Updated at Mon Sep 23 06:56:14 CDT 2019

22Sep 23:31 Should have some decent slots to work this week and fair cndx. I'm ready to run with anyone who wants to try ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 20:24 Hi Steve, Maybe we can all give it a go next moon, I've got the stn back together now. Ready to try again anytime Dave ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06gg}
22Sep 18:10 Are you guys still working? ====== {K5DOG Steve TX EM00ll}
22Sep 17:42 I have stopped, but Im glad to have found the issue. JAMES TU for being there..73 ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:33 Im txing now IT WORKS!! ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:32 just cganged jumper on tower. Center pin pulled out of N conn ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:32 JAMES lets try it agn ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:21 saw ya though.. we'll get it ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 17:21 Halt tx .080, We'll get it Dave. I was feeling rushed to get it done this morning. I better back off myself and square everything back up before I break something again ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 17:18 damn it all Murphy #*%^%@@& ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:18 RRR ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 17:18 I think its out on the tower ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:18 I'm going to re-shoot antenna, I had a fair trace a couple cycles about 5min ago ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 17:18 James lets stop so I can trouble shoot this issue ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:17 my amp will not stay on line ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:08 rr, calling as well ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 17:08 still having amp issues ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:07 calling you now ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:06 rrr thats fine ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:04 It's not accurite but it's stable, my QRG is a little off, I account for this. I've worked a number of guys with it like this.   ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 17:02 your freq is pretty accurate?? ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:02 my computer "think" it saw something ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 17:00 RR, RO tone ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 16:58 James, could you transmit a carrier right now for abt 15 seconds??? ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:53 Mark are you around? ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 16:53 glad you said you would call first cuz on eme its the eastern most stn that calls first. You first is fine ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:51 RR Dave, Good to go!, I'm calling cq 1st. getting warmed up ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 16:51 whent up stick and jiggled everything, now holding ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:50 below it tripped ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:50 when i elevated array above abt 45 degrees it held ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:50 just tested system at full power and its holding ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:49 cross yer fingers James!!! ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:48 but Im back on for now ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:48 its out on tower ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:48 ok i think i found issue ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:41 my amp is acting up ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:39 Antenna is ready, PA is giving kw+, LNA is singing, maybe 10-15 more minutes for moon.. annoying but worth it to keep it mobile for state hopping ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 16:35 now my amp is acting u[p ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:33 GL Mark ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:31 I need a "new state fix" bad on this band ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:31 Very good James ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:30 I'll start calling on .080 at 45 degrees ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 16:29 BBL my grid on La 12 is acting up ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
22Sep 16:27 mine is 26.70 ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:27 your elevation is indicating 54.25 degrees here ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:27 rrr ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:26 had to run in and juggle the family ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 16:26 I'm getting there, still have 10 degrees ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
22Sep 16:24 I wonder where James is.  ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:24 hope I live long enuf to finish ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:23 rrr  31 here ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:22 16 0r 17 ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
22Sep 16:17 how many states do you have now Mark? ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:16 great! Always like to hear abt 222 avtivity ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:14 I worked W0VTT for MN and K1or for NH  and worked K5DOG fo rnew grid ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
22Sep 16:13 He is doing good  ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
22Sep 16:12 new states are veru hard to come by on 222 ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:11 hope to have enuf moon left for a try ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:11 rrr just waiting for James to pop up here from PJ page ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:10 Good will be SWL 080 ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
22Sep 16:10 hello Mark! Hows life treating you? ====== {N9HF/222/600 Dave FL EL99jf}
22Sep 16:08 Hi Dave ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
22Sep 16:02 listening 222.080 ====== {N9HF Dave FL EL99ll}
22Sep 15:57 ryryryryryryryr ====== {N9HF Dave FL EL99ll}
22Sep 15:00 ***KQA back QRV 222****   ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06gg}
