[10gigs] [Mw] Yesterdays10 GHz RS Activity From EN70

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Thanks for the QSOs ! 

This afternoon on my way to EM24td to operate during the 3.4 GHz activity
weekend promoted by NTMS, I stopped in EM44dt04ar & worked Al W5LUA @
488km/303 miles via rainscatter.  Though I could hear him with the horn I
quickly set up the dish (it was raining a bit) and it was easy!  It was a
new grid for Al. 
Tony K8ZR

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Subject: [Mw] Yesterdays10 GHz RS Activity From EN70

Well I have been QRV on 10 GHz for one year now and yesterday, with the help
of Tony (K8ZR) I was able to work my 30th 10 GHz grid. I was able to work
Tony when he was in EN80, EM79, and EM78 (all CW RS) as he was on the road
to Arkansas.
What was neat was Tony was using a small slot antenna in EN80 (and later a
small horn for the other 2 grids) and he stayed in the car with his window
rolled down as it was pouring rain. As a matter of fact the entire path
between us was pouring rain. Best bearings did not match any known cells. I
doubt the QSO could have been made w/o the use of the pan display. Below is
a screen shot and a couple WAV recordings. We need to get more ops to try uW
RS out as it is an absolute blast ! 73

Gedas, W8BYA EN70JT

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