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02Aug 02:12 oops MSK144 ====== {NA2NY John NY FN33gh}
02Aug 02:12 CQ .260 MSK441 ====== {NA2NY John NY FN33gh}
02Aug 01:55 N9XG CQ 50.275 Q65-30A 2nd west ====== {N9XG Ian IN EN60vl}
02Aug 01:52 N9XG CQ 50.275 Q65-30A 1st east ====== {N9XG Ian IN EN60vl}
01Aug 17:35 K1JT JOE 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
31Jul 15:35 ZF1EJ 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
31Jul 13:25 stop cq ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
31Jul 13:22 CQ .170 1st/even Q65-30A  270 degrees ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
31Jul 12:55 K1JT JOE 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 20:10 N2TAO 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 17:43 no one looking towards the west? ====== {N6RMJ Pat AZ DM25re}
30Jul 17:35 NEXT MONTH ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 17:32 W4IMD - thought I'd ask while my 2 m beam is south ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
30Jul 17:28 2 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 17:28 NO 3 HERE ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 17:17 i go back to ft8 ====== {N6RMJ Pat AZ DM25re}
30Jul 17:16 W4IMD can you do Q65 on 144.170? ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
30Jul 17:15 Stopping CQ - No conditions at the moment ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
30Jul 17:07 W4ENN 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 17:02 rgrg ====== {N6RMJ Pat AZ DM25re}
30Jul 17:01 N6RMJ - I'm TX at 1300hz 1st/even ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
30Jul 16:49 KC5LT 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 16:49 TNX ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 16:49 KC4TWO looking for you ====== {N6RMJ Pat AZ DM25re}
30Jul 16:48 W4IMD - thxs for QSO - got u logged ! ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
30Jul 16:46 KC4TWO 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 16:40 CQ 50.275 @ 1500 hz ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
30Jul 16:39 CQ and listening even/1st 50.275 Q65-30A ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
30Jul 16:36 N6RZR- odd/2nd 50.275 1000Hz looking east ====== {N6RZR Brian CA CN80vk}
30Jul 16:17 CQ 144.170 Q65-30A 1st -beam pointed S - 50w ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
30Jul 14:08 K1JT JOE 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 13:47 N0AN 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 13:41 NA2NY JOHN 73 TNX 275 ====== {W4IMD Peter GA EM84ab}
30Jul 10:19 WB4JWM Tks Q65 275 QSo ====== {KK4XO Bill SC EM94ne}
29Jul 23:33 I'm here just listening to the 144.170 silence all day ! ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
29Jul 20:38  ANYONE AROUND  ====== {N6RMJ Pat AZ DM25re}
29Jul 17:45 ANYONE AROUND ====== {N6RMJ Pat AZ DM25re}
29Jul 17:31 Hello all ====== {N6RMJ Pat AZ DM25re}
29Jul 02:23 Thank you too.  We'll get it. ====== {WB7CJO Reid WY DN71eh}
29Jul 02:23 Thnks Reid - maybe another time - Stopping CQ ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
29Jul 02:21 Let's call it good for tonight.  I haven't seen a blip yet, anyway. ====== {WB7CJO Reid WY DN71eh}
29Jul 02:18 a few more minutes is all I got ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
29Jul 02:18 alert alert meteor shower tonight ====== {N6RMJ Pat AZ DM25re}
29Jul 02:17 YL has to work tomorrow and my shack is in corner of bedroom ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
29Jul 02:14 KC4TWO - I can go at this for a couple of hours if you want. ====== {WB7CJO Reid WY DN71eh}
29Jul 02:14 KC4TWO - odd/2nd.  50.275  1000Hz  It several hours to log EM55 before I did. ====== {WB7CJO Reid WY DN71eh}
29Jul 02:09 WB7CJO - no decodes yet ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
29Jul 02:02 Reid you running 1st or 2nd ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}
29Jul 02:01 KC4TWO - I'm still sending your way. ====== {WB7CJO Reid WY DN71eh}
29Jul 01:59 Thanks for trying Pat, 73 ====== {KC4TWO Darren TN EM86cb}

This service is to be used only for the purposes of discussing matters related to amateur radio TERRESTRIAL splat-65 (JT65, Q65, msk144, etc) communications.

Any non-terrestrial splat-65 (JT65, Q65, msk144, etc) use is strictly prohibited.

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