[10gigs] uW Beacon Updates

Gedas w8bya at mchsi.com
Mon Nov 21 21:03:41 CST 2022

I want to thank everyone who had some input regarding beacons that 
needed updating in the WZ1V beacon database. We all owe Ron a big thank 
you for maintaining this list for so many years. Ron can you pse PM me 
to let me know you got this mail?

Included in this e-mail is an attachment from Al, W5LUA that lists 
details of beacons in the DFW area.

I do not think it is unreasonable to ask that beacon owners notify Ron 
every year or two to let him know that the beacon(s) they own are still 
operational with correct information. It is up to Ron but if it were me 
maintaining the list and I did not hear from a beacon owner after 
several years I would scratch the entry from the list.

I will also say I am in favor for a new column be added for the date 
when the beacon information was last revised. If not known then that 
entry spot would just be blank.

Here is the information I was given (in no particular order).....if you 
see an error or a beacon that needs to be added or deleted please let 
Ron know directly rather than letting me know.

I am still not clear of the status of several beacons in Illinois with 
the fall of the K9KL tower and which beacons will be put back up and if 
so where. To the ops in Illinois please send any updates or status 
reports to Ron so we all know (and also update your entries in RS.COM) !

Thanks to Kevin, Hugh, Zack and others who brought up the subject in the 
1st place and got this ball rolling. 73

Delete the (6) K3SIW beacons in Schaumburg, IL

Delete the KA8EDE, 10,368.750 Xenia Ohio beacon.

Delete the W9NU 10 GHZ beacon.

Delete the KD9CBO 10 GHz beacon.

TYPO (State): _IS_: 10368.202 W0AUS, EN34qt, MN, River 
Falls......._SHOULD BE_:  10,368.202 W0AUS, EN34qt, WI, River Falls, 2W 
12dB omni  35'  (~ 1120'ASL)

Add: W8MSU, 10,368.375, GPSDO, 3W, 16-Slot omni (expected to be QRV 
sometime 2023)

Add: KA8ABR, EM79pi, 10,368.325, GPSDO, 3W, 16-Slot omni at 120'

Add: K8ZR on 10,368.xxx, EN91em, 250mW, 32-slot(expected to be QRV 
sometime 2023)

Add: W8BYA, EN70jt, on 10,368.350, GPSDO, 3W, 16-Slot omni at 
85'(expected to be QRV sometime 2023)

2 updates:

10368.300  N6CA, DM03ts, Palos Verdes, Q65D, 1.1W, 16 dBi omni

144.277  KH6HME/b, Mauna Loa, BK29go,  WSPR + CW ID, 40W 2x7 ele yagis East

The following 7 beacons are no longer operational:

222.015 K5BYS    EM13mn TX Dallas       100mw to halo 1500'.
432.325 K5BYS    EM13mn TX Dallas       100mw to halo @ 1500'
902.325 K5BYS    EM13mn TX Dallas       100mw to omni @ 1500'
1296.325 K5BYS   EM13mn TX Dallas       100mw omni @ 1500'.
2304.064 K5BYS   EM13mn TX Dallas       180mw to omni @ 1500'
10368.380 NT5NT  EM12px TX Dallas       1W 200 degree horn W 246' agl

24192.380 N4FRE  EM13qd TX DFW          1.1W to 18 dB horn south @ 30'

Active: AB5N/B, 144.275, EM34LL, 3 watts (1.5 W ERP), Omni 1 ele. Halo, 
1270 ft ASL, 720 ft HAAT, Mode: CW and FT-8, Solar Powered & Active

Active next (3):

N5XO.  144.289, CW at 20 watts on a single K5VH Omni at 127 ft
N5XO.  432.260, CW at 10 watts on a single K5VH Omni at 120 ft
N5XO.  1296.424, CW at 15 watts on a stacked home brew 4 antenna


Gedas, W8BYA EN70JT

Gallery at http://w8bya.com
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