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24Jun 02:08 QRV .116 Q65  ====== {XE2YWH/2X13 Jose xx DL92ag}
24Jun 02:01 TNX INFO 73 ====== {XE2YWH/2X13 Jose xx DL92ag}
24Jun 01:59 XE2YWH bad decode not our TX period. We are now QRT ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 01:55 0151 -18 -0.2 1814 ## XE2YWH N4EME RRR OOO     ====== {XE2YWH/6/2 Jose xx DL92ag}
24Jun 01:31 W1FKF ok Don cu then 73 de K1OR ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 01:30 N4EME  will look AM don  73 ====== {W1FKF/4X6H/600 Don NH FN43gi}
24Jun 01:28 Don we will be on 2M terrestrial early AM ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 01:27 N4EME we should try direct some time  Don ====== {W1FKF/4X6H/600 Don NH FN43gi}
24Jun 01:26 W1FKF tnx for try ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 01:20 stop tx  don ====== {W1FKF/4X6H/600 Don NH FN43gi}
24Jun 01:13 got W1FKF  ====== {NA2NY John NY FN33gh}
24Jun 01:12 n4eme  nothing  don ====== {W1FKF/4X6H/600 Don NH FN43gi}
24Jun 01:05 N4EME switching to 1st period for NA still .147 ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 01:04 listening, heard somebody but no decode ====== {NA2NY John NY FN33gh}
24Jun 01:03 go ahead with Don - will catch u another time - gl ====== {VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu}
24Jun 01:03 N4EME try direct ? ====== {VE1SKY Sky NS FN74iu}
24Jun 01:03 N4EME I will give it a try !  don ====== {W1FKF/4X6H/600 Don NH FN43gi}
24Jun 01:01 Anyone calling or shall we have an early bedtime? ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 01:00 ~~~~~~~~CQ 144.147 2nd N4EME FN66 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:59 KA6U moonrise in 20 deg ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
24Jun 00:42 -10 dgrd  ---- not going to try tonight with LP  ....  stopped  gl ====== {VE1SKY/1X12 Sky NS FN74iu}
24Jun 00:41 GE If anyone is on 222 tonight I am testing station before trip on HB9Q logger page ====== {KA6U/2/2X10HV/K Peter FL EL87sq}
24Jun 00:41 ~Plus~~Plus~~Plus~ CQ 2nd 222.080 JT65-B EL87 ~Plus~~Plus~~Plus~ ====== {KA6U/2/2X10HV/K Peter FL EL87sq}
24Jun 00:39 N4EME, Lets hope I can soon be on DXP again also,hi.  Lot's of plans already... ====== {PA2CHR/4XP28/1 Chris xx JO32db}
24Jun 00:38 ~~~~~~~~CQ 144.147 2nd N4EME FN66 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:38 ~~~~~~~~CQ 144.147 2nd N2EME FN66 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:38 CQ Q65 60B 2nd 136 ====== {VE1SKY/1X12 Sky NS FN74iu}
24Jun 00:37 de N2EME, K1CA & K1OR ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:37 PA2CHR Chris many thanks from team here for your support this time and over the years ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:35 N4EME Many thanks Team, best -20db  73's and have a nice time! ====== {PA2CHR/4XP28/1 Chris xx JO32db}
24Jun 00:35 Anyone doing Q65 EME ----qrv ?   JT65b or Q65 ====== {VE1SKY/400X12 Sky NS FN74iu}
24Jun 00:34 Chris -23 on your best. glad to give you a new grid ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:33 Log it chris ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:33 RR for 3 weeks even in USA adds up. but not like Chis's trips. He is serious DXP ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:32 EPD should be DXP ====== {OZ1LPR Peter MN JO44uw}
24Jun 00:32 I know EPD is big cost and all help is needed :O) gl to next time 73 CU ====== {OZ1LPR Peter MN JO44uw}
24Jun 00:31 Peter tnx for your kind donation to N4EME ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:30 Hwllo Team Small donation made and now ZZZZ again 73 gl ====== {OZ1LPR Peter MN JO44uw}
24Jun 00:25 N4EME, Yes, calling, gl. ====== {PA2CHR/4XP28/1 Chris xx JO32db}
24Jun 00:24 Call away Chris  will get better as moon gets above hill/golf club ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:23 N4EME  Hello Team, you are -22 now V-pol. ====== {PA2CHR/4XP28/1 Chris xx JO32db}
24Jun 00:22 We are ONLY just above the hill on our MR ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:22 NP Peter and we will chat about 2m Harris over the winter ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:22 002100  0  -27  2.7 -226  4 *      CQ N4EME FN66             0   6  ====== {OZ1LPR Peter MN JO44uw}
24Jun 00:21 it took some time sorry but was hardle awake ====== {OZ1LPR Peter MN JO44uw}
24Jun 00:21 Oh yes it is thanks alot for a very nice onr  ====== {OZ1LPR Peter MN JO44uw}
24Jun 00:20 OZ1LPR TNX ur best -23 on ROs should be a new grid for you.  ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:14 Se you but no decode yet ====== {OZ1LPR Peter MN JO44uw}
24Jun 00:11 Yes JUST now ;) ====== {N4EME Team ME FN66ct}
24Jun 00:10 Gm N4EME you copy anyone yet ? ====== {OZ1LPR Peter MN JO44uw}

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