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29May 14:09 N6WS Pleasant dreams, Bill. Aloha ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 14:07 NH6V Rob I'm going to take a short nap.  I got up at 4 a.m. this morning. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 14:06 N6WS Yea.. It has impacted our top band operations. Had to switch to portable/camping setups at the coastline. Not bad out in the boonies. ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 14:04 NH6V Rob Everyone is going with the solar noise generators. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 14:03 N6WS That's too bad, Bill. Time to put up tall metal shields. hi hi ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 14:02 NH6V Rob My neighborhood is getting a bit noisy on 2m.  I do better on 70cm RX. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 14:02 N6WS East direction moon rises at about  5-10 deg. West is over water. ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 14:01 N6WS Super quiet QTH.. Off grid ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 14:00 N6WS If it does not work out I guess I will have to move everything out to an enclosure at the array..  ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:59 NH6V Rob PGA-103 are fun to replace.  I have had a bit of practice.  Hi Hi ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:58 NH6V Rob 200ft is a long feed.   ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:55 N6WS Will try to get new 7/8in Heliax installed within next couple of weeks. Good for about another 1dB improvement ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:53 N6WS I was able to finally repair my preamp (blown PGA103  and stuff) and only had chance to put it at receiver side. I have 200ft LMR600 to array. ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:48 N6WS Thanks, Bill CUL ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:47 NH6V Rob Okay, I will be around today.  In and out, but I will keep an eye on this chat board ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:46 N6WS Okay.. Sounds good. Will QRT for now and go back to trying for echos. Still tweaking a few things. Also, should have preamp mounted at array next week. ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:46 I am at 1070 now ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:45 NH6V Rob I'm not seeing anything here.  Let's try later. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:44 N6WS I just see tiny blips and a few blops ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:41 NH6V Rob Okay, I moved to 1070 ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:40 N6WS I am at DF 1070Hz now ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:38 NH6V Rob I am not seeing anything. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:38 N6WS A bit of noise there. Can we shift down 200Hz to 1070? ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:36 N6WS I think I see a little something there. No decode ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:34 N6WS Should be okay though ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:33 N6WS remote operation hr from 15mi away at my condo. I will keep trying a few tweaks to the dir occasionally. Did not get to verify pointing accuracy last weekend. ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:32 N6WS OK Still going.. ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:31 N6WS Sure.. No problem, Bill. I'll be around all morning. ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:31 Okay, we can keep it going. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:30 N6WS We can go for a while? Is okay? ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:30 NH6V Rob Maybe in a few hours. The Moon is at 183 degrees for me now. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:29 NH6V Rob I am not seeing anything either. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:28 N6WS Hpol only hr ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:28 N6WS Searching and digging deep.. nil hr so far ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:24 Do you see anything? ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:24 N6WS Nothing yet ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:20 N6WS OK Tnx ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:19 NH6V Rob Nothing again.  On the next 2nd I will call you just to see if you see me. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:19 N6WS Just 200W here, Bill. ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:17 NH6V Rob I saw nothing on that one. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:14 N6WS TXing now ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:14 NH6V Rob Okay ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:14 N6WS OK I'll Call you, I'll be 1st at .116 1270Hz ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:11 NH6V Rob Okay, can you be at 144.116.  I have some interference lower. ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 13:10 N6WS Hi, Bill.. Shall we give it a go?.. Q65-60A okay?   ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 13:08 NH6V Rob GM ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 12:53 Hi! GM all. Alarm went off two hours ago and tried to wake me up after just 1 hour sleep. Sorry about that..  ====== {NH6V/4X13H/200 Rob HI BL20bb }
29May 12:16 W6UC Phil GM Phil ====== {N6WS/2X14LFA/1K Bill CA CM95ra }
29May 11:22 WA6LOL Dave stilll hangin? ====== {W6UC Phil CA DM05ig }
29May 10:40 Qrt gl 73 ====== {XE1XJB Juan xx EK09ll }

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