May 17:59 Fabio... gain dBd?	(DK5LA/256XP/QRO Reinhard xx JO44tr
21May 17:59 Fabio... much qsb!!!   ur setup?	(DK5LA/256XP/QRO Reinhard xx JO44tr
21May 17:56 thanks for trying... another time	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
21May 17:30 on 050	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
21May 17:27 yes.. 050	(DK5LA/256XP/QRO Reinhard xx JO44tr
21May 14:54 DK5LA are on ?	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
20May 22:45 9A9B QRT, tnx, hope to see U on the Moon next time.	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
20May 22:22 Tnx for QRG info, I will check, it is TS-770E and it has years as me to :-)	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
20May 22:20 I was need time to complete your call sign and rrr , TNX	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
20May 22:20 9A9B BTW You were on 144.051.5 according to my IC756PRO II	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
20May 22:18 9A9B TNX Branimir for a nice QSO. Some QSB at the beginning, but in the end no problem. 73!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
20May 21:57 9A9B OK I'll look for you now	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
20May 21:55 Sry, I'm back; 144.050,5	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
20May 21:44 9A9B Branimir are you ready?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
20May 21:08 50,5 but QRX for a while	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
20May 21:05 9A9B ge Branimir  qrg?	(I3MEK/4X13HV Mario xx JN55sj

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