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10Aug 19:31 CQ Q65-30A .235 1st 1500Hz East ====== {WB7CJO Reid WY DN71eh }
10Aug 19:21 KB8W - Danny, was no power for 2 hrs... ====== {AF2F Matt NJ FN20vi }
10Aug 19:00 AF2F Matt time for another try? ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 18:17 nothing now, will check back here at 1900 Z ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 17:57 AF2F Matt are u here for another try? ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:59 Thanks for the run, we'll make it another day ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:59 OK, that's a wrap, I've got some BBQ waiting for me.  just finished laundry\ ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:57 nope, lets quit and try another day, tnx for the RF! ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:57 But no luck today, nothing here, not even a ping ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:56 KB8W, just refreshed the watchdog, do you want to keep trying? ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:54 Well u are doing great with that setup! Here 50 W to 5 elements at 13 ft up have also worked east coast(FN20) using Q65-30A dead band ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:52 I've worked Bobtwo here at mid-day on dead band ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:52 Now, factor in that this is a substandard station: 90w, indoor Moxon at 15 feet ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:51 I also need just HI and AK for 6 m WAS ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:51 Danny, that's my typo, I've worked K0YL many times so I am at 48 ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:50 on 6 meters .260 ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:49 ND should be doable, ND0B is quite active on MSK144 early mornings  ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:43 I been too busy working FT-8, finally worked MT, now only need HI Nd AK ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:42 Just got the message boxes right ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:40 K3FR Ron, same here, in the boxes and FTol=50 Hz ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:40 kb8w, calling you econd, moving to your DF ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:39 kb8w, you are in the boxes ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:37 OK Danny ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:33 K3FR calling u 1st period, my df=1000 Hz using Q65-30A ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:31 K3FR want to try? turn ur beam NW ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:29 CQ stopped\ ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:29 Nothing there eithere ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:29 K3FR are u still here? ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
10Aug 16:21 Same story, beam WS ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:13 CQ .275 Q65-A30 2nd df=1250Hz beam NW ====== {K3FR Ron VA FM18fs }
10Aug 16:07 worked John W0GN en42 was all. Q65 30a. back to ft8 ====== {K7TNT Richard WY DN74fg }
10Aug 15:57 zip that way ====== {K7TNT Richard WY DN74fg }
10Aug 15:50 Will look here  ====== {K7TNT Richard WY DN74fg }
10Aug 15:26 CQ 50.275 Q65-30A df=1000 Hz southeast ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 18:23 KT8O Eric are u here? ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 18:21 Tnx for the RF Matt 73 ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 18:21 Quit. nothing, not even a Persied ping, will try this again tomorrow at 1800 Z or maybe catch u in morning for MSK144 ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 18:21 Stopped. Maybe tomorrow if you are going to be around. Tns for trying, Danny ====== {AF2F Matt NJ FN20vi }
09Aug 18:15 ok. nothing here either. 1820 quit maybe try tomiorrow ====== {AF2F Matt NJ FN20vi }
09Aug 18:13 nothing yet, run to 1820 Z? ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 18:06 OK. Band is stone dead today. Let me know when you want to quit. ====== {AF2F Matt NJ FN20vi }
09Aug 18:03 yep, good, set FTol=50 Hz that will tell the program to concentrate on just that narrow window ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 18:01 Danny, now calling you too, on 2nd blind ====== {AF2F Matt NJ FN20vi }
09Aug 17:59 OK good, we both using df=1000 Hz good luck! ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 17:58 No. I am on 1000 with your call and grid in boxes ====== {AF2F Matt NJ FN20vi }
09Aug 17:57 Matt are u using df=1200 Hz? ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 17:56 OK Matt calling u now ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 17:54 KB8W - Danny, was away for a while. RR on df 1000 you 1st ====== {AF2F Matt NJ FN20vi }
09Aug 17:50 AF2F Matt I'm here, on .275 Q65-30A with df=1000 and plan to call u 1st period. Are u still using df=1200 Hz? ====== {KB8W Danny MI EN57sf }
09Aug 16:46 CQ .275 1200 30A 2nd ====== {AF2F Matt NJ FN20vi }

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