Recent users of NØUK's JT65 EME page

The following users have been seen using this page during the past 30 minutes. Update time shown is when they last posted a message to the Ping Jockey Central page and is in GMT.
34 users recorded.
Last PostingLocatorCallsignkmsmilesBearing
10-Aug 20:36:20IM68gdCT1EIF/4X14/1K
10-Aug 20:33:53JN65txS52LM/4X14HV/1K
10-Aug 20:32:36KO93jvR3PA/4X14HV/K
10-Aug 20:32:33LO73vmR9WCF/2X9H/
10-Aug 20:28:09JN90ecIK7UXY/4X10HV/K
10-Aug 20:08:17JN55sjI3MEK/4XLLY/1K
10-Aug 19:36:27JN55sjI3MEK/4X13HV/1K
10-Aug 19:34:23JO70oqOK1NI/4X10Y
10-Aug 14:00:02KG43olZS6CR
7-Aug 22:13:50JN86drS51ZO/4X13HV/KW
7-Aug 20:25:23JO80cfOK1UGA/1K5/4X5W
7-Aug 19:39:23JO33iiPA0V/6X9XP
6-Aug 19:34:13IN83gjEA1U/4X9H
6-Aug 19:11:08KO86qfR3CT/2X18H/700
6-Aug 15:47:31JO41guDK4EE
5-Aug 20:40:34JN45obI2FAK/16X19LLY
4-Aug 21:55:17EN50kkWB9UWA
4-Aug 17:19:15JP80mcSM5EPO/2X17/200
4-Aug 13:21:31JO89wwSM5CUI/60H/40V
4-Aug 11:26:09KN16ssYO5TP/4X12H/KW
3-Aug 17:26:54MO05sdR9AE
3-Aug 09:57:35KP10ttOH3DP/2X12V/100
1-Aug 23:09:26EN70iuK9MRI
1-Aug 16:25:18KO93bsUA3PTW
27-Jul 15:37:30FM29maAB2VI/2X12X/300
27-Jul 15:15:33JO89ipSM5KWU
23-Jul 18:34:43EM57tcND4X/2X11H/KW
19-Jul 16:39:08DM42ofW7AH
9-Jul 22:48:47JO32tcDL8YE
9-Jul 19:52:33KN93xmR1BAV/2X14X100W
28-Feb 05:56:52RE44iwZL4JW/4X12H/1K
4-Feb 10:51:49JO44uxOZ5QF
20-Sep 11:12:23EM10neW5TRL
21-Aug 21:09:27JO31vhDL9DBJ/4X10H/K
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