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23Mar 22:57 225700 -19  0.2 1383 ~  CQ ZL4TT RE54 : FT8 17m ====== {N0AN/LFA5/750W Hasan IA EN22xc}
23Mar 18:06 CQCQCQ    .135 2ND ====== {LU8ENU Juan xx GF05rl}
23Mar 13:40 test ====== {UR5LX Sergey xx KO70wk}
22Mar 18:34 TEST ====== {OM6DC Tomas xx JN98ku}
22Mar 18:26 73 all, Javier rx 120 ====== {EA7IU Xem xx IM87cf}
22Mar 15:38   ====== {DK3BU Harm 2m JO33no}
21Mar 22:27 CQ  144120 JT65 1st ====== {EB1HRW Javier xx IN71pq}
21Mar 00:06 ***CQ 144.170  JT65B 1st, sh off*** ====== {W8PEN/5WL/150 Don OH EN80si}
19Mar 16:18 Cq 120 first ====== {NG9Y Bob IN EM78jt}
19Mar 14:51 ---- cq 126 ----- ====== {I2GAL Sergio xx JN45qo}
18Mar 17:47 GM All.  Beaming south 144.174 FT8 ====== {VE7AFZ Mark BC CN89mg}
18Mar 17:38 cq kk4x 2nd 112 ====== {KK4X Ed FL EL87rv}
18Mar 16:22 W4TAA tnx best -18  73`s ====== {SV8ALQ Spiros xx KM08gd}
18Mar 16:08 Back to 144.200  Thanks for the listen Doug. Maybe next week. I think conds worst after 9am MDT ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
18Mar 15:57 El stinko today ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
18Mar 15:57 N5JEH Ed, that was me, but condx not so good this am ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
18Mar 15:54 F6EGD TNX! B-25 ====== {LZ1KU Stamen xx KN32ah}
18Mar 15:53 Hearing someone now ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
18Mar 15:50 Still doing the locals Ed. ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
18Mar 15:48 rr still nothing ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
18Mar 15:47 Ed  couple minutes now ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
18Mar 15:27 rrr ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
18Mar 15:25 GM Ed  cpy you also, will call in a bit during net ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
18Mar 15:20 Hearing you on ssb Doug  GM ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
18Mar 15:20 wa7xx kk4x qsl, hope we can make it ====== {KK4X Ed FL EL87rv}
18Mar 15:18 Calling ur way in 4 -5 minutes Ed ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
18Mar 15:10 Making noise on 144.250 toward Tuscon ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
18Mar 14:55 cq cq  kk4x on 112 2nd ====== {KK4X Ed FL EL87rv}
18Mar 14:44 ______cq cq 115  2nd   ______few more calls ====== {VA3DIF Ian ON FN04ll}
17Mar 15:10 73s Floyd ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
17Mar 15:08 73 all   looking for Dick on 6M  SSB   ====== {K5LA/4X9H/QRO Floyd TX DM61tv}
17Mar 15:08 ONo worries Ed, always fun ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
17Mar 15:07 Going to shut down for awhile Floyd  73  Later ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
17Mar 15:07 73 Doug  Thanks  agin ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
17Mar 15:06 Going to grab a bite for a few ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
17Mar 15:06 QSB  Yep ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
17Mar 15:06 wish  KM5TD would get on  2M    he is up at Organ, nm   right near the pass  on hwy 70  east of Las Cruces   ====== {K5LA/4X9H/QRO Floyd TX DM61tv}
17Mar 15:06 I think he put up a 6 meter beam. He and Arne were doing some testing ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
17Mar 15:06 Wow Ed, -2 that time! ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
17Mar 15:05 guess Dick went to 6M   ====== {K5LA/4X9H/QRO Floyd TX DM61tv}
17Mar 15:05 Yep, would like to try cw with someone out there ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
17Mar 15:04 RRR  Thanks for being there again ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
17Mar 15:04 Much better in the morning.  ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
17Mar 15:04 he had a good path west ====== {K5LA/4X9H/QRO Floyd TX DM61tv}
17Mar 15:04 Ok Ed, I will stop after this seq ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
17Mar 15:04 Wish K7ICW in Las Cruces was still around   ====== {K5LA/4X9H/QRO Floyd TX DM61tv}
17Mar 15:03 We can stop any time Doug if you need to move on. ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}
17Mar 15:03 Doug it is probably better  on other side of the mountain   ====== {K5LA/4X9H/QRO Floyd TX DM61tv}
17Mar 15:03 Wish the path to El Paso was as good as Alb ====== {WA7XX/4X15/8877 Doug AZ DM42jh}
17Mar 15:02 All Abq stations  are qrt also ====== {N5JEH Ed NM DM65rd}

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