[10gigs] First rain-scatter QSO of 2021

Jon Platt w0zq at aol.com
Tue Apr 6 14:53:16 CDT 2021

Nice one Chris and Gregg.  Those storms you were using seem to be moving nearly south to north at a good clip, hence maybe the big Doppler?   I'm working in the garage here and listening to W0AUS/B on my 17 dB arm held pointed out the garage door.  RF everywhere !
73, Jon

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Subject: [10gigs] First rain-scatter QSO of 2021

*** NLRS Area 10GHz Alert ***
Thanks to Gregg, W0LGQ/EN21ci, for the shout and my first r/s QSO of 2021.

This is also I’m pretty sure my best rain-scatter DX at 448.5km as well as a new grid from home.  Cell was located near Marshall, MN.  Signals a very respectable S3 after peaking up but with an ~80 degree scattering angle, there was 15kHz of doppler and it took quite a but of work to find the signal initially.

Chris Cox, N0UK
chrisc at chris.org

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