Updated at Sat Jan 19 19:52:06 CST 2019

19Jan 16:28 Dear Peter, TNX for QSO, 73, HNY 2019 Vaclav	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
19Jan 16:20 yes Vaclav, only low pwr today, too high SWR. HNY to you and yours!	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
19Jan 16:14 Dear Peter, have  a VERY GOOD NEW year 2019, you was quite weak todayak	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
19Jan 16:10 Tks Vaclav, you have good rx, nice to see you for first time in 2019!	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
19Jan 15:50 very high SWR because of ice on array but fair echoes, clg CQ on 052 even minutes	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
19Jan 08:39 I will be around, hope to see many good friends on the low end of the band :-)	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
19Jan 08:38 Today 2m CW ATP at 1530-1730 GMT	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
13Jan 19:37 .	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
22Dec 17:40 OK1VVP CQ on 056 even	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
22Dec 12:58 I dont see moon until 20 degrees here, so no ATP for me SRI..73 Happy holidays to all  73 !!	(IK1FJI/2X12GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
22Dec 11:26 qrv later for atp	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
25Nov 21:45 IK4PMB Hi Anto can we try a CW sked? Pse meep me on the JT65 chat. TNX	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
25Nov 20:40 Tnx Peter, I need to improve my rx. Best 73 es GL in contest	(IK4PMB/4X16H Anto xx JN54mm
25Nov 20:40 Tks for nice QSO Anto, 73 ciao!	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Nov 20:38 Tks Anto, ufb signals now from you, peaking 529. 	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Nov 20:36 SM2CEW Tnx Peter fine signal now, here 4x16JXX and 1.5K	(IK4PMB/4X16H Anto xx JN54mm
25Nov 20:20 Tks David! Yes, you were solid in the end, but coming in vertical here. Great stuff, 73 cul!	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Nov 20:18 SM2CEW Tks Peter, far better signals tonight, my echoes also strong. Great to QSO agn! 73	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
25Nov 19:52 ok Anto	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Nov 19:51 SM2CEW Sorry PeteR too low for me now, I will keep monitoring you	(IK4PMB/4X16H Anto xx JN54mm
25Nov 19:42 SM2CEW GE Peter I look for you	(IK4PMB/4X16H Anto xx JN54mm
25Nov 19:13 CQ 144.052 even minutes	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
25Nov 04:36 cq 432.023 1st	(DL2HWA/4X37/K Dietmar xx JO51we
24Nov 23:55 F5VKV Never mind Fabio, we'll make it in the next contest, 73 and GL!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 23:43 eh... I don't have a spare one, have to order a new one....	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 23:38 F5VKV Fabio, any chance tomorrow?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 23:37 F5VKV Oh, that's a bad luck for ur preamp and no contest points for me :-)	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 23:37 not a good idea to make radio so late.... sorry, next time	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 23:33 sorry ladi... made a mistake... I tx with the preamp on... and burnt it....	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 23:27 rrr	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 23:26 F5VKV Perfect, I'll be calling in even minutes on 057 in about 3 minutes, OK?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 23:26 ready	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 23:23 sure	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 23:20 F5VKV Fabio, are u still here. We can make a sked.	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 22:59 anyone ?	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 22:01 Ladi, you here 	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 22:00 hello everyone	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
24Nov 20:29 VK5APN TNX Wayne, GL	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 20:26 TNX David, 73, GL	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 20:25 OK1VVP Tks Vaclav	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
24Nov 20:24 Have work tomorrow, but if I get up in time, I can.  Will say Im QRV here, GL	(VK5APN Wayne xx PF95jg
24Nov 20:21 VK5APN, are u gonna be here tomorrow? 	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 20:18 Was scanning for signals.  Worked one.  But now noise.  Moon at 7 deg el	(VK5APN Wayne xx PF95jg
24Nov 20:12 VK5APN Hi Wayne, no TX today?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 20:11 G4DHF David, TNX for the QSO and contest points, some QSB, but it went through, 73!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 20:11 OK1VVP RRR QSY 044	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
24Nov 20:10 OK1DIX Tks CW QSO Latislav.	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
24Nov 20:08 David lets on 44 i call 1st	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 20:07 Still Strong here Peter	(VK5APN Wayne xx PF95jg
24Nov 20:01 Stop 059 and monitoring.	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
24Nov 20:00 Sri Peter, rx'd part of ur call but not mine. Faraday is cruel atm.	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
24Nov 19:54 Anybody for a sked? Calling CQ on 057 2nd	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 19:53 I3MEK TNX Mario very nice signal despite of higher noise tonight. TNX for contest points and 73!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 19:44 GE Peter, And you too. You were FB with Ladislav. Will check later.	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
24Nov 19:44 I3MEK QRG 057 in about 2 minutes, I'll call, OK?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 19:43 Ge David, lost you..	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:42 OK1DIX  Ladislav  qrg?	(I3MEK/4X13HV Mario xx JN55sj
24Nov 19:41 CQ .054 even minutes	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:40 CQ 059 2nd for 15 mins	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
