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01Aug 07:08 qrv .120 1st q65 ====== {CT8/W6PQL Jim xx HM58rn}
19Jul 06:53 stop  test ====== {JH1OLB Novy xx PM96sa}
19Jul 06:42 test Q65-60B  1st  432.073 ====== {JH1OLB Novy xx PM96sa}
15Jul 20:41 stop cq .120 q65-60a odd ====== {KB6WFC/CP20/500 Mike CA CM87sq}
15Jul 20:12 cq .120 q65-60a odd ====== {KB6WFC/CP20/500 Mike CA CM87sq}
13Jul 08:44 HI ALL ====== {RA9CHL Victor xx LO97wv}
11Jul 13:45 Test ====== {G4FUF Keith xx JO01gn}
09Jul 09:48 ew2aa stop TX and QSY ====== {EW2AAA Yuri MN KO33sa}
09Jul 09:29 EW2AAA test 144 130 4x7 H 500w ====== {EW2AAA Yuri MN KO33sa}
08Jul 05:47 stop  test ====== {JH1OLB Novy xx PM96sa}
08Jul 05:22 test    Q65-60A     432.065 ====== {JH1OLB Novy xx PM96sa}
08Jul 00:31 Anyone on the Moon now? ====== {N6WS/1X22XP/200 Bill CA CM95ra}
05Jul 23:58 stop  test ====== {JH1OLB Novy xx PM96sa}
05Jul 23:42 test    Q65-60A     432.065 ====== {JH1OLB Novy xx PM96sa}
20Jun 01:58 Storms approahing so nil on eme tonite ====== {K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu}
20Jun 01:34 Trying to decide if I want to untie ants tonite ====== {K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu}
20Jun 01:32 what mode are u using tonite Marshall? ====== {K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu}
20Jun 01:21 001200  3  -24 -1.0  229  2 #      K5QE K5EEI EM13     OOO   1  10 ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 01:10 are sending OOO, so what should I return? ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 01:10 I had one clear decode when we started but I haven't had a decode since, so maybe we should go back to square 1? ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 01:09 If we can do it once we can do it again; I think we should not worry about making it official and I should learn what I'm doing, then next time we can do it for the record book ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 01:07 Ok, up to you training exercise or official, I don't want to wear you out - I'll follow your lead. ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 01:05 If we talk too much then we can't count it.....we are close, I hate to quit.... ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 01:05 I can decode something that looks like -23 at 1262, that has a # RO - any chance that is you? ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 01:05 I think Faraday changed on us...coming back around now, I think.. ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 01:04 This is not for an official QSO, just a training exercise, OK? ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 01:04 I'm set on 144.139, I can see a trace at about 900 and one at 1630, but they both are about -30 ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 01:03 I am beginning to see your trace again..... ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 01:02 Can you see my trace? ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 01:01 Marshall, looks like I am short a few Tx dB or doing something wrong here. ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 00:54 I'm on 400, is 200 better? ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 00:52 Now Mike you can narrow the tol a bit. ====== {WB9UWA/4XP12/KW Earl IL EN50kk}
20Jun 00:52 On my I have colors.  Yellow on the right panel and both panels will turn a line red when it decodes. ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 00:51 Water fall comment? ====== {WB9UWA/4XP12/KW Earl IL EN50kk}
20Jun 00:51 Earl, thanks.  Green bar is over it.  Mike ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 00:51 Earl...still -20...very consistent ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 00:50 Earl...I don't understand your last comment....pse explain ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 00:50 Just finished repointing ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 00:50 Look for his signal on the water fall and make sure green bar is over it for best decode. ====== {WB9UWA/4XP12/KW Earl IL EN50kk}
20Jun 00:49 WSJT does not have any colors, so I don't think in terms of colors ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 00:48 My noise rise is 3 to 4 db. ====== {WB9UWA/4XP12/KW Earl IL EN50kk}
20Jun 00:48 You disappeared the last two minutes....go repoint.... ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 00:47 Earl...-20 that can quit if you wish...still not sure the RX is right.... ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 00:47 I am still transmitting but I promise that if I don't repoint I lose the Moon; it really goes quick  ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 00:47 Rookie, question:  On FT8 each received TX would be red, is that not the case here?  the RO I saw was on the left panel, with no Red, just something I manually decoded... ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 00:47 Are you done with my TX? ====== {WB9UWA/4XP12/KW Earl IL EN50kk}
20Jun 00:46 Short hands signals can be seen on waterfall against green hash marks. ====== {WB9UWA/4XP12/KW Earl IL EN50kk}
20Jun 00:45 Roger, on the protocol.  Sorry ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}
20Jun 00:45 Mike...did you stop  again??? ====== {K5QE/2M/8X18H Marshall TX EM31cj}
20Jun 00:45 I haven't moved the antenna in a while, so maybe that's helping but pretty soon it will be pointed pretty far from the Moon ====== {K5EEI Mike TX EM13ob}

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