Recent users of NØUK's JT65 EME page

The following users have been seen using this page during the past 30 minutes. Update time shown is when they last posted a message to the Ping Jockey Central page and is in GMT.
16 users recorded.
Last PostingLocatorCallsignkmsmilesBearing
18-Jun 00:58:25JJ40qlTR8CA
17-Jun 20:53:37KP20lgOH4LA/RX2
16-Jun 21:23:34JN54xkIK4WLV/2X16XP/K
16-Jun 19:32:30JN27sdF5AQX/4X10H/600
16-Jun 08:35:37QF21nvVK3DXE/2X9H
14-Jun 23:46:53EN21llW0LGQ
13-Jun 03:37:17EK58ukV31AE/2X9V750W
12-Jun 23:26:28EN70iuK9MRI
12-Jun 03:15:15EM60dnWD4EGF
11-Jun 04:46:26EN44guN0AKC/4X18H/1KW
9-Jun 12:58:02PM75xdJJ3JHP/4X11HV
8-Jun 09:42:53KN35xgYO4GJH/2X13/K
11-May 14:12:49PM95pnJA1PFP/4X14/500
13-Apr 21:50:56KP12ksOH6ZZ
8-Mar 08:32:08IO74ajGI6ATZ/2X9/400
7-Feb 22:39:53FN65llWW2DX/2X9/H/800
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