24Nov 19:40 ok Wayne, yes thanks, here all fine	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:39 U good ur way?	(VK5APN Wayne xx PF95jg
24Nov 19:39 OK1VVP  sri Vaclav ,lost u 	(I3MEK/4X13HV Mario xx JN55sj
24Nov 19:39 Yes a long time, some personal issues, but not bad	(VK5APN Wayne xx PF95jg
24Nov 19:38 G'day Wayne, long time no see, hope all well with you	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:37 Hi Peter	(VK5APN Wayne xx PF95jg
24Nov 19:37 RR	(I3MEK/4X13HV Mario xx JN55sj
24Nov 19:36 OK1DIX ciao  Ladislav	(I3MEK/4X13HV Mario xx JN55sj
24Nov 19:31 Mr F is surely playing with us..	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:29 Vaclave, vola te v lichych minutach jde na vertikal	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 19:29 Is ther life on 054 of has Mr. Faraday had his wicked way?	(G4DHF David xx IO92uu
24Nov 19:27 I3MEK Hi Mario pse sked after you're done with OK1VVP	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 19:23 nice sigs..	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:21 Tks Ladislav, nive sigs, 73/GL!	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:19 SM2CEW Peter TNX for the QSO and contest points, good echoes, but a birdie exactly on ur QRG, 73!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 19:19 OK	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 19:17 OK1VVP hi  Vaclav 050 ?	(I3MEK/4X13HV Mario xx JN55sj
24Nov 19:13 I3MEK where you can ?	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 19:09 SM2CEW OK, I'll call	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 19:07 ok Jo, annoying issue, gl fixing it, cul 73	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:06 Ge Ladislav, good echoes here despite moon in trees :-)	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:05 Ciao Mario, tks fb QSO	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 19:04 having amplifier issues, auxiliary contact at antenna change-over relay up in the mast not keying amp. need to fix in the morning cu 73 	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
24Nov 19:04 SM2CEW pse let me know when the moon is in the free range again	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 19:03 SM2CEW hi  Peter 	(I3MEK/4X13HV Mario xx JN55sj
24Nov 18:59 moon in trees here too at the moment	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 18:54 73 GL	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 18:53 Tks Vaclav, fb sigs, 73/GL	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 18:53 so far nothing, Peter, am still behind trees will continue	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
24Nov 18:49  I  will look for you	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
24Nov 18:44 CQ 144.054 even minutes	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 18:40 DK3NG tell me freq. 	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 18:40 DK3NG tell me freq. 	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 18:40 Ge Jo	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
24Nov 18:22 anyone ready for a test?	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
24Nov 02:23 VE1KG OK1VVP caling	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 02:14 cq .50 2 minutes sequence	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 02:03 ok	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 02:03 054	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 02:02 k9mri Joe are you still on .954???	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 01:58 Tnx also, u were peaking 539 also, 73	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
24Nov 01:56 K9MRI TNX Joe for a nice CW QSO. It was peaking up to 539. 73!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 01:52 CQ CQ VE1KG .050 2 minutes sequence	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 01:49 K9MRI listening on 054 GA	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 01:48 Ok lets give it a try	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
24Nov 01:47 VE1KG TNX Serge for the QSO. Strange thing you were completely gone for couple of minutes. 73! 	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 01:46 K9MRI we worked JT65 in the previous leg, it actually makes no difference :-) 73!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 01:45 If not I will call a few more cq on 054 now	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
24Nov 01:45 Yes but didnt we work cw already in contest?	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
24Nov 01:44 Anyone around for a cw qso?	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
24Nov 01:43 K9MRI Joe, are you still on 054?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 01:34 Your both on same seq Serge	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
24Nov 01:22 050 sorry	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 01:21 cq on .060 even minutes]	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 01:21 ok1dix yes i am calling ccq	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 01:20 cq 054 2ND	(K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu
24Nov 01:20 OK1VVP Vaclave nebylo by lepsi, kdyby ho volal jen jeden z nas? 	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 01:16 VE1KG Serge, are you there? Been calling you.	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 01:06 OK1VVP QRV on CW	(OK1VVP Vaclav xx JN79do
24Nov 01:05 ok	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 01:01 VE1KG, Serge I'll be there in about 5 minutes, OK?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
24Nov 00:57 OK1DIX please look for me around .050 i will call CQ	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
24Nov 00:31 VE1KG Hi Serge, are you QRV? What's ur QRG?	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
23Nov 20:49 Serge, in spite of local nigyh i try to wait you	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
23Nov 20:37 For those in the contest i will be on CW after 00:30z	(VE1KG Serge NS FN84cm
03Nov 07:51 cq  144.052 first	(DL2HWA/4X17H/K Dietmar xx JO51we
02Nov 09:43 cq cw .052 first , for next 10 min. 	(DL2HWA/4X17H Dietmar xx JO51we
