[10gigs] [Midwest-Microwave] 10 GHz RS Perfect if anyone is available

Larry Peterson larry at wa9tt.com
Tue Apr 6 12:28:26 CDT 2021

Wow...I didn't expect my signal to be that much above the noise floor, 
Gedas.   Thanks for the fine QSO.   I came home and made a few minor 
enhancements to my 10 GHz set up...just for operating efficiency.   Main 
thing I discovered is the noise cancelling headphones are noisy with 
wind outside.   That created unnecessary QRN for weak signal work.  I am 
going to find a different pair of headphones for future QSOs.

Look forward to an attempt in EN53 next Wednesday after I meet with Gary 
K9JCZ on more testing of my station.


Larry WA9TT

On 4/6/2021 11:29 AM, Gedas wrote:
> Just had a beautiful RS QSO with Larry, WA9TT in EN54 at 452 km. Larry 
> was 15 dB out of my NF. Here is a screen shot of his FM carrier and 
> the URL below is the audio of the QSO. 73
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yoplj98s2LfvV-xQkydo_NYv9v_xtJ3z/view?usp=sharing
> Gedas, W8BYA EN70JT
> Gallery athttp://w8bya.com  (under repair)
> Light travels faster than sound....
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> On 4/6/2021 11:21 AM, Gedas wrote:
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