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12Dec 10:39 Hello ALL ====== {DL4DWA/11H/500 Uwe xx JO61qh}
12Dec 10:08 Is there anyone to try? ====== {RX4HW Max xx LO53dn}
12Dec 10:08 GA all!  ====== {RX4HW Max xx LO53dn}
12Dec 04:42 coming your way GEDAS ====== {AB0AH Larry KS EM17mr}
12Dec 02:57 Stop CQ .119 ====== {NH6Y/4X/1 Tom HI BL10ts}
12Dec 02:47 ----- CQ CQ .119 1st ------ ====== {NH6Y/4X/1 Tom HI BL10ts}
12Dec 02:16 w0ioh -7 in wichita Ks ====== {AB0AH Larry KS EM17mr}
12Dec 01:55 Stop CQ .119 only seeing my own echos ====== {NH6Y/4X/1 Tom HI BL10ts}
12Dec 01:47 Is this better? ====== {AB0AH Larry KS EM17mr}
12Dec 01:45 hi Will ====== {MYCALL/4X7H/KW Larry KS EM17mr}
12Dec 01:35 ----- CQ CQ .119 1st ------ ====== {NH6Y/4X/1 Tom HI BL10ts}
12Dec 01:28 rrr  73 and   Merry  Christmas to u   ====== {W4TAA/4X9H/1KW Bill FL EL87vb}
12Dec 01:26 Bill it sure will be nice to have you 6m EME again! ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:26 73 and Merry Christmas! ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:25 6 m 9 el at 110 ft gg up after   Christmaas ====== {W4TAA/4X9H/1KW Bill FL EL87vb}
12Dec 01:25 I will power down now.  TNX for the contacts!!! ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:25 it will happen  i am on most days now ====== {W4TAA/4X9H/1KW Bill FL EL87vb}
12Dec 01:24 Bill I don't get on 2m much, but I would love to give you a contact ;-) ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:23 sorry I didnt get heere sooner..hope cu one day Lance ====== {W4TAA/4X9H/1KW Bill FL EL87vb}
12Dec 01:21 TNX for the reports!  ;-) ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:19 0118 -22  2.6 1099 #* CQ W7GJ DN27    ====== {K5LA/4X12XP/QRO Floyd TX DM61tv}
12Dec 01:19 011800  2  -24  2.8   13  3 *      CQ W7GJ DN27  ====== {LU5BOJ/4X12/600 Oscar SL FG75hf}
12Dec 01:18 OK Steve.  Moon is going into the trees now...I will probably QRT for dinner in a few more sequences... ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:18 into trees here   surprised I dont see u Lance ====== {W4TAA/4X9H/1KW Bill FL EL87vb}
12Dec 01:15 OK, Lance will try agn later ====== {NA5C/4X10H/KW Steve TX EL06vg}
12Dec 01:13 Im calling again, rebooted WSJT, call u agn ====== {NA5C/4X10H/KW Steve TX EL06vg}
12Dec 01:12 city qrn too ====== {NA5C/4X10H/KW Steve TX EL06vg}
12Dec 01:12 Steve I lost you again....I will go back to CQ for awhile ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:11 Stop CQ .122 ====== {LU5BOJ/4X12/600 Oscar SL FG75hf}
12Dec 01:11 OK Steve...just wondered because you are drifting and there is a hook in each of your sequences on top that.... ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:10 Bill I am on 144.142 in the first sequence JT65B ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:09 city qrn too ====== {NA5C/4X10H/KW Steve TX EL06vg}
12Dec 01:09 Lance FT-847 ====== {NA5C/4X10H/KW Steve TX EL06vg}
12Dec 01:08 Lance what freq u on ?? ====== {W4TAA/4X9H/1KW Bill FL EL87vb}
12Dec 01:08 NA5C are you using and IC746 by any chance? ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:04 Well, no wonder your signal disappeared! ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:02 yes I stopped calling   I will try agn 2nd ====== {NA5C/4X10H/KW Steve TX EL06vg}
12Dec 01:00 LOL - Yes, I am still here but your signal disappeared a few sequences ago... ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:00 NA5C are you still there? ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 01:00 Lance are you still QRV? ====== {NA5C/4X10H/KW Steve TX EL06vg}
12Dec 00:51 ****** CQ CQ  .122 ******  2nd ====== {LU5BOJ/4X12/600 Oscar SL FG75hf}
12Dec 00:51 N3HJX i copy your call, but it is not my freq. i'll call CQ  144.122 ====== {LU5BOJ/4X12/600 Oscar SL FG75hf}
12Dec 00:48 FB Signal, Oscar! ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 00:47 W7GJ Thanks a lot Lance, new one for me :) ====== {LU5BOJ/4X12/600 Oscar SL FG75hf}
12Dec 00:46 MNI TNX Oscar!  your best hr was -19 dB ;-) ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 00:45 One thing I really hate about WSJT-X is that you cannot decode other callers while you are in TX mode :-( ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 00:44 Yup, Version 10 is like that.  I'm in DM54ah ====== {KE7NR/P/4X18/KW Don AZ DM54ah}
12Dec 00:43 KE7NR you were -11 but it did not show your grid. ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}
12Dec 00:41 Yes, i nice improvement ====== {KE7NR/P/4X18/KW Don AZ DM54ah}
12Dec 00:39 KE7NR Well, you are my first compound callsign contact, and it does seem to work ;-) ====== {W7GJ/16X17/1500 Lance MT DN27ub}

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