[10gigs] K9AYA 10G Beacon - EM79QK

Gedas w8bya at mchsi.com
Mon Apr 19 14:03:08 CDT 2021

Bill, K9AYA in EM79QK has set up a temporary 10 GHz beacon running 80 mW 
at the feedpoint of a small horn antenna pointed at me. It is tripod 
mounted 4' off the ground looking into trees. Bill is 162 km from me 
(100 miles). I have enclosed two URL's.....one is a video and one is a 
WAV file.

Several things.....my sincere apologies to Bill as I gave the wrong call 
for Bill !  Sorry Bill. Correct call is K9AYA. Also I thought if I 
turned up the volume of my rig the video handicam might pick up the 
beacons CW but all it did was make the background noise real high. So my 
apologies for a crappy noisy video.

I am wondering if anyone can copy the CW from the WAV file? I am not a 
good CW op and I can tell it is there but it is too fast and too low in 
S/N for me to copy. I am hoping that if others can hear it there may be 
hope for me and means I best get practicing. Hope you enjoy:



Gedas, W8BYA EN70JT

Gallery at http://w8bya.com (under repair)
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