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24Mar 00:05 ~~~~ CQ 138 ~~ 1st ~~~~ ====== {W8KEN/2X22XP/KW Ken OH EN91im}
24Mar 00:05 I see an old friend... ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
24Mar 00:05 ----------- CQ 144.138 FIRST + GG ------------ ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
24Mar 00:04 OZ4VV, Thank you for the new initial and new grid!  B-26  73 73 thanks! ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
24Mar 00:03 ***CQ 144.136 2nd *** ====== {AA4FF/4X9H/900 Doug AL EM50vn}
24Mar 00:03 N1RWY  Tu QSO  B -21 ====== {OZ4VV Finn xx JO46qu}
24Mar 00:02 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 133 ~    ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
24Mar 00:01 W8TN Clark, I saw you. I have only 3 degr. of moon. Can we try until my moonset? ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
23Mar 23:57 W8TN is QRT for an hour. .138 is CLEAR! ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
23Mar 23:57 K9CT, Craig. TNX for FB EME QSO. New Initial and New Grid. Ur B-26. VY Glad to WRK U! ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
23Mar 23:56 K9CT Craig, Can we try after W8TN ?? ====== {W8KEN/2X22XP/KW Ken OH EN91im}
23Mar 23:56 Thanks Clark...nice to have an EME QSO! 73 B-23 ====== {K9CT Craig IL EN50ll}
23Mar 23:53 DJ6AG, Dieter. I have to QRT right after this QSO. Sorry.  I'll be back in an hour. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
23Mar 23:51 W8TN Hi Clark. Will look for you now. ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
23Mar 23:50 Hello Clark...sure I will call you next seq ====== {K9CT Craig IL EN50ll}
23Mar 23:50 234900  0  -26  2.7  -81  3 *      CQ N1RWY DM43             1  10  ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
23Mar 23:49 K9CT, Craig. Howdy, my friend! I'm CQ'ing on .138 if you are looking to work someone. ====== {W8TN/2X13H/KW Clark WV EM98al}
23Mar 23:45 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 133 ~    ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
23Mar 23:45 QRT 73 all se u ====== {DF9UX/4X11H/V Erik xx JN47nx}
23Mar 23:45 DJ6AG 73 thanks! ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
23Mar 23:43 NH6Y saw you...want to QSO? ====== {K9CT Craig IL EN50ll}
23Mar 23:42 .130 Clear. I stop and go to bed. 73 All and have a nice weekend. ====== {SM5CUI/60H/40V Rune xx JO89ww}
23Mar 23:40 N1RWY glad to work you Jay. C u next time. 73 ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
23Mar 23:40 NH6Y/4X9/1K5 Hi Tom good rx hre g ah ====== {DF9UX/4X11H/V Erik xx JN47nx}
23Mar 23:40 233100  0  -30  2.7  -51  2 #      DJ6AG N1RWY DM43    OOO   0   6  ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
23Mar 23:40 N1RWY two nice decodes (ooo + RRR) with only -30dB ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
23Mar 23:39 I that = I see that. ====== {SM5CUI/60H/40V Rune xx JO89ww}
23Mar 23:39 Craig, Yes I that. 10 years ago. Time goes fast. 73 and CU. ====== {SM5CUI/60H/40V Rune xx JO89ww}
23Mar 23:39 N1RWY TNX Jay for this nice QSO, the new init and new # (no. 490) ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
23Mar 23:39 ~ CQ 2nd ~ 133 ~    ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
23Mar 23:39 GE Juan,Jan, RU here? will be QRV 0200z,pse try later. ====== {JR3REX Seiichi xx PM74lq}
23Mar 23:38 K9CT Craig, Thanks for the new initial and grid earlier!  Sweet QRZ photo - looking forward to working you at Bouvet in the future! ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
23Mar 23:38 DF9UX, sorry noise is bad here today, thanks for the try ====== {NH6Y/4X9/1K5 Tom HI BL10ts}
23Mar 23:37 DJ6AG Dieter, we made it!  Ur best -26  Had you calling me for about 8 cycles.  Thanks for the new one and new grid! ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
23Mar 23:37 Tnx Rune....2007 was last QSO! 73 ====== {K9CT Craig IL EN50ll}
23Mar 23:35 NH6Y/4X9/1K5 Tom s u ====== {DF9UX/4X11H/V Erik xx JN47nx}
23Mar 23:33 ~ Clear ~ 141 ~ CQ stopped ====== {VE2PN/2X10/800W Marc QC FN46ll}
23Mar 23:33 K9CT GA Craig. Tnx another qso. I TX H and rx your call -23 dB Vpol , and "RO" H pol -20 dB ====== {SM5CUI/60H/40V Rune xx JO89ww}
23Mar 23:32 ====== Stopped CQ CQ G4PLZ 121 1st, GN all ====== {G4PLZ/4X12H Pete xx JO02pt}
23Mar 23:26 NH6Y/4X9/1K5 ok Tom nw v pol ====== {DF9UX/4X11H/V Erik xx JN47nx}
23Mar 23:25 DJ6AG Dieter, RR will keep going ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
23Mar 23:25 N1RWY I am seeing a trace ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}
23Mar 23:24 K9CT Thank you for the init, Craig 231900  4  -18  4.6  -97  3 *      G4PLZ K9CT EN50 73s ====== {G4PLZ/4X12H Pete xx JO02pt}
23Mar 23:24 Eric, I'm listening on .120   ====== {NH6Y/4X9/1K5 Tom HI BL10ts}
23Mar 23:23 __ CQ 1st .130__ ====== {SM5CUI/60H/40V Rune xx JO89ww}
23Mar 23:23 report ====== {DF9UX/4X11H/V Erik xx JN47nx}
23Mar 23:23 KC6T Hi Tnx reort 73 Erik ====== {DF9UX/4X11H/V Erik xx JN47nx}
23Mar 23:22 NH6Y/4X9/1K5 Hi Tom test back side of the moon? ====== {DF9UX/4X11H/V Erik xx JN47nx}
23Mar 23:22 DJ6AG Dieter, RR  ====== {N1RWY/4X13H/KW Jay AZ DM43fg}
23Mar 23:21 N1RWY city noise is S=1 now. Will be better in abt. 10-15 min. and I hope a moon below 8 degr. is good for me ====== {DJ6AG/13H/750 Dieter xx JO51eq}

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