[10gigs] Good RS Storms in ND

Fast Eddie eddie at tbaytel.net
Mon Jun 7 21:40:33 CDT 2021

Hi Barry... Missed out on 2m tonight, busy with VE3SAO group to decide 
to save money dropping Zoom account and trying a new player called Jitsi 
and its all free...

Some facts on Jitsi

1) Jitsi is entirely free with 24 hour time limit on meetings.  It looks 
pretty much like Zoom.

2&3) I took my web browser to https://meet.jit.si/ve3sao 
<https://meet.jit.si/ve3sao> (Use all lower case).
If I am the FIRST one it immediately creates a room named ve3sao.  No 
passwords, no user names, no email addresses, no authorised 
administrators.  This room link can be used many times, so it's not 
necessary to email people for every meeting. There is a warning to 
choose a long gibberish word for the room name so strangers won't be 
able to guess it and come into the room.  I think callsigns should be 
good enough.

4 ) Jitsi runs entirely in your web browser, so everyone is looking at 
the same GUI.  On Iphone and Android, it asks if you wish to download 
the APP.  I suggest you say no, so it runs in your phone browser.  You 
can try installing the APP another time to see what is the difference 
and which you prefer.

5) Jitsi is end-to-end encrypted in case anyone plans to get naked ;)  
The Zoom company can see all the zoom videos.

6) Some extra features of Jitsi:  You can lower the video quality if you 
have a slow connection.  You have seperate volume control for each video 
you are watching.  You can click a Youtube video and share it with 
everyone without needing to use Screen Sharing.  You can broadcast the 
meeting on Youtube-Live so thousands of people can be watching (like a 
city council meeting).

7) Jitsi is open-source software contributed by volunteer developers.  
Anyone is free to customize and modify Jitsi.  I discovered Jitsi last 
week when I was looking for online poker with video.  The developer of 
PokerNow has embedded and customized Jitsi into his poker program.

P.S.  It looks like 902 is a no go..... Had a multitude of issues, 
transfer relay (should call it an attenuator relay) caused some grief,  
PA needs work on power supply but worse of all antenna is resonant on 
903... Lots of local noise issues.... Oh well...

73 Fast Eddie...

On 6/7/2021 8:16 PM, Barry Malowanchuk via 10gigs wrote:
> *****************************
> *** NLRS Area 10GHz Alert ***
> *****************************
> There are some impressive T Storms in ND...tops of 57 kft....will be 
> nasty..   its between Bismarck and Fargo ND and south...if it would 
> only move east !
> Barry VE4MA
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