Recent users of NØUK's JT65 EME page

The following users have been seen using this page during the past 30 minutes. Update time shown is when they last posted a message to the Ping Jockey Central page and is in GMT.
9 users recorded.
Last PostingLocatorCallsignkmsmilesBearing
22-May 09:29:15JN65txS52LM/4X14HV/1K
14-May 19:39:39KP25axSM2BYC
14-May 00:02:17EN50kkWB9UWA
15-Apr 16:56:19KO93bsUA3PTW
1-Apr 15:11:40JN37tfHB9MFL
8-Mar 22:03:51DM24ulW7OJT/4X10HV/K
3-Mar 11:56:51IO74sdGD0TEP
6-Feb 07:43:32JO01gnG4FUF
1-Oct 21:02:15DN17gqWB7UNU
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