02Nov 07:40 test	(RN3KK Nick xx KO91om
02Nov 00:19 GE all QRV CW EME	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
31Oct 19:42 anybody ready for sked 2m cw ?	(DL2HWA Dietmar xx JO51we
28Oct 05:30 Hi all, ready to try cw to day,	(OH1NIL Pekka xx KP11xm
28Oct 04:12 I guess not 73	(W5THT/16H/100W Pat MS EM50ki
28Oct 04:10 any CW on two meters?	(W5THT/16H/100W Pat MS EM50ki
28Oct 00:35 test	(G4FUF Keith xx JO01gn
21Oct 21:43 ....................	(WC4N/6TO432 Mike TN EM86uk
20Oct 20:40 test	(RT2M Club xx KO97kw
09Oct 14:58 .............	(WC4N Mike TN EM86uk
07Oct 05:29 Gm	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
06Oct 16:53 Hi David AUU, not note everyone has gone digital.. looking forward to work you again in CW :-)	(SM2CEW Peter xx KP15cr
06Oct 05:24 HI all Bjr a tous!	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
06Oct 04:52 Look like everyone has gone digital	(VK3AUU/30EL/400 David xx QF21wu
06Oct 04:51 test	(VK3AUU/30EL/400 David xx QF21wu
05Oct 05:38 HI All	(S52LM/4X28XP/KW Milos xx JN65tx
04Oct 17:13 ...	(IK1FJI2X12/GU78 Valter xx JN44ll
30Sep 00:06 529 RX1AS Serge tnx !	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
29Sep 23:36 calling CW for a while on 050	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
29Sep 23:35 GM all anybody free for CW test ?	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
23Sep 20:07 stop cq	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
23Sep 20:02 CALLING cq CW 144050 	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
23Sep 18:46 Hi all, anybody for CW EME test ?	(IT9CJC/4X12/500 Mark MN JM76ix
10Sep 16:51 Hello i receive CW 144.051.00Mhz 	(SQ3GJS Darek xx JO82cj
09Sep 14:58 Inefficiency, Ciao	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 14:46 Last try, CQing next 15 min 144.055,5	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 14:45 anyone around ?	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 13:18 I am qrv but I am a little gun	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 12:59 anyone around for cw?	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 11:47 the problem is that everyone does digital only	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 11:42 It seems that I'm alone on the Moon; long QRX (lunch)	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 11:29 9A9B trying to listen u	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 11:28 CQing 144.055,5 nice ECHO	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 10:54 G4CDN TNX Richard. Although the noise is abt 4 db higher due to sun being near the moon it went through. 73!	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
09Sep 09:16 CQing 144.055,5 next 15 min	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 08:43 called you few times	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:43 I heard you Doru but I am just to little to be heard by you	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:42 Some minutes ago I heard my own echoes very strong!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:26 I go on 054 for CQ ! 73!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:25 Here, 4 x 17 el M2, and 3 kW !	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:24 Really Paul? Did you hear my sigs?	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:24 bjr paul	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:23 F5VKV Fabio Bjr 73!	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
09Sep 08:23 Fabio,I will cq-ing on 054 , if you want we can try!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:22 YO2AMU Doru RRR TNX try 529 Peaks 73!	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
09Sep 08:22 Paul, sorry ni sigs from you! Moon is in Sun direction, maybe anoter time!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:17 I hear you Doru but very low	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:17 I see f4djk traces	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 08:03 YO2AMU Doru RRR GL!	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
09Sep 08:02 YO2AMU even!(east)	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 08:02 F4DJK,we can try on 060 1 minute seq, yo2amu first at 08.10 UTC, OK?	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 07:54 DK3NG , I am on 060 waiting for you!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 07:53 YO2AMU Doru Hello try?	(F4DJK/4X9H Paul xx JN15ai
09Sep 07:48 CQing 144.055,5	(9A9B Branimir xx JN75xu
09Sep 07:36 Good apetite Jo! Can we try after your breakfast again? On 060 ?	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 07:33 GM everyone	(F5VKV/2X10H/1KW Fabio xx JN33rr
09Sep 07:26 yo2amu nil heard fm you must go for breakfast	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:25 Jh0bbe tnx for your patience will try agn next month will send email with sked proposal tks again	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:24 Jo,73!	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
09Sep 07:24 Jo,stopped nw,nil hr.thx for the try,cu next month.	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
09Sep 07:22 still calling	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:20 Hmm now having switch mode power supply for ldmos amp probs	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:17 Txing,but nil so far	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
09Sep 07:14 OK, tnx Jo,I run in my shak!	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 07:13 RgrGL   	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
09Sep 07:13 yes, doru i will call you 060 odd minute	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:12 Yuu ok 	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:12 DK3NG, can we try a qso?	(YO2AMU Doru xx
09Sep 07:12 Jo,.060 10mins	(JH0BBE/4HV500 Yuu xx PM97lg
09Sep 07:09 Nice!	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:07 DK3NG I'm switching RX polarity, TXing in both simultaneously :-)	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht
09Sep 07:04 ok1dix nice ant system can  you switch polarity?	(DK3NG Jo xx JO43vc
09Sep 07:02 DK3NG TNX 8x14 el cross and 3kW here	(OK1DIX/8X14X/2K Ladislav xx JN79ht