JT65 Link user setup.

Requests have been received that each user of this server have their Callsign and Grid Locator automatically saved with each message that they submit.

That seemed like a reasonable idea to me, so please fill in the following form.

Note, you must have "Cookies" support enabled in your web browser for this functionality to work. The only information saved will be your name, callsign, and Maidenhead grid locator and it will only be stored on your own computer, and in the message log when you send a message.

Providing an email address is optional. If you do supply an email address, it will allow a user to send email to you by simply clicking on the callsign field in any message that you may leave.

Enter your callsign here
Enter your first name here
Enter your Maidenhead grid locator here

Select your State or Province from the list below
(Optional) You may enter your email address in this field

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