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Good morning Zoltan and welcome to the 10g reflector.   
I use a DB6NT MKU10G2 for my portable 10g system.  The "G2" is several versions old and was/is crystal controlled.  Recently I changed out the Xtal with a Leo Bodnar GPSDO injecting at the original crystal frequency of 106.500 MHz.  Injection was easy by adding a SMA panel mount on the side of the transverter and coupling via a small series capacitor.  My system also runs a MT10-Z5W 200mW in 6 watt out amplifier from DK2FE ... I've also had this for many years.  Sequencing is via the SEQ-4 from Khune .... I mounted this inside the transverter with some slight modification of the transverters wiring.  T/R is via a standard SMA relay.  For the relay, I run a small 12v to 12v DC isolated power supply whose voltage is then stack that on top of the systems 12vdc to get me ~ 24 VDC to run the relay.   All of this gets mounted on the arm of my 26" dish so feedlines are short.  The feed is a homebrew feedhorn.  My IF rig is an old Kenwood TM255a 2m all mode rig, probably from the 80s.   
I can send you some pictures if that would be helpful.
I think there are a few others on this reflector that also run the Khune 10 GHz transverters, possibly with newer versions than my old G2.   
73, JonW0ZQ

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Good Morning, All.
And thank you to Jon (W0ZQ) for his referral to your group.
This is Zoltan (KD8ABX), from Ann Arbor, MI, and I am a newcomer to NLRS as well as to 10 GHz microwave work and have a few questions regarding 10 GHz equipment that I would like to ask, but I do not know who or how to go about asking the questions; hence, this message.
I am collaborating on this project with Peter Szilagyi (VE3ADQ), who suggested that I consider asking around at the NLRS, which brings me to this email message.
Would you please steer me in the right direction?

I have been building and experimenting with TVRO LNBFs, WSSs, etc. over the past six months and have built simple coaxial transitions to WR90 and will start building a W1GHZ personal beacon and transverter shortly. Afterwards, I expect to upgrade my system to Kuhne MKU5G, assuming that I can locate one.
My 10 GHz interests lay primarily in rain scatter work, although Peter (VE3ADQ) and I are already making plans to contest around Lake Superior this summer with the NLRS folks.

Specifically, I am wondering about other 10 GHz operators in the club who have experience with Kuhne Electronics MKU10G5 (or earlier versions) vis-a-vis its interface with external power amplifiers, coax relays and sequencers. I have watched many videos by 10 GHz operators and have zoomed into and stared at countless images of the internals of 10 GHz rigs and now feel competent enough to start asking basic questions.
My apologies for the long-winded message and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Thank you very much and good day,
Zoltan (KD8ABX)

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