[10gigs] PLEASE READ ----- Update The 10 GHz Beacon List

WA2VOI, Donn wa2voi at mninter.net
Wed Nov 16 15:46:30 CST 2022

Sorry.. fat fingers..

Geddas, et al

Update and correction for W0AUS/B;

IS: 10368.202 W0AUS  EN34qt MN River Falls

SHOULD BE:  10368.202 W0AUS  EN34qt WI River Falls
2W 12dB omni  35'  (~ 1120'ASL)                   ^^

Thanks !

73 Donn

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> *****************************
> *** NLRS Area 10GHz Alert ***
> *****************************
> I think it is a good idea that the 10 GHz beacon list that Ron (WZ1V) maintains be 
> updated as there have been many changes made over the years.
> If uW ops everywhere could please have a look at the beacon list and see if there are 
> any beacon entries that need to added, deleted, or modified please let me know and I 
> will forward a compiled list of changes to Ron. If you would like to notify him 
> yourself, directly, by all means pse feel free to do so. I have copied Ron on this 
> e-mail and you can get his e-mail address from this post.
> At this moment I know of at least 3 beacon entries that need to be changed.
> The beacon list may be found at:
> http://www.newsvhf.com/beacons2.html
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