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29Jan 10:40 ++++++++       CQ G4TRA 114 2nd       +++++++ ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:40 XV9F Keith hello looking for u 73 ====== {F1DUZ/2XP20/K Philippe xx IN97nj}
29Jan 10:39 Steve pse try 114 ====== {RW6HM Yuri MN LN14sf}
29Jan 10:38 RW6HM Yuri:don't worry. you are very strong but i had a software issue ====== {IK2DDR/4X19LLY Francesco xx JN55gn}
29Jan 10:38 ++++ CQ 141 1st. ++++ ====== {XV9F Keith xx OK41fv}
29Jan 10:38 Yuu B-20 ====== {RW6HM Yuri MN LN14sf}
29Jan 10:38 5b0eme RU CQ 134 again Alex? ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:37 RW6HM,Yuri,mni tnx 1st QSO,B-23dB 73 gl! ====== {JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
29Jan 10:36  ivo  gm  .136 ====== {F6HVK/4X17/800 Andre xx JN27lh}
29Jan 10:36 *** CQ CQ CQ .134 1st ***** ====== {5B0EME/2X11H/KW Alex xx KM64tv}
29Jan 10:36 Andre -20 best ====== {RW6HM Yuri MN LN14sf}
29Jan 10:35 rw6hm yuri pse qrg ====== {IK0RMR/4X6/200W Ivo MN JN61is}
29Jan 10:35 Im back, I saw only now I had the array 15deg out of correct direction up to the strong wind of last week ====== {5B0EME/2X11H/KW Alex xx KM64tv}
29Jan 10:33 4X13 Abt 1 kW ====== {RW6HM Yuri MN LN14sf}
29Jan 10:32 RW6HW yuri  tnx speed qso  yr b-18  gl  with  francesco  ====== {F6HVK/4X17/800 Andre xx JN27lh}
29Jan 10:31 5B0EME Are you CQ 134? ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:31 RW6HM Yuri:i'll call you after Steve ====== {IK2DDR/4X19LLY Francesco xx JN55gn}
29Jan 10:30 Stop CQ 114 ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:30 RW6HM Yuri:priwet. What's your setup?Very strong here ====== {IK2DDR/4X19LLY Francesco xx JN55gn}
29Jan 10:27 stop cq.132 ====== {JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
29Jan 10:26 gm all ====== {IK2DDR/4X19LLY Francesco xx JN55gn}
29Jan 10:26 RW6HW  yuri  tnx  call  you  on  .136 second  gl  ====== {F6HVK/4X17/800 Andre xx JN27lh}
29Jan 10:25 RW6HM Yuri, if you have time pse call 114 too ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:25 Ok Andre ====== {RW6HM Yuri MN LN14sf}
29Jan 10:24 R3VE Hi Dima  looking for you ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:24 IW9HJU Hello Fransesco can we try today please? ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:24 RW6HW yuri  gm  can we try pse  ====== {F6HVK/4X17/800 Andre xx JN27lh}
29Jan 10:23 ++++++++       CQ G4TRA 114 2nd       +++++++ ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:22 gm all   ====== {F6HVK/4X17/800 Andre xx JN27lh}
29Jan 10:21 Ok wait 20 min ====== {RW6HM Yuri MN LN14sf}
29Jan 10:20 RW9AM GG at 4.1 degree 1040 UTC ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:20 XV9F Keith,  many thanks, b-23, 73 and cul ====== {OH3AWW/4X9H Matti xx KP11vj}
29Jan 10:20 -----------CQ.132 tx 1st ------ ====== {JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
29Jan 10:20 OH3AWW -17 Tnx ====== {XV9F Keith xx OK41fv}
29Jan 10:19 RW9AM It will take time. Nil elevation. Pse call too.  ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:19 Ok Steve not trace...Try agn ====== {RW6HM Yuri MN LN14sf}
29Jan 10:19 Jeannoel next ====== {XV9F Keith xx OK41fv}
29Jan 10:16 5B0EME Are you CQ 134. If free pse 114 for me ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:16 stop cq.132 ====== {JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
29Jan 10:16 RW6HM MR now I am CQ 114 if you have chance to look ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:16 DL1KDA -22 Tnx Alex ====== {XV9F Keith xx OK41fv}
29Jan 10:15 XV9F soooo happy Keith :-) Many tnx for a new DXCC. You made my day. 1012 -30  2.9 1195 ## DL1KDA XV9F OK41 OOO  ====== {DL1KDA/4X/1 Alex xx JO30ep}
29Jan 10:15 -----------CQ.132 tx 1st ------ ====== {JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
29Jan 10:14 ++++++++       CQ G4TRA 114 2nd       +++++++ ====== {G4TRA Steve MN IO81wn}
29Jan 10:13 Ok Yuu I lost ur trace...See u ====== {RW6HM Yuri MN LN14sf}
29Jan 10:11 XV9F still have a trace but i did not decode so far... crossing fingers  ====== {DL1KDA/4X/1 Alex xx JO30ep}
29Jan 10:11 Alex, see you ====== {XV9F Keith xx OK41fv}
29Jan 10:09 RW6HM,Yuri,sri,too bad QRN again, tnx for the try,cul,,, ====== {JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg}
29Jan 10:07 Calling again...1006 -29  2.9 1200 #* CQ XV9F OK41   ====== {DL1KDA/4X/1 Alex xx JO30ep}
29Jan 10:05 XV9F Keith GE 73 moonrise here i look yr freq ... ====== {F6APE Jeannoel xx IN97pi}

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