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19Nov 16:26 I2FAK Franco  can we try plkease ? ====== {N1DNN/4X9H/KW Bill VT FN34rf}
19Nov 16:14 ~ Clear ~ .313 ~ ====== {NA6L John CA DM12jr}
19Nov 16:13 Test - Please disregard ====== {W6MTR John CA CM99pu}
19Nov 16:11 CQ .313 1st 345* ====== {NA6L John CA DM12jr}
16Nov 17:00 Monitoring 50.313 ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 16:16 ~ CQ 1st ~ 260 ~    ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:45 Monitoring NE ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:45 K5GZR Rick, 73 for now ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:44 RR - 73 Mike ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:44 K5GZR Rick, Need to take care of some Non Ham things..Thanks for listening ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:44 Two more MS pings from you, otherwise quiet.     Okay on Brad.   I will call for another 5 minutes, then take a break. ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:43 K5GZR Rick, give a couple more minutes....then go to Monitor Mode....Yes I got the info from Brad the other day ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:42 Did you get the info about WQ5S going to be on 6 and 2 MS from DM80 on Friday morning and DM70 on Saturday? ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:41 K5GZR Rick, maybe cloud will move West later.... ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:40 Just one Mike.  W4IMD came up out of the noise for about 3 minutes..  called CQ for 5 or 6 minutes - nothing heard ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:39 K5GZR Rick, did you make any contacts out East? ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:38 RR - I can look at waterfall and 'imagine' I see your FT8 trace...   watching for you now ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:38 K5GZR Rick, calling you 1st DF1000 ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:37 K5GZR Rick, Aiming your way now ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:37 K5GZR Rick, Okay on pings...Thought I would try but No Prop from here.... ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:35 3 in past 5 or 6 minutes ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:34 Mike, seeing metor scatter pings of your FT8 signal on the waterfall ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:29 K9VSW - turning your direction ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:28 DF1000 East ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:28 ~ CQ 1st ~ 313 ~    ====== {K9VSW/6/2 Mike NM DM76el}
16Nov 15:06 QRV 50.313 FT8 ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 15:05 W4IMD - Thanks for 6m FT8 QSO Peter ====== {K5GZR/6/2 Rick TX EL29gp}
16Nov 05:20 test ====== {JL3YUT Wakayama xx PM74of}
13Nov 09:39 LU8ENU Hola Juan, por favor , que tienes en 2m EME ? ====== {IW0FIY/12EL/500 Lory xx JN61gw}
12Nov 14:44 EA8DBM TNX Alex for FB QSO -21 best, 73, Roger ====== {NJ2R/2XP8/KW Roger MI EN82bk}
12Nov 11:14  I give it up for nw ... stop CQ on 122 ====== {DF6PW Hardy xx JO30uq}
12Nov 11:02 new try:  ### CQ ###  .122 1st - 4x7H-750 ====== {DF6PW Hardy xx JO30uq}
12Nov 10:55 ### Stop CQ ### nil ====== {DF6PW Hardy xx JO30uq}
12Nov 10:46 gm - ### CQ ###  .122 1st - 4x7H-750 ====== {DF6PW Hardy xx JO30uq}
12Nov 10:10 I2FAK tnx  , sorry - complete now ? I hade little mistake in my qso ! ====== {DF1SO/ Dieter xx JN48po}
12Nov 09:19 Notebook test  ====== {DL/V31EM Uwe MN EK57nf}
12Nov 08:41 test ====== {DL8DAU/2X9H/1K Matt xx JO40me}
12Nov 08:37 test ====== {DL8DAU/2X9H/K Matt xx JO40me}
12Nov 08:35 test ====== {DL8DAU Matt xx JO40me}
12Nov 00:01 RX1AS thanks Serge -15 best ====== {VK1KW/4X13/150 Rob xx QF44mt}
11Nov 16:25 TRANSMITTING FIRST 144.115 ANYONE THERE? ====== {KD2LGX Larry NY FN13ig}
11Nov 16:01 oops ====== {KD3UY/2X4WL/1K5 Bob MD FM19lg}
11Nov 15:59 DX7EME done? ====== {KD3UY/2X4WL/1K5 Bob MD FM19lg}
11Nov 09:46 ++++++CQ 144150 ehi first++++++ ====== {EA4EHI/2X17/800 Jose xx IM68mu}
11Nov 09:41 Ge all ====== {EA4EHI/2X17/800 Jose xx IM68mu}
11Nov 04:28 ====CQ 116 2nd === ====== {K1KA/4X6/KW Dave NH FN42fv}
10Nov 23:51 2348 -14  2.5 1384 #* CQ RX1AS KO59          f ====== {RW9AW Walt xx MO05qi}
10Nov 23:43 233800  5  -11  0.1  -22  4 *      9H1TX S53K JN75   Tropo.Ali eme ne cujem nista. ====== {YU7ON/16EL/1KW Zoran xx KN04ax}
10Nov 16:21 W2HRO paul sure sounds like it and Space Weather says we have solar wind ====== {KD8BZY Roger WV EM98dn}
10Nov 10:10 STOP CQ 125 ====== {EA3NJ/4X13/KW Johnny xx JN01uf}

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