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21May 06:16 WO7R I will let you try with the other stn Larry. UR best here so far -15 ====== {ZL1HD/4X7/KW Peter MN RF82bh}
21May 04:02 Stop CQ 144.130 ====== {AC7FL Stuart AZ DM33ll}
21May 03:48 CQ 144.130 Second ====== {AC7FL Stuart AZ DM33ll}
21May 02:23 N4EME are you here??? ====== {N9HF Dave FL EL99ll}
21May 00:35 QRT ====== {W4WSR Ott NC EM85cb}
21May 00:29 What mode are you guys using? ====== {W4WSR Ott NC EM85cb}
20May 20:36 9A9B CQing 2m EME CW on 144.050,5 ====== {9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu}
20May 20:08 G4SWX tnx qso best -24  moon behind trees  2x7el   73 ====== {ON4BR Carlo xx JO20sw}
20May 20:03 9A9B CQing 2m EME CW on 144.050,5 ====== {9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu}
20May 19:01 K9VSW Mike,  you here mike ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 18:30 Anyone here ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 18:29 W8PEN Don, you still there ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 17:01 KE0LLH Brad, Thanks for the try Brad. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 17:01 W8PEN Don, RR have a nice day 73 maybe next time ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 17:00 KE0LLH Brad, You faded again.  Lets stop, I need to get to doing other things. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 17:00 W8PEN Don, should we turn on contest mode  ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:59 W8PEN Don, Nice the W0KIT is just above me a few HZ ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:58 KE0LLH Brad, Got a nice trace.  No decode. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:58 KE0LLH Brad, Looks Like I got a meteor burst from you ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:54 W8PEN Don, he is running a hexbeam If I had my beam up this would have been a done deal ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:51 RR.  Moved to 1200 Hz ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:50 Ouch, there is EA8DBM! ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:50 W8PEN Don,  I am going to move up to 1200 station has move on top of me ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:49 KE0LLH Brad, I checked.  Yess, I see him. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:48 KE0LLH Brad, I see the guy he is working.  We are on the same sequence. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:48 W8PEN Don, do you see W0KIT he is just up the road about 40 miles from me he is calling 2nd ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:48 KE0LLH Brad, Weak trace but no decode.  Promising.... ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:45 KE0LLH Brad, Getting a bunch of zeros now. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:45 W8PEN Don, man w9rf is strong ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:44 Time is right on.... ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:43 W8PEN Don, something there but no decodes keep trying and check your time I will do the same ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:43 KE0LLH Brad, Band should come back shortly. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:42 W8PEN Don, ok I will call you 1st for a while might get lucky ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:41 KE0LLH Brad, Nothing right now.  I am calling you.  pen 2nd. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:40 W8PEN Don, if you see that again just jump in ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:39 KE0LLH Brad, Watching for you.  you were a -5. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:39 W8PEN Don, band just went quite hope it comes back up ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:38 W8PEN Don, calling CQ 1st at about 883 ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:36 KE0LLH Brad, I see you. Will call on your next CQ. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:35 W8PEN Don, I am here band is up and down  ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:34 KE0LLH Brad, We have worked on 10.  Really want to do 6 meters with you. ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:34 W8PEN Don, yes for now I was working a bunch of OH on 10 ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 16:29 KE0LLH Brad, Still on .313? ====== {W8PEN/6/2/LP Don OH EN80si}
20May 16:17 W8PEN Don, do you have 10m ====== {KE0LLH Brad Co DM78rg}
20May 15:55 Huh.  I thought it had fallen into the Pacific. ====== {KU8Y/2X5WL/1500 Ken MI EN61uw}
20May 15:55 Sure is fun watching a dozen DM12/13/14 stations endlessly call CQ, though. ====== {NC6K Eric CA DM13la}
20May 15:54 Have a look at DXmaps. Looks like someone took an eraser to the entire SW USA. ====== {NC6K Eric CA DM13la}
20May 15:54 The paint is peeling off the side of the amplifier. ====== {KU8Y/2X5WL/1500 Ken MI EN61uw}
20May 15:52 I can hear it but can't get anybody's attention.  AAuuugh! ====== {KU8Y/2X5WL/1500 Ken MI EN61uw}
20May 15:51 Some of us are just as frustrated as you are. ====== {KU8Y/2X5WL/1500 Ken MI EN61uw}

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