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21Sep 18:27 K5QE hi sent you and email question about 23cm ====== {AI4AK Warren GA EM74rb}
17Sep 15:55 MS Stop cq ====== {IK3VZO/17H/500 Giovanni xx JN55xa}
17Sep 15:02 cq 432.086 1st ====== {IK3VZO/17H/500 Giovanni xx JN55xa}
17Sep 14:20 CQ 432.082 ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17nr}
17Sep 03:01 GM ALL ====== {IK0IXO Enrico xx JN52wa}
16Sep 14:32 anyone on 70cm? ====== {ON4IQ/8X43EL Johan xx JO20ar}
16Sep 11:11 ** looking for 432 skeds at my moonset ====== {ON4IQ/8X43 Johan xx JO20ar}
16Sep 11:08 ** looking for 432 skeds at my moonset ====== {ON4IQ/8X43 Johan xx JO20ar}
16Sep 10:35 K5QE will you be around for EU moonse"t? ====== {ON4IQ/8X43 Johan xx JO20ar}
16Sep 06:22 test ====== {DK5EW/4X9XP Erwin MN JN48mb}
10Sep 08:00 DL7APV elovation zu niedrig bin schon im Nachbarhaus  ====== {DL6SH/8MDISHQRO Slawek xx JN48sw}
10Sep 03:01 w4nh cqing 1st .078 ====== {W4NH Ron NC EM85jm}
21Aug 21:27 Dave sure!!! 73! ====== {LU1KCQ Augusto xx FG73ie}
21Aug 21:26 Augusto Maybee another day! Gracias and 73 ====== {N6DLH/432/4X15H Dave VA FM17pc}
21Aug 21:25 -----stop CQ ----- .90 ====== {LU1KCQ Augusto xx FG73ie}
21Aug 21:25 {N6DLH no traces too. moonset  ====== {LU1KCQ Augusto xx FG73ie}
21Aug 21:23 Lu1KCQ no trace seen. ====== {N6DLH/432/4X15H Dave VA FM17pc}
21Aug 21:23 N6DLH/432/4X15H Dave. im loosing the moon, 5 mins more. ====== {LU1KCQ Augusto xx FG73ie}
21Aug 21:22 N6DLH/432/4X15H Dave, tx 432.090 2nd ====== {LU1KCQ Augusto xx FG73ie}
21Aug 21:21 N6DLH/432/4X15H Dave. Im here ====== {LU1KCQ Augusto xx FG73ie}
19Aug 17:58 Testing ====== {N6DLH/432/4X15H Dave VA FM17pc}
13Aug 14:22 Have a good sleep.  Catch you on 432 next time ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:20 thanks for the new state and grid ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:20 Thats in SSB bandwidth too  ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:19 Not for me.  Heard you every time pretty much.  No software glitches either HI ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:19 But now, I am going back home and back to bed ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:19 Thanks for the runs....I will have to digest all this.... ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:18 I would suggest that you download WSJT10 and test it out...I use 9.3 here for EME...but both almost same ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:18 We might make CW, but it is SO much harder.... ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:17 I see a beautiful 73 in WSJT....railroad tracks...easy to decode by eye ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:17 By the way at the end you were better at +45 polarity ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:16 Next time CW Marshall ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:16 We made another contact....We should be able to work easliy in the contests ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:15 I will have to figure some of this out.... ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:15 Grant....well, there is certainly a lot of strange stuff going on in WSJT-X.... ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:14 Finally!  Tnx Marshall ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:12 OMG....clicking on the Wide Graph changes the audio tones....AAAaaaRGH!!! ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:11 That is the way it is supposed to look ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:11 There is a nice RO trace on the SpecJT screen...first time I have seen that ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:09 Are you sure you are on SubMode B? ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:08 Strange strong trace but no decodes here ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:06 Both programs....I get my call and your call...and lots of garbage decodes ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:04 I switch on rx ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 14:03 Do I need to try H-pol? ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 14:01 Okay see your trace again ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 13:59 I did not move....I am RX you about 1000cy high from me ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 13:56 Not seeing you now? ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 13:53 My wide graph suddenly started to work...AAAAaaaaaRGH!!! ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
13Aug 13:52 Gives me different standard messages though ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
13Aug 13:52 Starting now ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}

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