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20May 06:43 10 days ====== {KI6WJ Jim NV DM09dj }
20May 06:42 KI6WJ Jim 73 ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 06:42 qrt now 73 Dave ====== {KI6WJ Jim NV DM09dj }
20May 06:41 KI6WJ Jim Youb  ll be gone for a few weeks? ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 06:40 i am studying antenna types .busy week but think ill have an idea later. also getting ready for trip ====== {KI6WJ Jim NV DM09dj }
20May 06:39 KI6WJ Jim Yeah, this is where it all happens. Hi hi. ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 06:38 KI6WJ Jim hi! ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 06:36 ki6wj here ====== {KI6WJ Jim NV DM09dj }
20May 05:08 WA6LOL Dave Check email and send one to uou. Cheers ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 05:08 ZL3JJ Mark rr ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 05:08 ZL1HD Peter , Richard is formulating email to all ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 05:07 WA6LOL Dave next few days may not be good here. Will monitor ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 05:06 ZL3JJ Mark Check your email ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 05:06 Send me an email with details please Mark ====== {ZL1HD/4X11H Peter xx RF82bh }
20May 05:06 ZL3JJ Mark 73 ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 05:06 Going QRT my Rx is deaf at present. Tks everyone ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 05:05 on 6 or 2m? ====== {ZL1HD/4X11H Peter xx RF82bh }
20May 05:05 Stop CQ .123 ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 05:04 ZL1HD Peter Will be 7am Local 30min or so ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 05:03 ZL3JJ ok but I Doc appt at 10am ====== {ZL1HD/4X11H Peter xx RF82bh }
20May 05:03 ZL1HD Peter Mine 331, working out diff of our Rx about 80Hz ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 05:01 ZL1HD Peter Wd morning MS to VK ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 05:01 ZL3JJ mine 351 ====== {ZL1HD/4X11H Peter xx RF82bh }
20May 05:00 WA6LOL Dave Yes for the last few wsos when you have monitored my 1500Tx. Other times way lower ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 05:00 ZL1HD Peter Awesome! ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 05:00 WA6LOL Ha ha. It wont be to long and my amp will be operational again soon ====== {ZL1HD/4X11H Peter xx RF82bh }
20May 04:59 ZL3JJ Mark Is that the normal audio frequency? You usually see me at ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:59 ZL1HD Peter What is your dippler at present? ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:58 WA6LOL getting lots like this 0455 -30  3.0 1398 #* ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:56 ZL1HD Peter if I had your receiver and my transmitter, Ib  d be cookin ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:56 0455 -23  2.9 1480 #* CQ WA6LOL CM97                       f U.S.A. ====== {ZL1HD/4X11H Peter xx RF82bh }
20May 04:55 ZL1HD Peter Thats OK, Hi noise constant level here. Rotate antennas it goes away. Known bad bearing ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:53 0451 -27  2.9 1484 #* CQ WA6LOL CM97             ====== {ZL1HD/4X11H Peter xx RF82bh }
20May 04:53 ZL3JJ Mark, sorry, I was out of my shack. Yes I am, now on .123 ====== {ZL1HD/4X11H Peter xx RF82bh }
20May 04:51 WA6LOL Dave OK, may have to look into that. Will go qrt soon, watch a little longer. Thanks 4 help ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:51 ZL3JJ Mark but MSHV doesnb  t have automatic audio limiting on their waterfall. You see the noise come up and then you know why your signal is gone. ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:50 ZL3JJ Mark Thatb  s why I use MSHV alongside WSJT because you canb  t see the noise with WSJT the signal just disappears ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:49 WA6LOL Dave , Thats good to hear. I think bad broadband noise is blanking your sig, BAD bearing ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:49 TI5CDA Charlie sounds like lots of work hi hi look forward to working with you when You get it back up ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:48 WA6LOL Dave Hi, not yet, tomorrow putting up the rotator, then teh antennas back, i guess i should be ready by the end ofmonth.73 ====== {TI5CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EK70ri }
20May 04:48 ZL3JJ Mark  Your signal is acting normal here peaked out like 10 when you reset your PC ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:47 WA6LOL Dave There was a very weak -30 at 0443 and thsts all. Brick wall in the sky ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:47 ZL3JJ Mark ib  m still calling CQ ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:46 ZL3JJ Mark Are you seeing me at all because I was seeing you normal come up from about five peeking out around 10 or so ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:46 ZL1HD Peter , RU still Rxing Dave? ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:45 WA6LOL Dave I have checked my antenna bearing etc and NOTHING from you on 123 ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:43 WA6LOL Dave Funny you should have done that. Im sending you the same. Brains on same frew at least ====== {ZL3JJ/4X13H/1K Mark xx RE66hq }
20May 04:38 ZL3JJ Mark I sent you that picture. I just got tonight with the beams aimed at a bright moon to your email. ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:38 ----------------------------------------------------------CQ .123 2nd JT65B ----- ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }
20May 04:37 ZL3JJ Mark rr ====== {WA6LOL/2X13HKW Dave CA CM97tx }

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