Recent users of NØUK's JT65 EME page

The following users have been seen using this page during the past 30 minutes. Update time shown is when they last posted a message to the Ping Jockey Central page and is in GMT.
24 users recorded.
Last PostingLocatorCallsignkmsmilesBearing
20-Oct 04:12:23JO55unOZ1HDF/2X9V/KW
20-Oct 04:12:10EN50mmWB9UWA/4XP12/1K
20-Oct 04:09:30DM54ahKE7NR/P/4X18/KW
20-Oct 04:08:47JN75cmS52OT/4X11H/KW
20-Oct 04:00:46JN27sdF5AQX/4X10H/500
20-Oct 03:55:53EN50kkWB9UWA/4XP12/KW
20-Oct 02:46:50EM79dtW9VW/4X12VH/KW
20-Oct 02:10:43EN70iuK9MRI
20-Oct 00:36:41EN51uuW9XA
19-Oct 19:45:56JN97sgHA2NP
19-Oct 17:13:35KO93bsUA3PTW
19-Oct 00:53:53FN13igKD2LGX/4X10HV/K
18-Oct 22:01:53EN50kkWB9UWA
18-Oct 02:43:54DN06llK7KQA
18-Oct 02:16:31FM19alWB8TFV
18-Oct 01:35:02DM42ofW7AH/2X11/KW
17-Oct 21:55:51IO94hcG1GEY
17-Oct 16:37:57KO59xwRX1AS/4X15XP/1
16-Oct 18:35:38IO82puG4URT/4X9HV/400
16-Oct 14:17:02PM75xdJJ3JHP/4X11HV
9-Oct 23:16:55EN52uxN9SD/13EL/160W
20-Sep 11:12:23EM10neW5TRL
14-Aug 08:17:09JN75cmS52OT
10-Apr 06:17:42JF96fdZS1LS/2X10/KW
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