Recent users of NØUK's JT65 EME page

The following users have been seen using this page during the past 30 minutes. Update time shown is when they last posted a message to the Ping Jockey Central page and is in GMT.
30 users recorded.
Last PostingLocatorCallsignkmsmilesBearing
20-Feb 22:43:09JO33scDL1BEC/4X9H/KW
20-Feb 22:42:16JO32qiDL6BF/4X8H/600
20-Feb 22:41:50EM40wlW5ADD/2X12V/1K5
20-Feb 22:39:55FK94kpFM5CS
20-Feb 22:39:36EN91ghK8DIO/2X17H/K
20-Feb 22:38:28LO20qbUA4AQL
20-Feb 22:34:48JN65txS52LM/4X14HV/1K
20-Feb 22:34:03FN31llKA1W/4X12H/1K
20-Feb 22:29:55JN64fbIK4GNG
20-Feb 22:27:36JN55foIZ2DJP/144
20-Feb 22:20:56JO70oqOK1NI/4X10Y1K5
20-Feb 22:19:39FM29diWA3QPX/4MXP28KW
20-Feb 22:19:00KN29rpUY5BC/4X15H/500
20-Feb 22:17:19FN12xxW9IP/6XP28/1K5
20-Feb 22:11:21KM09kpSV6KRW/1X13/H
20-Feb 22:10:45JN65txS52LM/4X14HV/KW
20-Feb 21:53:40FM16tjNG4C
20-Feb 21:40:12FN43bjWA1NPZ/4XP16/1K
20-Feb 21:12:01HB9DNZ
20-Feb 21:11:42IM78cxEA4CYQ/4X9H/K
20-Feb 19:06:26JN86fnS54AC/4X11RP/1
20-Feb 12:57:20JN98waHA6NQ/4X13HV/K
19-Feb 21:36:24KN32rmLZ5GM
19-Feb 00:33:38EN82bkNJ2R/2XP8/KW
18-Feb 23:35:58EM94kxWA4MYO/4X9X350
18-Feb 23:23:41JO70uwSQ6JFG/2X11H
15-Feb 01:06:58EN60niN9FN/4X9H/1K
30-Jan 14:21:45EN60niN9FN/4X9H/K
18-Jan 21:06:32EM26adN5UTV
27-Nov 13:05:07EM45dhW5ZN
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