[10gigs] Custom made rocks that won't cost an arm OR a leg

Chris Cox, N0UK chrisc at chris.org
Thu Sep 21 15:51:20 CDT 2017

Following on from some discussion last weekend whilst moving between rover
sites in the 10GHz contest and at Gary's suggestion, there is still a very
much viable source for one-off custom-made crystals that are very much
affordable on an amateur budget.

Quartslab is a ham-owned business located in south-east England that has
been around since before I was first-licensed in the mid-70's.  They can
fabricate rocks for either homebrew gear or commercial - both amateur and
ex-commercial gear.  Their prices are in the sub-$20 category for most
frequency ranges so quite abit more than the GBP2.50/rock when I
were-a-lad, but much more competitive than the few other remaining

Full details including price per unit are avaailable from heir web-page at

No involvement other than being a (almost) lifelong user of their

73 Chris Cox, N0UK, G4JEC
chrisc at chris.org

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