[10gigs] 10ghz and Up August on Lake Erie

VA3ELE Peter va3ele at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 22:54:24 CDT 2022

Hi guys,

I'm still in the planning stages of the August weekend, but I have a
preliminary plan for the Saturday so far. It's quite ambitious, but I'm not
sure how many stations will be left on Erie that are not going to Superior.

With that said, here is a list including Google Maps locations and 6 digit
grid locators. The amount of time spent at each site will be determined by
how many of you join in the fun on Lake Erie.

Hugh VA3TO will be my partner in crime as always, we both have good working
systems on 10, 24 and 47GHz.

Here is the good stuff:
SATURDAY AUGUST 20, 2022 aprox ETA 0600~0630am(if anyone else dares to get
out this early, we WILL be there. Remember that early morning tropo)

Stop#1: EN81mx - Colchester Harbour

41°58'55.6"N 82°56'01.6"W

Stop #2: EN82ra - Mersea Beach

42°00'28.3"N 82°34'12.4"W

Stop #3: EN82sb - Wheatley


Stop #4: EN82ve - Port Alma

42°10'38.8"N 82°14'54.2"W

Stop #5: EN82xg - Luis Lookout

42°15'51.9"N 82°00'52.0"W

Stop #6: EN92ci - Morpeth

42°21'20.6"N 81°49'58.8"W

Stop #7: EN92fn - Eagle

42°33'20.2"N 81°32'49.1"W

Stop #8: EN92lp - Port Bruce

42°39'10.3"N 81°00'29.4"W

Stop #9: EN92sp - Port Rowan

42°37'43.3"N 80°26'40.0"W

If you would like to setup skeds with us, for these sites, please email to:
10ghz.up.sites at gmail.com with the Topic:SKEDS 10GHZ & UP

This will prevent the info from getting lost.

I can also be reached by text, slack and whatsapp, my cell# below. Don't
forget to leave contact info.

As soon as the list is finalized, it will be added to the K1RZ/W3SZ list:


73 de Peter
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