[10gigs] PLEASE READ ----- Update The 10 GHz Beacon List

Gedas w8bya at mchsi.com
Wed Nov 16 15:24:00 CST 2022

I think it is a good idea that the 10 GHz beacon list that Ron (WZ1V) 
maintains be updated as there have been many changes made over the years.

If uW ops everywhere could please have a look at the beacon list and see 
if there are any beacon entries that need to added, deleted, or modified 
please let me know and I will forward a compiled list of changes to Ron. 
If you would like to notify him yourself, directly, by all means pse 
feel free to do so. I have copied Ron on this e-mail and you can get his 
e-mail address from this post.

At this moment I know of at least 3 beacon entries that need to be changed.

The beacon list may be found at:


Gedas, W8BYA EN70JT

Gallery at http://w8bya.com
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