Recent users of NØUK's JT65 EME page

The following users have been seen using this page during the past 30 minutes. Update time shown is when they last posted a message to the Ping Jockey Central page and is in GMT.
25 users recorded.
Last PostingLocatorCallsignkmsmilesBearing
21-Jan 02:11:57JO89jtSK5AA/4X15/KW
21-Jan 02:04:23KN22sxLZ2FU
21-Jan 01:45:33FN36qaVA2WA
21-Jan 01:32:28OK16bqHS0ZIL
21-Jan 00:58:12JO89jtSM5DIC/4X15H/KW
20-Jan 21:48:52KO66jfUA3IDQ/SWL
20-Jan 21:12:26QF21ntVK3KN
20-Jan 05:49:36DM03vuKG6NK/2X11HV/1K
19-Jan 18:51:09JM78tfIU8MHG
19-Jan 04:22:48EN50kkWB9UWA/4XP12/KW
19-Jan 01:21:15EN50kkWB9UWA
18-Jan 20:22:25KO93bsUA3PTW
17-Jan 02:23:45EN70iuK9MRI
17-Jan 01:02:08GF25llCX2SC
16-Jan 16:33:41JN98waHA6NQ/4X13HV/K
15-Jan 17:12:34KN32rmLZ5GM
15-Jan 10:23:30RE44iwZL4JW/4X12H/1K
14-Jan 02:41:17FN42juK1DG/4X14HV/KW
9-Jan 21:35:54EN51uuW9XA
6-Jan 17:42:16FN30ivN2AMC
28-Dec 12:06:42FN10hmK6ND/2X13V/KW
19-Dec 23:45:53FN32qbN1DPM/4X9H/KW
20-Nov 22:23:43KP12ksOH6ZZ
20-Sep 11:12:23EM10neW5TRL
5-Dec 16:57:16DM03tsWD6Y
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