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22Apr 19:59 , ====== {ZL2MQ/4X7XP/K Dave xx RF80km}
22Apr 14:40 Stop CQ on 144.110, No takers on frequency, I am QRT...73 ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 14:11 (( (  CQ CQ CQ JP3EXR 144.110 Tx Second  ) )) ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 14:09 AA5C Greg, rr Thank you...Will see you again from KH0 in May... Have a good day..73 ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 14:08 AA5C Greg, Please check KH0/W2AZ callsigns item. ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 14:07 JP3EXR tnx try Taka.  73 ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 14:05 AA5C Greg, Sorry I stop call you and I give up today... ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 14:05 JP3EXR Taka.  QRT now.   Saw your listing MMMonVHF.   Full story there or different web site?   ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 14:03 AA5C Greg, Here also no decoded of your traces... ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 14:02 AA5C Greg, rr I change tx-pol to on V... ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 14:01 JP3EXR I had a -30 sync but no decodes, Taka.  ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 14:00 JP3EXR  2 degrees and noise from horizon coming up.  ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 14:00 AA5C Greg, I was calling you...Can you see any trace? ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 13:59 AA5C Greg, rr Thank you...Our expedition team do our best... ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 13:58 stop CQ 144.109  monitoring ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 13:57 AA5C Greg, I saw a trace but sorry no decode yet, Umm Do you have moon yet? ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 13:55 JP3EXR RR Taka.  Looking forward to working you in KH0 ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 13:54 AA5C Greg, rr Thank you for helping for me, Our team hope to see you from KH0 in May... ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 13:51 JP3EXR  Taka.  OK, I'll check it.  I have it up for the conditions plot.  ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 13:50 AA5C Greg, By the way, were you check our expedition to KH0 on MMMonVHF. ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 13:48 got a decode.  pse continue ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 13:47 stop CQ 144.109   ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 13:43 JP3EXR RR Taka.  Low declination makes for short windows, hi.  ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 13:42 AA5C Greg, I need antenna elevation for around 11 degrees... I saw a trace -29 but no decode yet...sorry... ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 13:41 JP3EXR GE Taka.  RR   ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 13:39 AA5C Hi Greg, I'm looking for you...But perhaps I have no moon yet. ====== {JP3EXR/4X12X500 Taka xx PM74ss}
22Apr 13:27 =======CQ 144.109 1st========= ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 13:02 stop CQ 144.109 ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 12:40 make that CQ 144.109 1st   ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 12:39 ========CQ 144.138  1st====== ====== {AA5C/4X10H/KW Greg TX EM13se}
22Apr 11:38 K2TXB: good find!! off to work 73 ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}
22Apr 10:31 Found it. It is my absolute encoder or the controller for it.  Pull power from it and noise goes away... ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 10:09 GL with it 73 ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}
22Apr 10:08  of the tower ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 10:08 It's one of those blade supplies.  Any that is a good idea.  I am going to go out to the shed and unpower it.  It's never made any noise before though.  The amp and PS are out in a shed near the base ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 10:06 what psu u have to power the PQL ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}
22Apr 10:06 HPA is W6PQL.  I can switch LNA but have to crank the tower over to do it as I don't climb any more ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 10:05 K2TXB: van u try another lna?   what TX amp you running ? ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}
22Apr 10:03 Funny I can hear all the local beacons ok but the noise is still S7.  K1FO/B is about 559 by ear ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 09:55 WA2ODO ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 09:52 whats the LNA? ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}
22Apr 09:51 But this noise is S7 on the meter and has a clicking sound - almost like ignition noise.  and it is non-directional.  Almost like it is being generated in the preamp. ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 09:50 Yes the noise really makes eme hard.  I have been lucky lately in that it has been pretty quiet once the moon up 10 degrees or so. ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 09:49 have big qrn locally so makes it tough ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}
22Apr 09:49 i am moving the antennas to short ground tower soon and adding two more FO12's ... they are barn now  ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}
22Apr 09:47   I think the best was -24 which I saw a number of times.  but usually -28 to -30 ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 09:47 That's strange.  I monitored they most every day when I was active.  Sometimes no trace but often got decodes too. ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 09:45 congrats... i never even decoded them... :( ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}
22Apr 09:44 RR on the noise.  Yes I worked them on the first day ====== {K2TXB/2X28XP/KW Russ NJ FN20mb}
22Apr 09:44 K2TXB; sri to hear, I deal with noise here most of the time.. u work vp2/ ====== {KA1W/2X12H/700W Dave CT FN31ki}

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