16Sep 12:30 Hello all  QRV 432? ====== {BD9BU Wang MN OM33od}
15Sep 13:38 CQ 144.120 1st  ====== {K7IU Marv WA CN97av}
15Sep 11:27 RR Marshall if something broke up top I'm sunk cuz I cant find tower climbers ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 11:24 OK John...we have broken a lot of stuff this time...We had a storm and lost power several times... ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 11:23 I spent too much time trying to decode a stupid birdie....but I never did see you....1250W out... ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 11:22 Stopping Marshall something broke I'm afraid sri ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 11:22 Well, you only have 1 deg left....we can quit until next time ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 11:18 Forget that VSWR is stupid there for some reason ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 11:18 ON 222.035 now ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 11:16 Yes  way down 222.035? ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 11:14 We can change freq to move away from the SSB guys ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 11:13 On V, the birdie is much weaker... ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 11:12 That and SSB splatter now ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 11:11 RR those are starting to show up here people must be waking up turning on crap ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 11:10 I am afraid that I have been chasing a birdie....AAAaaaaaRGH!!! ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 11:09 Time seems to be OK here ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 11:03 Check your time....I have a DT that is way off ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 11:02 What ever it takes I did work 2 single yagi stations earlier this mo but better moon ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 11:00 I may have to RX on V and TX on H...that is what we did last time ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 10:59 OK Marshall my moon is 4.9 degrees now nothing concrete yet ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 10:59 I see a trace...very weak....on V-pol about 500cy high, but definitely a trace ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 10:58 Hi John...I have been doing H and V but nothing so far... ====== {K5QE/222/320EL Marshall TX EM31cj}
15Sep 10:54 GM ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
15Sep 00:22 CQ 144.121 1st SEQ ====== {W4NH Kos GA EM84ao}
14Sep 20:54 G4DML ge , tnx fb qso this Special Call  B-25, 73 & GL ====== {II8CVS Costa xx JN70ll}
14Sep 00:09 ~ QRV ~ 144.121 ~  ====== {K2UA/FO12/KW Rus NY FN12fr}
06Sep 13:48 ga ====== {TR8CA Alain xx JJ40ql}
03Sep 03:13 Will have to see. Usually busy during the day ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 03:13 73 and tnx for the efforts. ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 03:13 I have a cell tower noise source to my west.  A moonrise tyr would be better for me. ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 03:12 Thanks for the try. We will have to try again sometime. 73 ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 03:12 Lyle, sorry, not a thing seen . ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 03:11 Anything Steve? I am out of moon. Nothing here but a few weak traces ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 02:57 025600  0  -33 -1.9 -406 17 ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 02:55 Hope for ground gain. ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 02:15 Possible -30 trace ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 02:06 Very quiet here for once. Neighbor moved.  ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 02:05 10~Plus~ db of noise just popped up...will wait a while to see if it subsides. ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 02:03 The other night when I ran with W7MEM, I din;t see GG until 4 degrees. ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 02:02 I do not have elevation and have no idea where the nulls are. 12.3 degrees currently ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 01:59 GL amigo ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 01:58 RR running 080 2nd ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 01:58 How is 222.080 and I will be first? ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 01:57 Ok, I was about to pull the plug. Name it ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 01:57 N0LWF Lyle, I can run with you on 222. ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
03Sep 01:41 QRV 222. 15 degrees left ====== {N0LWF/2X9V/900 Lyle NE EN10wm}
03Sep 00:31 GE anyone around to play on 222? ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 19:33 ++++++ CQ 136 1st ++++++ ====== {IK3VZO/17H/500 Giovanni xx JN55xa}
02Sep 16:28 OK, I will try to catch up with you.  Have to spend some time at the gym. ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 16:24 I need to finish up swapping a few connectors and coax, I'll be around in an hour or so ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
02Sep 16:23 Hey Steve, Grant and I are going to try later ====== {K7KQA James WA DN06ll}
02Sep 16:21 ... ====== {K5DOG/6/2/222 Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 01:49 73 ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 01:44 OK thanks Steve. I'll try you some other day ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:43 VE6TA Grant, nil here.  Seems I have excess noise.  Tnx for the try.\ ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 01:33 RRR ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:31 i will call you second on 071  (?) ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 01:31 We can try for a few minutes.  Moon pretty low for me ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:29 You want to give it a try, or done for the day? ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 01:27 Mark worked John.  I saw their traces.   ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:26 So, no moon qso, then? ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 01:25 About a 740 km path ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:25 Tropo Steve ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:24 Did you guys work on eme? ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 01:20 Surprising as we are 2 for 2 now ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:14 No I have some of MT Rathdrum in way old QTH is 1/2 mile east ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 01:13 Thanks Guys going to set up for concrete pore on the 6m EME tower 73 ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 01:13 Much better tropo path at your new QTH Mark ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:12 -14 here Mark.  Consistent as well ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:12 Yeah nice set of yagis and good power ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:11 Hi Steve Off of moon now just worked Grant on FT8 tropo ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 01:10 010845 -17 -0.0 1222 ~  W7MEM VE6TA DO33 ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 01:10 He has a good 2m EME station ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 01:10 Is everybody on 071? ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
02Sep 01:10 Yes I know Dan ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:06 Grant do you know VE6XH? ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 01:05 okay Mark looking your way ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:03 Calling 1st Grant ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 01:01 good stuff John.  Must have some good ground gain ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 01:00 Grant will call you on ft8 ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:59 Monnset, Thnaks for the fun! ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:59 I've worked 5 stations off the moon on 222, 2 of them single yagi stations ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:56 Okay John.  Smallest station I have copied on 222 then. ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 00:55 el ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:55 More like AU(: ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:55 yes single 17 ek LFA Grant  Tropo antenna ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:54 Never tried.  Might be a msk night ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 00:53 Trace is much weaker now John.  Are you a single yagi? ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 00:52 Tracking VK8RR on 2m EME now ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:52 Can you do FT8? ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:51 Still sending cq 1 degree left ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:50 Sure give me a time.  CW? ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 00:49 Try tropo later~GT~? ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:47 Pretty good seeing as I am pointed at the city right now ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 00:46 Heard your rrr and 73 at -22 Mark.  Saw traces of John ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 00:45 -27 on your CQ ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:45 Grant any copy? ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:45 003800  0  -28  2.7 -544  2 #      K1OR W7MEM DN17     OOO  ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:44 Had a lot of Hash crap pass thur ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:44 Same here ~GT~LOTW ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:43 0037 -22  2.6  964 #* W7MEM K1OR FN42         ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:43 W7MEM tnx new state and grid Mark!! ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:43 John Your best Thanks ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:38 ur -22 ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:38 -27 Mark ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:37 I am on moon Heard my ECHO ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:34 Culd have been me was on JT65a ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:34 Yes JT65B ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:32 Seeing a trace John.  No decode though.  I assume jt-65b? ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 00:30 Still making noise here on .071 2nd ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:23 Listening 071 in a few minutes ====== {VE6TA Grant AB DO33gs}
02Sep 00:16 Array is not aligned well so kina crap shoot ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:12 LA 12 ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:11 Tooobs ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:09 warming amp ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:07 GE Mark ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:06 OLA ====== {W7MEM Mark ID DN17mr}
02Sep 00:06 OK making noise now 222.071 2nd ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
02Sep 00:02 Domestic disturbance, bb in a while. ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
01Sep 23:57 Hmm..maybe not... ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
01Sep 23:57 K1OR John, thanks!  Good to have more than one. ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
01Sep 23:57 I'll start making some noise 222.071 2nd ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
01Sep 23:54 K7ULS Mike, crappy godaddy email...try 666stevedog at gmail ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
01Sep 23:53 The e-mail message could not be delivered because the user's mailfolder is full. ====== {K7ULS Mike UT DN41ch}
01Sep 23:52 ur mailbox is full steve got bounced ====== {K7ULS Mike UT DN41ch}
01Sep 23:52 Hi Steve congrats on working MArk ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
01Sep 23:50 Hi John ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
01Sep 23:50 Rain washed dust off the insulators...much quieter now on 222. ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
01Sep 23:50 GE all ====== {K1OR John NH FN42ir}
01Sep 23:37 was a pic james cooked conn ====== {K7ULS Mike UT DN41ch}
01Sep 23:35 Not on slack...can't watch ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
01Sep 23:33 ====== {K7ULS Mike UT DN41ch}
01Sep 23:33 NP, GL with that. ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}
01Sep 23:31 steve i'm over to 6m ja mr ====== {K7ULS Mike UT DN41ch}
01Sep 23:28 K7ULS Mike, cleared out.  Will see if I caan point at the moon again. ====== {K5DOG Stevedog TX EM00wh}