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02Jun 02:51 ----- CQ CQ .120 2nd ------ ====== {HI8DL/4X9/150 David FL FK58al}
02Jun 02:50 ----- CQ CQ .120 2nd ------ ====== {HI8DL/4X9/150 David FL FK58al}
02Jun 02:32 W0YBS Bob, Tnx try...  ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:32 Yes sounds good. I have had u better previously-73 GN ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 02:31 W0YBS Bob, lets stop for tonight.  I'll try you agn tomorrow if that's ok ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:30 Im decoding u-r u not seeing me to well? ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 02:29 W0YBS Bob, that one should have decode. ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:28 -23 that time ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 02:27 Have looked at that-very nice ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 02:27 stronger, but still no decode ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:26 ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:25 W0YBS Bob, you can see my antennas at ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:24 ok-I did see you were gone ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 02:23 W0YBS Bob, sweeping Pol 360 for best noise floor, no tx this seq ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:22 ok, weak trace on you, no decode yet ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:22 N5TM Im losing u-got the 2 previous calls but nothing this last time ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 02:17 W0YBS Bob, calling you TM 2nd ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:16 Ok, have you many times Charlie, best -26 ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:16 N5TM Dan NIL now, Try with w0ybs, i will keep on working and be back in 2 hours after work. GL and  TU ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 02:14 OK ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 02:12 Ok Bob, give me few more minutes with Charlie ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:12 N5TM I hv u -24 wud like to try when u can ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 02:08 TI2CDA Charlie, good trace now ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:08 But can switch to H pol for RX ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 02:08 N5TM Dan I dont  see u now, i am only V pol today. ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 02:07 TI2CDA Charlie, now see you best at 45 degr ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:02 TI2CDA Charlie, rr ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:02 N5TM Dan you may want to try another twist to see if i cope u better pse ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 02:01 now on 124 ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 02:00 TI2CDA Charlie, 0k qsy next tx to 124 ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:59 mm i got  abirdie now, if u have time to continue, could we move to .124 ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 01:57 I see you best on 120 degr pol ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:56 rr QSB, will just keep going awhile ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:56 N5TM Dan its weird, saw a better trace at 0153 when u were H pol already and the next one nothing ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 01:54 *****CQ CQ .115 2nd***** ====== {W0YBS/2X9H/KW Bob CO DN70fi}
02Jun 01:54 N5TM Dan ok keep the H pol for TX ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 01:53 Ok, trying H pol on TX this time ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:52 N5TM Dan is weird, saw you very fine when finalizing with Ka6u, now partial traces, lets keep trying ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 01:49 TI2CDA Charlie, trying different pols on TX ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:47 ~Plus~~Plus~~Plus~~Plus~~Plus~ CQ 144.123 2nd ~Plus~~Plus~~Plus~~Plus~~Plus~ ====== {KA6U/4X9H/500 Peter CA CM97cg}
02Jun 01:47 TI2CDA Charlie -27 here ====== {KA6U/4X9H/500 Peter CA CM97cg}
02Jun 01:45 TI2CDA Charlie, rr ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:45 N5TM Dan Use the Pol u were using at 0041 and 0043 ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 01:45 N5TM Dan RR, I have HPOL only here ====== {KA6U/4X9H/500 Peter CA CM97cg}
02Jun 01:44 Peter, I was on Vpol for entire QSO ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:44 TI2CDA Charlie, looking ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:43 N5TM Dan calling u now ====== {TI2CDA/2X10/800 Charlie xx EJ79ll}
02Jun 01:43 WO7R Larry I don't believe we have worked before.  Would you like to try? ====== {KA6U/4X9H/500 Peter CA CM97cg}
02Jun 01:43 sorry for the confusion. ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}
02Jun 01:43 KA6U Peter, Tnx Initial QSO, best -29  013800  0  -30  2.5  196  3 *      N5TM KA6U CM97 ====== {N5TM/2X13RPOL/K Dan TX EL29ds}

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