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01Dec 02:08 Any activity tonight? ====== {N6JV/14H/KW Norm CA CM98jj}
28Nov 20:55 DF9YF uli would you try? ====== {EA3BTZ Enric xx JN11bi}
28Nov 03:55 CQ CQ  222.080   1st   ====== {WA4NJP Ray GA EM84dg}
28Nov 02:02 i am not working the contest ====== {KC4SW/2XP20/KW Steve NV DM09de}
28Nov 02:01 Conrad, tnx 1st decode off moon in a year ====== {KC4SW/2XP20/KW Steve NV DM09de}
28Nov 00:22 ==== CQ 144.131 2nd ==== ====== {KA6U Peter FL EL87sq}
28Nov 00:21 CQ 144.131 2nd ====== {KA6U Peter MN CN92vf}
26Nov 14:29 Ha! we simu posted ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
26Nov 14:29 VE4CY Jim, nothing heard, time for the weather net! ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
26Nov 14:28 No luck..  Time for 80 Meter net... ====== {VE4CY Jim MB EO10ee}
26Nov 14:21 I'm 1st, jim ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
26Nov 14:19 Hi Jim, are you 1st or 2nd, submode B? ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
26Nov 14:14 VA3ECO -  Will listen for you now.. ====== {VE4CY Jim MB EO10ee}
26Nov 14:13 VA3ECO..  Hi Chris..  About 5 CQ's sent so far.. ====== {VE4CY Jim MB EO10ee}
20Nov 21:15 Test............... ====== {WJ4W Lem FL EL89tr}
17Nov 11:11 .. ====== {IT9XDJ/2X8/H/1K Sergio xx JM77nn}
17Nov 10:51 .. ====== {IT9XDJ/2X8/H/1K Sergio xx JM77nn}
17Nov 10:48 Ciao Mario proviamo? ====== {IT9XDJ Sergio xx JM77nn}
17Nov 10:40 CQ CQ 130 FIRST ====== {IT9XDJ Sergio xx JM77nn}
17Nov 10:37 Hi ! ====== {IT9XDJ Sergio xx JM77nn}
10Nov 11:31 cq cq   121  first  JN76   ====== {OE6V Werner MN JN76xr}
10Nov 06:25 121 -173   6  0624  2.8  -21 # CQ IZ8BXM JN71    ====== {I3MEK/4X13HV/1K Mario xx JN55sj}
10Nov 06:25 GM/GE to all ====== {I3MEK/4X13HV/1K Mario xx JN55sj}
04Nov 00:00 Calling CQ 144.120 ====== {N2MDF Andrew PA FN20fn}
03Nov 02:58 Are  you around tonite Chris? ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
31Oct 00:11 0004 -20  2.7 1376 #* CQ RX1AS KO59          ====== {KW4BY Graham FL EL96vw}
29Oct 02:39 73! Good test! ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
29Oct 02:38 That's it for tonite...thanks Chris ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
29Oct 02:30 DDZ calling cQ now ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
29Oct 02:15 Roger Roger ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
29Oct 02:14 calling cq ft8 432.100, me 2nd ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
29Oct 02:12 what mode did you want to use...I cannot do JS8call ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
29Oct 02:07 rr ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
29Oct 02:03 are you around Chris VA3ECO ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
27Oct 16:10 lol 2 days ago...:o) ====== {M0CTP Gary xx IO93qv}
27Oct 16:09 Joze RR listening ... moon on the rise GL ====== {M0CTP Gary xx IO93qv}
25Oct 21:26 M0CTP Gary nGe, Pse lsn 121 I call cq first, 2 period V next 2 period H ====== {S51ZO/4X13HV/KW Joze xx JN86dr}
24Oct 15:47 also looking at 432 / 1296  ====== {M0CTP Gary xx IO93qv}
24Oct 15:06 VA3ECO monitoring 432.100 JT65B from my moonrise ====== {M0CTP Gary xx IO93qv}
22Oct 02:36 can do JS8 on 2m on monday....Dan can do 432 but wants to sort out offset issue ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
22Oct 02:35 lots of QSB tonite ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
22Oct 02:34 Still have no luck making JS8 work on 432 computer?? Tried everything ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
22Oct 02:33 Dan has about a 1k offset in interface box?? He checking into it ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
22Oct 02:19 Dan was a little low in feq, but I adjusted ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
22Oct 02:15 yer best -3 db ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
22Oct 02:13 never mind got you ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
22Oct 02:13 ve4ma Barry, which mode? ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
22Oct 02:08 cq 432.100 jt65b, me 2nd ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}
22Oct 02:07 Chris are you on tonit? ====== {VE4MA Barry MB EN19lu}
20Oct 02:19 well, good test, 73 Barry! ====== {VA3ECO Chris ON EN29np}

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Any non-terrestrial JT4/JT65 use is strictly prohibited.

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